List of characters in Jurassic Park

The following is a list of characters from Michael Crichton's novels "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World". Details are also given on the characters' roles in Steven Spielberg's film adaptations, "Jurassic Park" and "", as well as "Jurassic Park III", directed by Joe Johnston. The latter is not an adaptation but contains characters and events based on Crichton's novels.

Recurring characters

These characters appear more than once in the franchise.

Dr. Alan Grant

Appears in: "Jurassic Park (novel and film)", "Jurassic Park III"

Dr. Alan Grant is one of the main characters in Michael Crichton's novel and in the films "Jurassic Park" and "Jurassic Park III". In the novel, Grant is described as a wide chested, bearded man that has a strong affinity with children, specially due to their liking for dinosaurs. Grant is said to be one of the world's most renowned paleontologists, his speciality being the hadrosaurs, or duck billed dinosaurs such as Maiasaura. He is mentioned only once in the sequel novel "The Lost World" by Richard Levine, who claims he had proposed a ridiculous theory that the "Tyrannosaurus rex" could not function in rainy climates.

In the movies, he was played by Sam Neill. The movie's Dr. Grant does not like children at all and seems to be a rather introverted person. He is never said to be a widower, and instead, he is dating paleobotanist Ellie Sattler. In the first movie, Grant is asked by John Hammond, the creator of Jurassic Park, to take a tour of Jurassic Park and endorse it, so that Hammond's investors will be more confident about the park. Grant agrees, not knowing that Hammond has managed to clone real dinosaurs. However, when the creatures escape and start killing people, Grant becomes stranded in the park with Hammond's grandchildren. Although this experience changes his mind about children, he decides not to endorse Jurassic Park, and so Hammond's project never becomes public.In the movie, Alan Grant is a specialist in Velociraptor, and he is among the many paleontologists that believe birds are descended from that kind of dinosaurs. In "Jurassic Park III", Alan Grant is having trouble financing his dig, and so he reluctantly agrees to join a wealthy couple for an aerial tour over Isla Sorna. Eventually they become stranded on the island once again, and Grant realizes, much to his dismay, that his theories about the extremely advanced intelligence on raptors were correct. Fortunately, he escapes the island. He is rumored to return in Jurassic Park IV, but Sam Neill has repeatedly stated that he was not asked to reprise his character. The character of Alan Grant is based mainly on paleontologists Jack Horner and Robert T. Bakker. He also has some elements similar to adventure hero Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford was the original choice to play the character), such as the fact that his hat always returns to him (perhaps a parody to the earlier character).

Dr. Ian Malcolm

Appears in: "Jurassic Park (novel and film)", "The Lost World (novel and film)"

Dr. Ian Malcolm, alongside Dr. Grant, is another key figure in the Jurassic Park films and novels, He is a mathematician specializing in the study of the chaos theory and refers to himself as a "chaotician". Jeff Goldblum portrayed Malcolm in both the "Jurassic Park" and "" film adaptations. Malcolm is John Hammond's primary critic in both the novel and film, accurately predicting the instability of Hammond's creation. Malcolm is seriously injured in the first book, and supposedly dies from his injuries. However, he returns in the sequel novel, "The Lost World," alive but crippled, stating that his apparent death was a "gross exaggeration". He survives the film with a comparatively minor leg injury, and was returned with a minor limp for the film adaptation of "The Lost World: Jurassic Park." In both the films and books, Malcolm is an eccentric character who dresses entirely in black, and is described in the film by Hammond as having the mannerisms of a rock star. After the events in the first film, he is sobered by his experiences there and returns as a much more moody, darker character in "The Lost World." Acting as the protagonist in "The Lost World", Ian serves as Grant's opposite and rival. Although not making a visual appearance in "Jurassic Park III", he is briefly mentioned in a conversation between Dr. Grant and Erik Kirby in the abandoned Water Truck about his book on the San Diego incident from the previous sequel, "The Lost World".

John Hammond

Appears in: "Jurassic Park (novel and film)", "The Lost World (film)"

John Parker Hammond is the creator of Jurassic Park and founder of InGen. He is portrayed by Richard Attenborough in the films, and is loosely modeled after famed Scottish-American industrialist and dinosaur collector Andrew Carnegie. In the films, he appears as a sympathetic grandfather, but in the book he is depicted as an eccentric, polite CEO solely interested in profit and dinosaurs. In the novels, he is killed near the end of "Jurassic Park" and is mentioned briefly in the sequel. In the films, he survives in the first film, and is seen again in the second film. He was also briefly mentioned in the third film.

