Student strike

A student strike occurs when students enrolled at a teaching institution such as a school, college or university refuse to go to class. This form of strike action is often used as a negotiating tactic in order to put pressure on the governing body of the university, particularly in countries where education is free, and the government cannot afford to have a student cohort miss an entire year, causing an overload of students in one academic term and the absence of an entire class in the following term.

The largest student strike in American history occurred in May and June 1970, in the aftermath of the American Invasion of Cambodia and the killings of student protesters at Kent State University in Ohio. An estimated four million students at more than 450 universities, colleges and high schools participated in the Student Strike of 1970.cite video| people=Director: Joe Angio|title=Nixon a Presidency Revealed|medium=television|publisher=History Channel|date=2007-02-15| year=2007] [Todd Gitlin, "The Sixties", New York: Bantam Books, 1987, p. 410.]


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