Gopala Dasa

Sri Gopala Dasa was a prominent saint, under the Haridasa tradition, who lived in the 18th century (1722 - 1762). Along with other contemporary Haridasas such as Vijaya Dasa, Jagannatha Dasa and Venugopala Dasa, Gopala Dasa propagated the Dvaita philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya throughout South India through Devaranamas or "Songs of God" in the Kannada language.

Early years

Sri Gopala Dasa was born as Bhaganna to Murariraya and Venkamma in Mosarakallu in Raichur district of Karnataka. From a very young age, Bhaganna was initiated into spirituality and Dvaita philosophy.


Bhaganna was initiated into the Haridasa tradition by Sri Vijaya Dasa. His pen-name was "Gopala Vittala".


Sri Gopala Dasa has composed numerous songs in Kannada in praise of Lord Purandhara Vittala.


* [ Gopala Vittala]

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