In the original novel, he survives until after the power has been turned back on, when he denies that his park has become a failure. Once all of the raptors are away from the lodge, he goes outside for a walk and hears a "Tyrannosaurus" roaring. Not knowing that it is just his grandchildren fooling around with the speakers, he jumps down a hill and breaks his ankle. Before he can climb up the hill, he is killed by a large group of "Procompsognathus". This was reworked into "The Lost World" film adaptation, but with Dieter Stark replacing Hammond, and the "Procompsognathus" being "Compsognathus".

Dr. Ellie Sattler

Appears in: "Jurassic Park (novel and film)", "Jurassic Park III", "Jurassic Park IV"

Dr. Ellie Sattler is Dr. Alan Grant's graduate student specializing in paleobotany. She joined him on the tour of InGen's dinosaur preserve. She has a larger part in the film than the novel. We learn that she and Grant work together on a dig-site in Montana. In the first film, she and Grant are involved. Although Ian Malcom shows interest in her, Grant quickly dismisses his flirtations by affirming their relationship.

Her role is reprised in the film "Jurassic Park III". We learn that the relationship between her and Dr. Grant did not work out, although they remain close friends. She is married to a man named Mark Degler, a man who works for the State Department and specializes in International Relations and Treaty Law. When they have dinner she reminds Alan to call her more often and it is his call to her that gets the survivors off the island.

Ellie is portrayed by Laura Dern in both films.

Dr. Martin "Marty" Guitierrez

Appears in: "Jurassic Park (novel)", "The Lost World (novel)"

A doctor from the United States who moved to Costa Rica to learn, he plays an expository role in both novels. He is Richard Levine's best, and perhaps only, friend. In the first novel, he 'identifies' the lizard that attack a little girl as a harmless Basiliscus amoratus. But when he start doubting that it was a Basiliscus, he search the beach where the girl was attack. There he found the corpses of a strange lizard in the mouth of a howler monkey, he then sent the corpses to New York. He then returns in the end, to inform Grant about the rumors of the strange animal attacks, and that none of the survivors, with the exception of Tim and Lex, wont be leaving soon. In the second novel, he shows his good freind, Richard Levine, a dried up corpses of an unknown creature, that was wash upon a nearby beach. He later informs him that no one knows were these creature are coming from. He hasn't appear in any of the three films that have been produced.

Alexis "Lex" Murphy

Apears in: "Jurassic Park (novel and film)", "The Lost World (film)"

"Lex" is Tim Murphy's sister and John Hammond's granddaughter. She is the younger sibling. In the novel, she is a sporty young girl who loves baseball and is relatively outgoing. She was played in the first and second film by Ariana Richards. In the film version, the roles of the children have been switched, making Tim younger and Lex older, and giving Lex the advanced computer skills Tim has in the novel. Her knowledge eventually helps the survivors escape the raptors at the end of the first movie. In the film, she is saved from the Tyrannosaurus rex by Dr. Grant, who grabs her and scales down the wall of the Tyrannosaur's paddock. In the novel, she manages to escape the T. rex by herself and hides from the dinosaur in a pipe (much like Robert Muldoon after being chased by the raptors). She makes a cameo in the second , with Tim, when Malcolm came to see John Hammond.

Tim Murphy

Appears in: "Jurassic Park (novel and film)", "The Lost World (film)"

Tim is Lex Murphy's brother and John Hammond's grandson. He is easily annoyed by and annoys his sister. In both film and novel, he and Dr. Grant strike up a friendship because of Tim's interest in and knowledge of dinosaurs. Tim is older than Lex in the novel but younger in the film version. This was done so that Spielberg could work with the young Joseph Mazzello. He is also the computer genius in the novel, but in the movie, his sister is the computer genius. He was portrayed by Joseph Mazzello in the first film. He makes a cameo in The Lost World, with Lex, when Malcolm came to see John Hammond.

Dr. Lewis Dodgson

Appears in: "Jurassic Park (novel and film)", "The Lost World (novel)"

An ambitious, unethical rival scientist, Dodgson is not above corporate espionage and theft to advance Biosyn's technology. In the first novel and film, Dodgson hires Dennis Nedry to steal embryo samples for reverse engineering.

In the sequel novel, Dodgson is much more ambitious. He takes a team to Isla Sorna in an attempt to collect fertilized dinosaur eggs. He is ultimately killed when a "Tyrannosaurus" feeds him to a nest of "T. rex" newborns.

