Federal Court of Appeal (Canada)

Federal Court of Appeal (Canada)

The Federal Court of Appeal is a Canadian appellate court that hears cases concerning federal matters arising from certain federal Acts. The court was created on July 2, 2003 by the "Courts Administration Service Act" when it and the Federal Court were split from its predecessor, the Federal Court of Canada.


The Federal Court of Appeal hears appeals from the Federal Court, Tax Court of Canada, and certain federal tribunals, as well as applications for judicial review from certain other federal tribunals.


Former Chief Justices

* John D. Richard 99/11/04 - 03/07/02
* Julius A. Isaac 91/12/24 - 99/09/01
* Frank Iacobucci 88/09/02 - 91/01/06
* Arthur L. Thurlow 80/01/04 - 88/05/05
* Wilbur R. Jackett 71/06/01 - 79/10/01

Former Associate Chief Justices

* Allan Lutfy 99/12/08 - 03/07/02
* John D. Richard 98/06/23 - 99/11/03
* James Alexander Jerome 80/02/18 - 98/03/04
* Arthur L. Thurlow 75/12/04 - 80/01/03
* Camilien Noël 71/06/01 - 75/07/04

Former judges

* Jacques Dumoulin 71/06/01 - 72/12/01
* Arthur L. Thurlow 71/06/01 - 75/12/03
* Louis Pratte 73/01/25 - 99/01/01
* John J. Urie 73/04/19 - 90/12/15
* William F. Ryan 74/04/11 - 86/08/01
* Gerald Le Dain 75/09/01 - 84/05/28
* Darrel V. Heald 75/12/04 - 94/08/27
* Patrick M. Mahoney 83/07/18 - 94/10/31
* Louis Marceau 83/07/18 - 00/05/01
* Mark R. MacGuigan 84/06/29 - 98/01/12
* Bertrand Lacombe 85/10/29 - 89/12/07
* Julius A. Isaac 91/12/24 - 03/07/18
* Joseph Robertson 92/05/13 - 00/07/27
* Francis J. McDonald 93/04/01 - 01/09/06
* Barry L. Strayer 94/08/30 - 04/05/01
* Arthur J. Stone 83/07/18 - 04/11/19
* Marshall E. Rothstein 92/06/24 - 06/03/09
* Brian D. Malone 99/11/04 - 07/09/27

ee also

* List of notable Canadian Courts of Appeal cases

External links

* [http://www.fca-caf.gc.ca/index_e.shtml Federal Court of Appeal website]
* [http://canlii.org/ca/as/2002/c8/whole.html Courts Administration Service Act]

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