Characters of Brotherhood

The following is a listing of fictional characters from the Showtime TV series Brotherhood.

Starring cast

Actor Character Notes
Jason Isaacs Michael Caffee A lifelong gangster who has returned home to Providence, R.I., after a self-imposed seven-year exile after a contract was put on him. He's hoping to pick up where he left off. At the end of the first season, Michael is attacked and severely beaten by Declan. At the start of the second season, Michael is suffering from brain trauma and blackout, and has no memory of who attacked him. However, he tries to prove to Freddie that he is ready to go back to work for the mob.[1]By the third season, Michael is in charge, and faces serious trouble with the Italian mob leader and with his own girlfriend and cousin. Michael is inspired by and modeled after Whitey Bulger, a fugitive Irish mob boss from South Boston, Massachusetts. [2] Jason Isaacs once described his character as follows: "Well actually, Michael Caffee is not a bad guy. I wouldn't have done this if he was a bad guy. He's a really interesting man. He has a really strict ethical code that he adheres to and he thinks he is better for the neighborhood and the future of the city than his brother is. He thinks his brother is corrupt, he's part of the system."[3]
Jason Clarke Tommy Caffee Husband, father, brother and ambitious member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives who is not above bending the rules. The second season finds him still married, but shows bitterness towards his wife after she reveals her drug use and affairs. He is currently seeking re-election at his position [1] He is presumably inspired by Whitey Bulger's brother, former Massachusetts Senate President Billy Bulger.[2], who is also having an affair of his own. By season three, Tommy and Eileen have reconciled because they are expecting their fourth child, a son. Tommy promises Eileen that he is getting out of politics, but his best plans may not come to fruition.
Annabeth Gish Eileen Caffee Tommy's lonely wife, who tries to fill the void in her life with drugs and an affair with the mailman. At the start of the second season, she and her husband are still living together, although they remain distant after she revealed everything to him.[1] By the third season, she is working outside of the home until she and Tommy reach an uneasy reconciliation, as Eileen is pregnant with their fourth child, who is a son.
Fiona Erickson Mary Rose Caffee Tommy and Eileen's eldest daughter. Mary Rose has been in trouble for stealing and drug use, and her uncle Michael tries to talk sense into her, which her father resents.
Fionnula Flanagan Rose Caffee The highly manipulative mother of the Caffee brothers and sister Mary Kate, and overbearing mother-in-law to Eileen,[1] Rose is the matriarch and neither of her sons dares to stand up to her. She has developed a close relationship with Colin, the Irish son of her late sister, who has come to Rhode Island to seek his family roots.
Ethan Embry Declan Giggs A Rhode Island state trooper who is investigating the Caffee brothers despite having known them since childhood, who often blurs the line between investigating them and protecting them. At the beginning of the second season, it is revealed that he has a fallout with his wife Cassie and is now separated from her. Disgraced, his police captain gives him one more shot at redemption: becoming a mole for Freddie Cork's activities and tie them to the Caffee brothers.[1] In season three, he is conducting a major investigation of the interactions between Rhode Island state politics and the Italian and Irish mobs.
Kevin Chapman Freddie Cork An Irish-American gang leader and Michael's very stern, no nonsense boss in season one; he is frequently in conflict with Michael and he often blackmails Tommy. By season three, Michael is the boss, and Freddie works for him.
Stivi Paskoski (2006) Pete McGonagle A recovering alcoholic, who quickly makes himself Michael's partner when Michael returns to town. Michael's return drives him to drink again, and Michael goes so far as to almost kill him. He is not seen in the first two episodes of the second season, but is told that he lands a job through Michael. It is revealed that Pete is in trouble with Italian mobs. At the beginning of the third episode, he is killed and his body dumped right on the Caffee's block.
Brian F. O'Byrne (2007) Colin Carr The Caffees' cousin from Belfast, Ireland, who joins the cast for the second season, as he tries to help both sides of his family business. At first, his aunt Rose thinks he's trouble and up to no good. Eventually, she helps him find his father, who turns out to be Senator Judd Fitzgerald, and she becomes his defender. By season three, he is Michael's loyal right-hand man. However, he is falling in love with Michael's girlfriend Kath, which Michael suspects. He has tried to keep at arm's length distance from Kath out of loyalty and fear of Michael. However, Michael's suspicions seem to be getting the better of him.

Recurring characters

  • Billy Smith as Jeff "Moe" Riley (Seasons 1, 2 & 3)
  • Kerry O'Malley as Mary Kate Martinson, Michael and Tommy's sister
  • Bates Wilder as Jimmy Martinson, Mary Kate's husband
  • Madison Garland as Lila Caffee, Tommy and Eileen's daughter
  • Kailey Gilbert as Noni Caffee, Tommy and Eileen's daughter
  • Tina Benko as Kath Perry
  • Karl Bury as Alex Byrne, Tommy's assistant
  • Len Cariou as Judd Fitzgerald (Seasons 1, 2 & 3)
  • Kevin Conway as Neil Caffee
  • John Fiore as Alphonse Nozzoli (Season 2 & 3)
  • Michael Gaston as Mr. Speaker (Season 1)
  • Damien Di Paola as Paul Carvalho
  • Georgia Lyman as Cassie Giggs, Declan's wife
  • Frank Ridley as Terry Mulligan
  • Al Sapienza as Mayor Frank Panzerelli
  • Brian Scannel as Silent John
  • Matt Servitto as Representative Donald Donatello, Speaker of the House
  • Scottie Thompson as Shannon McCarthy (Season 1)


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