Dodgson's personality can summarily be described as aggressive. Quick to lose his temper, and with very little patience for those he considers incompetent, he constantly insults, berrates and degrades co-workers and subordinates. In his opinion, his methods are the only obvious and logical solutions to succeed in his company's ventures, which is why he persists so ruthlessly to aqcuire InGen technology, regardless of cost.

In the first and only film his character is in, he is played by Cameron Thor. Dodgson's name is a reference to Lewis Carroll, whose real name was Charles DodgsonFact|date=April 2008.

Jurassic Park

These characters appear in the novel and movie "Jurassic Park.

John (Ray) Arnold

Ray Arnold (played by Samuel L. Jackson in the film) ran the main control center from within the visitor center. After Dennis Nedry turned off the power to the park, Arnold volunteered to go outside and restore it, but was killed by a velociraptor in the shed before he could. His favorite saying throughout the film was: "Everyone, hold on to your butts!" In the book, Arnold's first name was John, though in the movie he was renamed Ray Arnold. Although Arnold's death is not shown on camera in the film, it can be assumed that he was killed by a raptor after his severed, bloody arm dropped on Ellie's shoulder in the maintenance shed.

Donald Gennaro

Gennaro, portrayed by Martin Ferrero in the first film, was the lawyer that accompanied the first group to Isla Nublar. he was sent their to investigate the safety of the park due to previous weeks when an employee was killed by a raptor. In the film he was killed by a "Tyrannosaurus" while hiding from it in one of the park's bathrooms. In the novel Gennaro survives but is mentioned as having died of dysentery sometime in between the first novel and its sequel. In the film he is portrayed as an egotistical, worried, greedy person. Also in the film, he abandons Tim and Lex when the "Tyrannosaurus" escapes its paddock, though ironically that leads to him being eaten by the carnivore while everyone else survives. In the novel he's a large, brave man who helps Muldoon shoot the "Tyrannosaurus" but is afraid of the raptor nest; while in the movie he is neither large nor seemingly brave. Also of note is the fact that in the novel, he was one of only two characters to be attacked head-on by a Velociraptor and survive.

Dr. Gerry Harding

Jurassic Park's chief veterinarian, who makes a brief appearance with the sick "Triceratops" in the first "Jurassic Park" film. In the first novel he appears to help a sick "Stegosaurus" and then helps Ian Malcolm recover from his injuries. He survives a "Velociraptor" jumping onto him from the roof of the visitor center, unlike Henry Wu, and is rescued at the end of the book. He assumes that Malcolm is dead, but actually manages to revive him in time. It is not made clear whether he is related to Sarah Harding in the novel nor film; although Michael Crichton later revealed that this was the case. In the novel "The Lost World", Sarah informs Ian Malcolm that her father was a veterinarian specializing in birds at the San Diego zoo, which was noted of Harding's character in the first novel. Harding is played by Gerald R. Molen, the film's producer. The character is not given a first name in the novel, but it is assumed that "Gerry" is derived from "Gerald."It is unknown what happens to him in the film, but it can be assumed that he left before the power went out.

Robert Muldoon

Jurassic Park's game warden. Muldoon comes from Kenya, and had been a long-time employee of John Hammond, working at Hammond's animal park in his homeland. Muldoon was aware of the dinosaurs' threats and felt that they should be destroyed. In the novel, Muldoon has a larger arsenal of weapons including a rocket launcher or two and is an alcoholic, while the film counter-part only has a Franchi SPAS-12, though this probably wasn't his full arsenal seeing that he got his gun from the emergency bunker locker, and is much more serious (several other firearms, including M16 rifles can be seen inside it). In the film, Muldoon is killed by raptors, but in the novel, he survives the initial attack by wedging himself in a pipe, during which he severely injures one raptor with a gun. He manages to kill a few of them instead and escapes the island. He is not mentioned in the novel's sequel. Interestingly, the non-canon Jurassic Park comic sequels published by Topps comics depict Muldoon surviving the Raptor attack as well. The pretense for this was that Muldoon had become so acquainted with the raptors that they were prone to play around, and the attack seen on film was ostensibly just the raptors playing with him. This heavily contradicts Muldoon's very negative opinion of the creatures in both the novel and film. Muldoon was portrayed by Bob Peck in the film adaptation but the action figure released by Kenner in 1993 looked entirely different with a muscular frame and crew hair cut.Most of the figures portrayed by Kenner, were very different then the actual character itself.

