List of people from Constantinople

This is a list of famous people hailing from the city of Constantinople. For a list of people born after 1453, see List of people from Istanbul

*Saint Alexander (237/244-337)
*Saint Helena (c. 250-c. 330)
*Julian the Apostate (331-363) Byzantine Emperor
*Theodosius II (401-450)
*Proclus (412-485) Greek philosopher
*Zosimus (c. 490-c. 510) Byzantine historian
*Saint Arthelais (544-560)
*Maximus the Confessor (c. 580-662) Christian monk, theologian, scholar and saint
*Eudoxia Epiphania (b. 611) daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius
*Tarasios (c. 703-806) Patriarch of Constantinople and Christian saint
*Nikephoros I (c. 758-828) Patriarch of Constantinople
*Saint Theophanes the Confessor (758/760-817/818)
*Ignatius (c. 797-877) Patriarch of Constantinople
*Kassia (805/810-c. 867) Greek poet, composer and hymnographer
*Lazarus Zographos (d. 867) monk, painter and Christian saint
*Photios I (c. 820-893) Patriarch of Constantinople
*Nicholas Mystikos (852-925) Patriarch of Constantinople
*Alexander (c. 870-913) Byzantine emperor
*Constantine VII (905-959) Byzantine emperor and writer
*Michael I Cerularius (c. 1000-1059) Patriarch of Constantinople
*Michael Psellos (1017/1018-after 1078] ) Greek writer, philosopher, politician, and historian
*Alexios I Komnenos (1048-1118) Byzantine emperor
*Michael VII (1050-1090) Byzantine emperor
*Anna Komnene (1083-1153) Greek princess and scholar
*John II Komnenos (1087-1143) Byzantine emperor
*Eustathius (c. 1110-1198) archbishop of Thessalonica
*Isaac Komnenos (1093-1152) brother of Emperor John II Komnenos
*John Tzetzes (c. 1100-1180) Byzantine poet and grammarian
*Manuel I Komnenos (1118-1180) Byzantine Emperor
*Isaac II Angelos (1156-1204) Byzantine Emperor
*Theodore I Laskaris (1174-1221) Byzantine emperor
*Alexios II Komnenos (1169-1183) Byzantine Emperor
*Maria Komnene (Porphyrogenita) (1152-1182) daughter of the Emperor Manuel I Komnenos
*Nicephorus Blemmydes (1197-1272) Byzantine author
*Theodore Metochites (1207-1332) Greek statesman, author, gentleman philosopher, and patron of the arts
*George Acropolites (1217-1282) Greek historian and statesman
*Michael VIII Palaiologos (1223-1282) Byzantine Emperor
*Andronikos II Palaiologos (1259-1332) Byzantine Emperor
*John VI Kantakouzenos (c. 1292-1383) Byzantine Emperor
*Gregory Palamas (1296-1359) Archbishop of Thessalonica
*Andronikos III Palaiologos (1297-1341) Byzantine Emperor
*Manuel Chrysoloras (1355-1415) Greek scholar and grammarian
*Gennadius II Scholarius (c. 1400-1473) philosopher, Patriarch of Constantinople
*Constantine XI (1405-1453) Byzantine Emperor and saint
*John Argyropoulos (1415-1487) Greek lecturer, philosopher and humanist
*Constantine Lascaris (1434-1501) Greek scholar and grammarian

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* Constantinople
* Istanbul

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