John Harris (curator)

John Frederick Harris OBE (1931- ) is an English curator, historian of architecture, gardens and architectural drawings, and the author of more than 25 books and catalogues, and 200 articles. He is a Fellow and Curator Emeritus of the Drawings Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects, founding Trustee of SAVE Britain's Heritage and SAVE Europe's Heritage, and founding member and Honorary Life President of the International Confederation of Architectural Museums.


John Harris left school at the age of 14 in 1946. He travelled and took on miscellaneous jobs, before starting his proper career in 1954 working in an antiques shop, Collin and Winslow [ [ Building Design Online, Moving Stories article by John Harris on 24 August 2007] retrieved 31 October 2007] . In 1956 he joined the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Library and Drawings Collection in London, becoming curator of its British Architectural Library's [ Drawings Collection] from 1960-86 [ [ Garden Visit and Travel Guide] retrieved 31 October 2007] . This included the establishment in 1972 of a permanent home for the Drawings Collection in the James Adam designed house at 21 Portman Square (moved to the V&A Henry Cole Wing in 2002), next door to and sharing with the Courtauld Institute at Home House, 20 Portman Square (moved to Somerset House in 1989). Harris founded and organised 42 exhibitions at the Heinz Gallery, on the ground floor of 21 Portman Square, opened in 1972, designed by Stefan Buzas and Alan Irvine, given by Mr and Mrs Henry J Heinz II [ [ Design 1972 Journal article "Architecture in embryo"] retrieved 12 November 2007] , being the first purpose built gallery for the display ofarchitectural drawings in the English speaking world [ [ Irish Architectural Archive, Annual Report 2000, page 16] retrieved 12 November 2007] . The Gallery was purchased in 2000 by the Irish Architectural Archive and moved in 2003-4 to the ground floor of their relocated premises at 45 Merrion Square, Dublin, which opened to the public in 2005 [ [ Building Design Online, Moving Stories article by John Harris on 24 August 2007] retrieved 31 October 2007] . RIBA's Drawings Collection Gallery was re-established in 2004 as part of the joint V&A and RIBA [ Architecture Partnership] , creating the [ Architecture Gallery] in Room 128 at the V&A.

Harris was a co-curator of the seminal exhibition [ The Destruction of the Country House] held at the V&A in 1974, with Sir Roy Strong and Marcus Binney, which gave impetus to the movement to conserve British country houses [Wikipedia on Marcus Binney retrieved 31 October 2007] and the founding in 1975 of SAVE Britain's Heritage. He was editor of "Studies in Architecture" 1976-99. In 1996 he was a visiting scholar at the Getty Research Center, Getty Villa , Santa Monica [ [ Yale University Press, 1996 publication] retrieved 31 October 2007] . Harris also played a crucial role in the establishment of the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal and the Heinz Architecture Centre in the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh [ [ Trustees of SAVE Europe's Heritage] retrieved 31 October 2007] . He was a member for ten years of Mr Paul Mellon’s London Acquisitions Committee. Harris worked on the Victoria and Albert Primary Galleries Project (1996-2001). He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Harris is married to American historian and author Dr Eileen Harris (from circa 1961), has a son, Lucian, and a daughter, Georgina, and lives in London and Badminton, Gloucestershire.

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Books - Editor

* [ Catalogue of the Drawings by Inigo Jones, John Webb and Isaac De Caus at Worcester College, Oxford] (1979) edited with A.A. Tait, Oxford University Press, ISBN-10: 0198173628, ISBN-13: 978-0198173625.
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Books - Exhibition Catalogues

* [ A Passion for Building: the Amateur Architect in England 1650-1850] (2007) with Robert Hradsky, for Sir John Soane's Museum, ISBN-13: 978-0954904166.
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* [ The Palladian Revival: Lord Burlington, His Villa and Garden at Chiswick] (1994) Yale University Press, ISBN-10: 0300059841, which won the Architectural Exhibition Catalogue Award of the Society of Architectural Historians in 1995.
* [ Silent Cities] (1977) An Exhibition of the Memorial and Cemetery Architecture of the Great War, with Gavin Stamp, at the RIBA Heinz Gallery, London.
* [ Gardens of Delight: The Art of Thomas Robins] (1975) RIBA Heinz Gallery, exhibition 9th December 1975 to 20th March 1976.

*Headfort House and Robert Adam (1973) Drawings from The Collection of Mr and Mrs Paul Mellon, at the RIBA Heinz Gallery, London.

*The King's Arcadia: Inigo Jones and the Stuart Court (1973) with Stephen Orgel and Roy Strong, a quatercentenary exhibition at the Banqueting House, Whitehall, London.

Books - Contributor

* Precedents and Various Designs Collected by C.H. Tatham (1982) in [ In Search of Modern Architecture: A Tribute to Henry-Russell Hitchcock] , edited by Helen Searing, Architectural History Foundation/Mit Press Series, ISBN-10: 0262192098, ISBN-13: 978-0262192095.

Books - Introduction

* [ Inside Out: Historic Watercolour Drawings, Oil Sketches and Paintings of Interiors and Exteriors 1770-1870] (2000) by Frederick Michael Pick, Stair & Company, ISBN-10: 0953965309, ISBN-13: 978-0953965304. Introduction titled "Architectural Drawings: A Short Historiography".
* [!49788!0#focus Vitruvius Britannicus, or The British architect...] (1967-72), 4 volumes, reproduced works by Colen Campbell, J. Badeslade, John Rocque, James Gandon, John Woolfe, George Richardson, Denise Addis and Paul Breman, published by Benjamin Blom, New York.


*A Dying Breed of Connoisseur, The Art Newspaper, April 2002.
*Diverting Labyrinths, Country Life magazine, 11 January 1990.


* [ The Annual Soane Lecture] (2007) Sir John Soane's Museum, London, on Moving Rooms: The Trade in Architectural Salvages.
* [ The Andrew W Mellon Lectures] (1981) on Palladian architecture in England.


External links

* [ Photos of John Harris and the Heinz Gallery, in his "Moving Stories" article, BD Magazine 24 August 2007]
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* [ National Portrait Gallery, portrait of John Harris by Derry Moore, 12th Earl of Drogheda, 1985]

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