Dennis Nedry

Dennis Nedry was an obese computer networker. Nedry worked for John Hammond and was in charge of networking Jurassic Park's computers. In the novel, Nedry doesn't know what InGen does: he was ordered to program without many details, and was called to the island to fix numerous bugs. However, Hammond refused to pay him any extra money for his work. Eventually Lewis Dodgson of Biosyn offered Nedry $1.5 million to steal embryos from Jurassic Park's labs (coincidentally, in the novel, Henry Wu later reveals that the embryos Nedry steals are worth at the very "least" 2 million.) In order to do this - and make a swift escape from the visitor center - Nedry had to shut down the park's security systems, including the electric fences surrounding the dinosaur paddocks. Without power, the fences go out, and the creatures escape. His death in the novel is far more graphic than in the film adaptation, as Nedry's stomach is slashed open and his corpse is eaten by a dilophosaurus. Just before he dies, he drops the shaving cream can that contains the frozen embryos. What results from this is never explained in the series, although it is possible that it may resurface as a major plot point in the fourth installment, after scripts surfaced for a fourth Jurassic Park film involved this (although Dodgson mentioned in the first movie that there was only enough coolant in the can to last 36 hours). Also, inthe novel, a procompsognathus ate his nose after he was already dead. In the Universal Studios ride , you will see the whipped cream can that had the dinosaur DNA, but Dennis Nedry is nowhere to be found.

It is most likely no coincidence that "Nedry" is an anagram for "nerdy," and entirely possible that the resemblance between the name and the Yiddish term, "nebbish," is no accident either.

Wayne Knight played the role of Nedry in the film adaptation.

Ed Regis

"Appears in novel only"

Regis was a publicist for InGen who grudgingly acted as a babysitter during Dr. Grant's visit to the park. Despite being over confident of the park and almost negligent about the accidents that have occurred prior to the first official visit, fear overtakes him quickly and he abandons the vehicle that he and the two children, Tim and Lex, occupied once the Tyrannosaurus breaks free of its pen. After hiding between some boulders and encountering leeches, he tries to make his way back up to the cars but encounters the juvenile "Tyrannosaurus". The young rex plays with Regis for a brief moment in full view of Dr. Grant and the kids, before eventually knocking him over and killing him. He was written out of the movie, though certain aspects of his character were given to Gennaro, including the lawyer's very similar death during the rex attack.

Dr. Henry Wu

Wu was the chief geneticist in Jurassic Park and head of the team that created the dinosaurs. In the movie he reveals that all the dinosaurs on the island are female. In the novel, Wu has a much larger part; he proposes genetically altering further saurian creations to make them more manageable, something that Hammond opposes.

In the novel, he and the other survivors are holed up in the lodge while Ellie is making a distraction for the raptors so they won't attack Grant, who is trying to restore the park's power. However, two raptors already inside the compound which the survivors had kept in sight suddenly disappear, so Wu goes out to warn Ellie that they are on the move. As he does, one of the same raptors jumps down from the roof and kills him. The film does not explain Wu's fate, but it's likely he left the island on the last boat to the mainland before the power failure. In the film Wu was portrayed by B.D. Wong.


"Appears in film only"

Mr.DNA is a fictional cartoon character who is a DNA Synchrome. His blood is from John Alfred Hammondonly in a cartoon fictionally. He explains how the dinosaurs were created by mosquitoes, but he was incorrect. However, Mr.DNA had proven correct facts about the DNA cloning, and taught it to the AlanGrant, Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm, and Donald Gennaro. He only appeared in the film.

The Lost World

These characters appear only in "The Lost World".

Richard Levine

"Appears in novel only"

Levine is one of the world's most brilliant paleontologists, as well as one of the richest; unfortunately, he is also one of its most egotistical. Dr. Marty Guitierrez seems to be his only real friend, though he eventually forms a prickly working relationship with Ian Malcolm. His egotism and enthusiasm about the "aberrant forms" from Costa Rica annoy Malcolm severely. The children Arby Benton and Kelly Curtis look up to him, and he eventually he develops a somewhat paternal attitude towards them. Levine proves to be a source of constant irritation to the rest of his colleagues. Despite having originally intended to travel to Isla Sorna as part of Malcolm's team, Levine strikes out on his own first before the Costa Rican government have a chance to destroy the island, and finds himself pursued by "Velociraptors" and seemingly in need of rescue. Once the rest of his team arrive, they find themselves constantly running after him when he impulsively decides to continue his research regardless of what else is happening around him. He is bitten twice by Compys, and later frets about his health, but ultimately escapes the island without major harm.

