Gin and tonic

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name = Gin and tonic

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type = cocktail
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gin = yes
served = rocks
garnish = citrus fruit, usually lime
drinkware = highball glass
ingredients = *One part gin
*One to three parts tonic water, to taste
prep = Mix and serve-stirred, not shaken.
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A gin and tonic is a highball cocktail made with gin and tonic water, usually garnished with a slice of lime or lemon, served over ice. The ratio of gin to tonic water can vary considerably, from a glass of gin with a splash of tonic to one part gin for every five parts tonic.

In some countries, gin and tonic is marketed pre-mixed in single-serving cans.


This cocktail was introduced by the army of the British East India Company in India.

Tonic water contains quinine, which was used to prevent malaria. Because the tonic water consumed to prevent malaria in the 18th century was extremely bitter, gin was added to make it more palatable. The bitter flavor of quinine complements the green notes of gin (flavored with juniper) much like dry vermouth complements gin in a classic martini.

Although the consumption of tonic water currently has less medical use than it once did, gin and tonic remains a popular drink. Tonic water available today contains less quinine and is consequently less bitter (and is sometimes sweetened). Because of this connection to warmer climates and its refreshing nature, this cocktail is more popular during the warmer months. [ [ The History of Gin (and Tonic)] ]

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