Tunica language

Tunica language

states=United States
extinct=since the death of Sesostrie Youchigant
family=Language Isolate

The Tunica (or Tonica, or less common form Yuron [http://www.bl.uk/services/bibliographic/marc/marcappbx.html#Y] ) language was a language isolate spoken in what is now Louisiana in the United States by Native American Tunica peoples.

When the last known fluent speaker, Sesostrie Youchigant, died, the language became extinct. Linguist Mary Haas worked with Youchigant to describe what he remembered of the language, and the description was published in "A Grammar of the Tunica Language" in 1941, followed by "Tunica Texts" in 1950 and "Tunica Dictionary" in 1953.

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