Jack 'Doc' Thorne

"Appears in novel only"

Jack Thorne is a Material Engineer who specializes in building field equipment, vehicles and weaponry for scientists all over the world. He is an eclectic mix of character traits, relying on both practical expertise and Eastern philosophy, and claiming that one needs to know philosophy and history to succeed in engineering. His company, Mobile Field Systems, is hired by Richard Levine to outfit his expedition to study the dinosaur population on Isla Sorna. Thorne's contribution to Levine's mission includes a large research trailer called the "Challenger," along with a smaller, second trailer; an electric SUV and Motor Bike; a pair of Lindstradt air rifles; and a modified one-pound Satellite phone. When Levine goes missing on the island, Thorne ends up heading to Sorna along with Ian Malcolm and Eddie Carr to retrieve him. Once the rescue team reaches Site B, they often find that they are in need of rescuing, and Thorne ends up saving his friends multiple times, and is one of the survivors of Isla Sorna. Thorne himself isn't a character in the film, though parts of his character are intigrated into the film's portrayal of Eddie Carr.

Nick Van Owen

"Appears in film only"

Nick Van Owen is a well-traveled and experienced "documentarian," photo journalist and environmentalist, who travels with Malcolm and Eddie to Isla Sorna to rescue Sarah Harding. He did not appear in the novel. With the help of Sarah, Nick was able to free all the Dinosaurs that the InGen hunters have caught, destroying most of their equipment. But was forced to team up with them after their own equipment was destroyed. He disabled Tembo's rifle before heading to an old InGen radio station to call for help. This course of action would ultimately be the cause of the tranquilized T-Rex being brought to San Diego. After getting through the Velociraptor nesting site, Nick went ahead of the others to call for help at the station. He then escaped the Island along with Malcolm, Sarah, and Kelly. He did not take part of the San Diego incident. He was played by Vince Vaughn.

Ajay Sidhu

"Appears in film only"

Ajay Sidhu, played by Harvey Jason, is Roland Tembo's hunting partner from India. He appears only in the film, and helps Tembo in many ways. He tries to tell Tembo's men to stay out of the long grass (a warning that eventually became a semi-popular meme), which is where velociraptors are hidden. He is ultimately killed by raptors. Ajay's passing changes Roland Tembo's mind about hunting, which led to Tembo deciding to never hunt again after his best friend died.

Eddie Carr

Eddie is the group's field equipment expert. He becomes a part of the team sent to the island since the vehicles he designed were Field tested. He is described as a slender and strong 25 year old who prefers the city. He has black hair and is balding. In the novel, Eddie is killed by a pack of raptors while fighting them off with an iron pipe. In the film he is ripped in half in mid-air by a group of Tyrannosaurus but successfully saved Ian Malcolm, Sarah Harding, and Nick Van Owen from the overturned trailers. He had heroically saved his three friends' lives by surrendering his to the Tyrannosaurs. Furthermore, his heroic actions earn him a mention later on in the film, when Roland Tembo claims, "The Rex just fed," to which Malcolm counters, "Just fed? I assume you were talking about Eddie. You might show a little respect, the man just saved our lives by giving his." In the movie he is played by Richard Schiff.

Kelly Curtis

"Appears in novel and edited in film"

Kelly is the closest friend of Arby's. Like Arby, she is smart, yet, in all other issues she is completely different; she is Caucasian, adventurous and free-spirited. She lives with her recently divorced mother in a middle-class neighborhood. Unlike her classmates, Kelly is fascinated by science and idolizes Sarah Harding. It was her idea to accompany Malcolm and Thorne once she learned that Harding would join the group later, but she left the planning to Arby. The film adaptation features Kelly, however, her character was merged with Arby's, creating a female African-American. She is Malcolm's daughter, but not in the book and was portrayed by Vanessa Lee Chester in the film. She is the only character in the film to kill a Velociraptor, although not the only one to defeat a carnivorous dinosaur.

R.B. "Arby" Benton

"Appears in novel only"

Better known as Arby, R.B. Benton is a young African American who is friends with Kelly.

Dr. Sarah Harding

Dr. Sarah Harding (played by Julianne Moore in the film adaptation) is a behavioral paleontologist, and the girlfriend of Ian Malcolm in the film. In the novel, it is revealed they once had a relationship which did not work, causing them to become close friends instead. Though she is intelligent in both novel and film, her novel counterpart employed commonsense and practicality in dangerous situations, putting the safety of her colleagues first. Contrarily, the film's Harding was too eager to interact with the animals, in essence occupying the role of the novel's Richard Levine by placing herself and others in danger. Michael Crichton confirmed that she was Dr. Gerry Harding's daughter, and in the book she references him while tending to the injured baby "Tyrannosaurus".

