List of collectibles

Popular collectibles listed here are primarily those described in Wikipedia articles:


*Lighting, Lamps, & Lampshades
*Locks & Keys


*Folk Art
*Native American Art

Books, magazines, and paper

*Advertising art
*Airsickness bags
*Autograph collecting
*Book collecting
**Children's Books
**First editions
*Cigarette Cards
*Comic book collecting
*Lotology Collecting Lottery tickets
*Magazine Clippings
*Maps and Globes
*Phone-card collecting
*Playing cards
**Tarot cards
*Scripophily: collecting stock certificates
*Sticker (paper)
*Sucrology: collecting sugar sachets
*Trading cards
**Sports cards
***Baseball cards
***Football cards
***Hockey cards
***Jersey cards
**Non-sports cards
***Cigarette cards

Brandname products

*Avon collectibles
*Brand article collecting
**Disney pin trading
*Ronson's Lighters
*Scouting memorabilia collecting
**History of merit badges (Boy Scouts of America)
*Zippo Lighters

Clothing, fabric, textiles

*Scutelliphily: Patch collecting & badges
*Vintage clothing & accessories

Coins, currency & stamps

*Numismatics: coin collecting
**Notaphily: collecting paper currency
**Token coins: exonumia
**Stocks and bonds: scripophily
*Philately: collecting postage stamps


Movies & TV



*Holiday collectibles
*Jewelry and Gemstones
*Music boxes
*Perfume bottles
*Sterling silver
*Utensils and Silverware

Kitchen collectibles

*Bottle caps
*Beverage can
*Cookie jars
*Lunch boxes
*Mason jars
*Refrigerator magnets
*Shakers: salt, pepper, sugar
*Tea bags

Nature and animals

*Butterfly collecting
*Conchology: collecting seashells
*Fossil collecting
*Oology: collecting eggs
*Skulls and Skeletons (see Maceration)

Pottery & glass

*China, Porcelain, & Pottery
*Glass & Crystal
**Art glass
***Milk bottles
***Snuff bottles
**Depression glass
**Shot glass


*Bicycle collecting
*Computers (especially Vintage computers)
**AOL disks
**Video games
*Fans (Vintage/Collectible)
*Fountain pens
**Movie cameras and projectors
*Scientific Instruments
*Vending machines (Coin-op machines)
*Watches & Clocks


*Animals: Birds, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Pigs
**Classic cars
**Vintage cars
**License plates
*Farm collectibles
*Gambling/gaming collectibles
**American Civil War
**Military art
**Military models
**Military uniforms
**Model figures
**Tin soldiers
**Firearms, Modelguns
*Police & fire
**Fire department collectibles
**Law enforcement collectibles
***Police patch collecting
**Campaign buttons
**Bumper stickers
*Science Fiction
**baseballs and baseball bats
**Clothing (hats, jersies)
**Tobacco tins
**Smoking collectibles
*Western Americana
*World's Fair Collectibles

Toys, games, dolls

*Action figures
*Board games
*Playing Cards
**Barbie dolls
**Beanie babies
**Porcelain Dolls
**Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls
**Teddy bears
**Toy soldiers
*Model cars
**Hot Wheels
*Model Horses
*Keshi erasers
*Rubber duck
*Scale models
**Model airplanes
**Model trains
**Ship models

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