Carriage (disambiguation)

Carriage is a wheeled vehicle for carrying people, especially horse-drawn

Carriage may also mean:

*Carriage, a vehicle generally, including:
**Baby carriage (especially in North America), a four-wheeled pushed conveyance for reclining infants, also called a pram
** Gun carriage, an apparatus upon which a field gun is mounted for manoeuvering, firing and transport
**Hose carriage, a wheeled vehicle for carrying a firehose
**Railway carriage (especially in the British Isles and many Commonwealth countries), a railroad car, part of a train for carrying people
*Typewriter carriage, the part of a typewriter which moves the paper past the printing mechanism
*Staircase carriage, the timber or iron joist supporting a wooden staircase
* Lace-making machine carriage, part of a lace-making machine

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