Eritrean Islamic Jihad

Eritrean Islamic Jihad is referred to as the Eritrean Islamic Salvation Movement, EIJM, EIJ, ERIJ, EISM, Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement, and/or Harakat al Jihad al Islami al Eritrea. The Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement (ERIJ), is one of several opposition groups that operates in Eritrea and from surrounding countries.

Goals and objectives

The primary goal of the ERIJ is the overthrow of the Eritrean government of President Issayas Afewerki (also rendered as Isaias Afwerki) and his ruling People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) [ [ Islamic Salvation Movement / Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement ] ] [ [ Interview With the Deputy Amir of the Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement ] ] , formerly referred to as the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF). The PFDJ is the only legally permitted political party in Eritrea. ERIJ also seeks the establishment of an Islamic Government in Eritrea with an eye toward establishing a caliphate in the Horn of Africa. [ [ Interview With the Deputy Amir of the Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement ] ] [ [ MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base ] ] In September 1998, an opposition congress was held in Khartoum, Sudan. At that time, the Eritrean opposition group Harakat al Jihad al Islami (Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement-ERIJ) reportedly changed its name to Harakat al Khalas al Islami al Eritrea (Eritrean Islamic Salvation Movement). [ [ Islamic Salvation Movement / Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement ] ]


The other major armed opposition party in Eritrea is the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) which is led by Abdallah Idris. [ [ MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base ] ] [ [ Islamic Salvation Movement / Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement ] ] Both groups have historically been based in Sudan. [ [ MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base ] ] [ [ MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base ] ]


Shaikh Khalil Mohammed Amer is the putative leader of ERIJ. [ [ MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base ] ] ERIJ's Deputy Emir is Abul Bara' Hassan Salman. [ [ MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base ] ]

Foreign support

Sudanese authorities have signalled their official support of the movement when they allowed the ERIJ's Secretary-General Sheikh Khalil Mohammed Amer to hold a news conference in Khartoum. [ [ Islamic Salvation Movement / Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement ] ]

History of attacks

April 13, 2003Timothy Nutt, a 49 year old British geologist was murdered in western Eritrea allegedly by ERIJ. ERIJ denied responsibility for the attack. Nutt's throat was cut and his vehicle had been burned. His body was found in a dry stream-bed near the village of Bisha. Nutt reportedly worked for the Canadian firm Nevsun Resources, a mineral exploration company specialising in gold and diamond mining. . [ [ BBC NEWS | Africa | UK geologist 'killed by Eritrea rebels' ] ]

August 10, 2003Two aid workers were killed and another injured when their vehicle was attacked by gunmen in Northern Eritrea. The victims worked for Mercy Corps, a US charity, which has long had a presence in the region. Although no group claimed the attack, Eritrean authorities suspect Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement (ERIJ) which is supported by Sudan. [ [ MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base ] ]



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