Howard King

"Appears in novel only"

Howard is an assistant to Lewis Dodgson. Once a successful biologist employed by Biosyn, he lost credibility when his research on blood-coagulation factors failed, but Dodgson hires King as his assistant in the reverse engineering department. In time, he learns how to deal with Dodgson and how to cover his mistakes. He is divorce and has one child, who he sees only on the weekend. In the novel, he accompanies Dodgson to the island, but they separate when they fail to retrieve eggs from a "Tyrannosaurus" nest. Eventually, he is slashed in the back and has his head bitten off at the neck by "Velociraptors" as he tries to escape from a field. His death is worked into "Jurassic Park III", with Udesky replacing King.

George Baselton

"Appears in novel only"

Baselton is Stanford University's Regis Professor of Biology and assistant to Lewis Dodgson. It is his job to keep Dodgson and Biosyn in the clear, no matter what happens. He has hardly any spoken dialogue in the novel, and is the second casualty on the island. When he and Dodgson are trying to steal "Tyrannosaurus" eggs, the sonic device Dodgson is using to keep the rexes at bay becomes unplugged and both men stand absolutely still, falsely believing the rexes' vision is based on movement. The rex knocks Baselton over, steps on him and rips off his arm. He is then eaten by the rex, and possibly fed to the baby rexes. Dr. Sarah Harding sees his severed foot later in the novel, which is apparently all that is left of him.


"Appears in novel only"

Diego is Levine's guide on Isla Sorna. He is a young, enthusiastic Costa Rican. He went to the island several times as a boy and thus knows the land better than anyone else. However, he does not believe there are dinosaurs there and when Levine warns him to be quiet he simply says that they have nothing to fear, as only birds live on the island. He seems to annoy Levine many times, not only through his insistence that only birds live on the island, but disobeys his orders when using items like cigarettes while on Isla Sorna. Diego is killed by a Carnotaurus when, while he and Levine watch a "Mussaurus" in total awe, a Carnotaurus silently ambushes Diego and pulls him into nearby bushes. Carter seams to have inherited his attitude in the

Peter Ludlow

"Appears in film only"

Peter Ludlow is the newly elected CEO of InGen and John Hammond's nephew, and Tim and Lex Murphy's uncle or uncle-in-law. He attained the position during an impromptu meeting with InGen's board of directors after an accident involving the Bowmans and a pack of compies prompted them to unanimously oust Hammond with Ludlow as his replacement.

Ludlow was responsible for assembling the InGen team to recover Isla Sorna's dinosaurs for display in San Diego. In the end, he only managed to bring back the male Tyrannosaurus rex and its infant, with disastrous results. He met his demise when, while trying to recover the infant in the hold of an InGen cargo ship, he was confronted by its monstrous parent, whom he'd thought dead after ordering him to be put down. The rex chomped onto Ludlow's leg, breaking it, and then gave him alive to the infant so it could make its first kill.

Ludlow's character could best be described as based upon the novel's Lewis Dodgson: ruthless, selfish, greedy, and rather condescending to those who worked for him or that he disliked. As a result he was not very well respected by the members of his team as demonstrated when they chose to follow Roland Tembo, or Nick van Owen but basically ignored Ludlow. He was least respected by Roland Tembo, due mostly to Ludlow's inexperience (he suggested camping in the middle of a game trail until Roland coldly informed him that carnivores hunt on game trails).

Ludlow was told by Malcolm that now he was John Hammond when the Tyrannosaurus Rex was released, meaning that now his dreamcame true, because he had in his speech ``Jonh Hammond's dream will come true".

Ludlow was portrayed by Arliss Howard.

Roland Tembo

"Appears in film only"

Roland Tembo is a famous animal hunter, hired by InGen. He did not appear in the novel. He came to Isla Sorna along with his hunting partner, Ajay Sidhu, in hopes of capturing the ultimate trophy, a male "T. rex". Dieter Stark was hired by InGen to be his second-in-command, but shows little respect to him. When a "T. rex" attack the campsite, Tembo couldn't fire at it as Nick Van Owen disabled Tembo's rifle. He instead tranquilize it. Despite the fact that he finally got his trophy, he was saddened when he realized that he was the only survivor, besides Ludlow. Everyone else was killed by Velociraptors, including Ajay. He leaves the island by helicopter, with a different view of hunting. He was played by Pete Postlethwaite.

