nihongo|Anri|杏里|, real name nihongo|Eiko Kawashima|川嶋栄子|Kawashima Eiko, is a Japanese singer and singer-songwriter born on August 31, 1961 in Yamato, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. She has written much of her own music as well as singing songs written by others such as her debut release "Oribia o Kikinagara", by Amii Ozaki. Her song "Cat's Eye" was used as the first opening theme for the eponymous 1983 anime series "Cat's Eye" and debuted as #1 on "Countdown Japan". It was one of the first J-pop songs used as an anime theme song, and it was included in a recent "Dance Dance Revolution" game. Her popularly shyrocketed following her appearance at the Red and White New Year's Music Special at the end of that same year.

Other hit songs include "Summer Candles" and "Dolphin Ring", both of which became standard songs played at Japanese wedding and receptions. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Anri's albums were bestsellers. She is often cited as being one the first Japanese singers to fuse Britain and American music into j-pop. She has highly successful tours—one with attendance of almost 100,000—and toured Hawaii for the first time in 1987. She was given a boost by singing the closing theme for the 1998 Winter Olympics at Nagano. In 2002, she began collaborating with jazz fusion guitarist Lee Ritenour who produced her 2002 LP "Smooth Jam - Quiet Storm".



Listed chronologically.
*nihongo|"Anri: Apricot Jam"|杏里 -apricot jam-|Anri: Apuricotto Jamu (1978-11-21)
*"Feelin"' (1979-06-21)
*nihongo|"Anri the Best"|杏里 ザ・ベスト|Anri za Besuto (1980-11-21, best album)
*nihongo|"Sorrowful Peacock"|哀しみの孔雀|Kanashimi no Kujaku (1981-09-21)
*nihongo|"Resolute American: I Love Poping World, Anri"|思いきりアメリカン ~I Love Poping World,Anri~|Omoikiri American: Ai Rabu Popingu Wārudo, Anri (1982-05-21, best album)
*"Heaven Beach" (1982-11-21)
*"Bi・Ki・Ni" (1983-06-05)
*"Timely!!" (1983-12-05)
*"Coool" (1984-06-21)
*"Wave" (1985-06-21)
*"Mystique" (1986-06-05)
*nihongo|"The Anri"|ザ・杏里|Za Anri (1986-07-21, best album)
*"Trouble in Paradise" (1986-11-21)
*"Summer Farewell" (1987-05-02)
*"Meditation" (1987-11-21, best album)
*"Boogie Woogie Mainland" (1988-05-21)
*"My Favorite Songs" (1988-07-21, best album)
*"Circuit of Rainbow" (1990-01-01)
*"Mind Cruisin"' (1990-06-23)
*"Bioficial" (1991-06-01)
*"My Favorite Songs 2" (1991-12-21, best album)
*"Moana Lani" (1992-06-24)
*"½ & ½" (1993-08-25)
*"16ht Summer Breeze" (1994-07-08, best album)
*"Opus 21" (1995-09-01, best album)
*"Angel Whisper" (1996-07-29)
*"Twin Soul" (1997-10-08)
*"Moonlit Summer Tales" (1998-07-15)
*"Ever Blue" (1996-06-23)
*"Anri the Best" (2000-05-24, best album)
*"The Beach House" (2000-07-19)
*"My Music" (2001-10-24)
*"Anri Smooth Jam: Aspasia" (2002-05-22)
*"Anri Smooth Jam: Quiet Storm" (2002-11-21)
*"R13 Ocean Delights" (2003-07-23, best album)
*"Sol" (2005-11-02)
*"Tears of Anri" (2007-09-12, cover album)


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