Dieter Stark

"Appears in film only"

Dieter Stark was appointed by InGen to be Tembo's second-in-command. He only appeared in the film. Despite being his second-in-command, Tembo does not respect him as much as Ajay Sidhu. He is cruel to the Dinosaurs, mainly the Compsognathus, and doesn't seem to be nice to his comrades. After getting separated from the others, he was attacked by a group of Compsognathus. After being chased across a river, Dieter was finally killed and eaten by the Compys. He was played by Peter Stormare. His death mirrors John Hammond's death in the original novel. His last name isn't verbally mentioned in the film, but the credits have listed it. Dieter Stark's name is pronounced as ``Dee-ter" instead of ``Diet-er".

Dr. Robert Burke

"Appears in film only"

Dr. Robert Burke is the InGen Hunter's pompous paleontologist.He has a fantastic amount of knowledge about Dinosaurs second only to Sarah Harding. He is eaten by a "T. rex", while he was hiding under a waterfall along with Nick, Sarah, and Kelly, after a snake slithered down into his shirt. The snake, ironically, was a harmless milksnake. He was played by Thomas F. Duffy. The character is a clear nod to Dr. Robert Bakker, a major dinosaur theorist who is incidentally referenced in the first film. These were the incorrect dinosaur facts that he had given, which were all wrong:
*He had added details of Pachycephalasaurus when the team is trying to catch one.
*Procompsognathus was claimed by him to not be dangerous, but they are carnivores, so Compys are dangerous.
*Velociraptors which were mentioned after the trailer incident is where he said it is two meters tall.

Cathy Bowman

"Appears in film only"

Cathy Bowman is the young girl at the beginning of the film who found a compy. She fed it Roast Beef,and ignored her mother's warnings to not wonder off herself. She was bitten and nearly killed by a large group of Procompsognathus, but she survived, as said by John Hammond. Her parents are wealthy,and are British. She doesn't like prawns. Her parent's names were Paul and Deidre Bowman. Herattack scence mirrors the girl's attack in the original first novel.


"Appears in film only"

Benjamin is the fourth minor-role child in the film. He only appears in the film. When the male T-Rexwas dehydrated, it was attracted to the swimming pool in his house and broke the brick wall to getthere. He had woken up his parents to see the Tyrannosaurus Rex. His parents were thinking he justthought it was his goldfish, but they realized Benjamin was not lying. The boy then took a picture ofthe dinosaur, and the T-Rex roared, causing his parents to scream while he does not panic. It is veryodd how he did not become paniced because the T-Rex roared. He also had a dog eaten by the T-Rex. Hismother mentioned his name in his parents' bedroom.

Ed James

"Appears in novel only"

Ed James was hired by Dodgson to get information from the survivors of the Isle. Nublar incident. He was then hired to spy on Richard Levine, but Levine notice his presence so he ask his assistants Kelly Curtis and Arby Benton to do his errands. James later finds out the location of Isle. Sorna, and presumed to have given that information to Dodgson. He fears Dodgson, fearing he may kill him, which is why he's glad when Balelton is with Dodgson to calm him down. He doesn't assist Dodgson to Isle. Sorna.


"Appears in film only"

Carter is Dieter Stark's driver. Stark is killed by Compys, after Carter does not hear his cries for help when listening to some music. He also, despite Malcolm's warnings, alerted the camp of the Tyrannosaurus with his screams of terror. He was killed while running from the Tyrannosaurus after he slipped on the wet mud, and was consequentially trampled by the fleeing mercenary camp before being finally stepped on and smashed underneath by one of the Tyrannosaurus's foot multiple times, until his corpse was left floating in a footprint puddle. His death is ironic as he was the first to see the dinosaur and was the first one to be killed by it. However, the rex did not devour him as it was already in pursuit of Harding, Kelly and Burke as they tried to hide in a waterfall.

Jurassic Park III

"These characters only appear in the third film."

Paul Kirby

The owner of a hardware store who poses as a wealthy businessman in order to lure Grant onto Isla Sorna to help the Kirbys search for their son. But the their plane crashes and the mercenaries he hired are killed. Grant later finds his son, Eric, and seemed to reconcile his love with his ex-wife, Amanda. When the group is attack by the Spinosaurus in the river, Paul used himself as bait, so that the others could escape. This gave Grant enough time to scare the Spinosaurus away, by using a flare gun. He survives the incident and escapes the Island. He is played by William H. Macy in the film.

Amanda Kirby

Paul's ex-wife who accompanies the group to Site B, feeling guilty for having lost Eric and Ben. But the their plane crashes and the mercenaries she and her ex-husband, Paul, hired are killed. Grant later finds her son, Eric, and seemed to reconcile her love with Paul. She survives the plane crash, the Velociraptor ambush, the pteranodon attack, and the Spinosaurus attack at the river. She then escapes the Island with Paul, Grant, Eric, and Billy. She is played by Téa Leoni in the film.

Billy Brennan

A young and overenthusiastic graduate student at Grant's digsite. He accompanies Grant to Isle. Sorna and gets stranded on it with him and the Kirbys. He later steals Velociraptors eggs, to sell them for money for the dig site. Velociraptors then start stalking the group to get their eggs back. Grant disgusted when he learned this said to him that he is "no better then the people who build this place". But he later redeems himself by saving Eric Kirby from pteranodons. Although the pteranodons gave him many injuries, he survived, but gets separated by the others and is presumed died. He was then rescued by the navy and marines who were sent by Ellie Sattler and was reunited with Grant. He is played by Alessandro Nivola in the film.

Erik Kirby

The 12-year-old son of Paul and Amanda who ends up stranded on Site B for eight weeks, and must fend for himself. He found a way to collect "T. rex" urine and to collect a Raptor Claw. Dr. Grant said he had a fossil one, from the first film, but Erik's reply was that this was a new one. Grant, after saving him from Velociraptors, reunites him with his parents. After escaping from a Spinosaurus, a flock of pteranodons, and Velociraptors, he finally gets to leave the island with his parents, Grant, and Grant's assistant, Billy Brennan. He is played by Trevor Morgan in the film.

A separate series of books entitled 'Jurassic Park Adventures' documented Erik's time on Isla Sorna (as well as other related stories) before Grant and the others arrive. The book series was written by Scott Ciencin.


A meek but sardonic mercenary "booking agent" who travels with his two associates to the island when the man who was supposed to go falls ill. He gets lost when the group runs through a forest (and climb up a tree) and is wounded by raptors, who allow him to approach the tree in order to draw the others down. Their plan fails, and the raptors ended up killing Udesky by snapping his neck in their anger. He is played by Michael Jeter in the film. His death was based on Howard King's death in "The Lost World" novel.


A tough and quiet mercenary who is killed by a Spinosaurus on the Site B runway. He was played by John Diehl in the film.He was eaten by the Spinosaurus while trying to get to the plane to leave the island. His death was very similar to Dino Crisis, where one of the characters (also named Cooper) is eaten by a "T rex".

M.B. Nash

The Kirby's mercenary pilot who abandons Cooper and is subsequently eaten by a "Spinosaurus", which dragged him out of the plane by the legs and then released him. As he tried to crawl through the Jungle brush in an attempt to escape, the "Spinosaurus" pinned him to the ground with its foot, and bit off his head (although his death was never actually shown on-screen). He was carrying a satellite phone given to him by Paul Kirby at the time he was eaten, which acts as a warning to the other humans. When they hear the chimes of the phone, audible from within the dinosaur's belly, they know that the "Spinosaurus" is near, a parody on the crocodile with the clock from Peter Pan.

Charlie Degler

The young son of Ellie and Mark, who thinks of Alan Grant as "The Dinosaur Man". Dr. Grant calls Charlie when he is being attacked by the Spinosaurus and Charlie is distracted by the television.

Enrique Cardoso

The operator of the illegal para-sailing service, "Dino-Soar," which brings visitors to sightsee along the coast of Isla Sorna. He is hired by Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby to take them to the island; however, Enrique and his Boat Driver are attacked by a Pteranodon [] when they enter a fog bank, causing the vessel to crash and the tourists to become stranded on Site B. Because Enrique and the driver's death could not be seen, some viewers suggested the possibility of an aquatic creature, never listed by InGen, attacking the boat, or the "Spinosaurus".

Ben Hildebrand

Amanda's boyfriend, Ben is known for being adventurous and even reckless. He takes Eric para-sailing near Isla Sorna. When the Boat Crew is killed by Pterosaurs, Ben's quick thinking saves the pair, as he disconnects the para-sail from the vessel and glides onto the island; however, they crash-land in a tree, and Ben dies of internal injuries. His corpse, along with his parachute, are founded by Grant and the others.

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