Korean Pine nuts — shelled, and shell, above; unshelled, below

A nutshell is the outer shell of a nut. Most nutshells are inedible and are removed before eating the nut meat inside.



Most nutshells are useful to some extent, depending on the circumstances. Walnut shells can be used for cleaning and polishing, as a filler in dynamite, and as a paint thickening agent.[1] Shells from pecans, almonds, Brazil nuts, acorns, and most other nuts (with the exception of peanuts) are useful in composting.[2] There is a method for preparing peanuts to be composted, requiring altering the levels of nitrogen and carbon.[3]

Shells can also be used as loose-fill packing material, to protect fragile items in shipping.

Idiomatic usage

The expression "in a nutshell" (of a story, proof, etc.) means "in essence", metaphorically alluding to the fact that the essence of the nut - its edible part - is contained inside its shell. The expression further gave rise to the journalism term nut graph, short for nutshell paragraph.

A likely source of the phrase may be found in Shakespeare's Hamlet (Act 2, Scene 2) where the title character exclaims: "O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count my selfe a King of infinite space".

Long before modern electronics, a few scholars made attempts at condensing massive literary works so they could be more easily stored. It became an obsession to some to see just how small they could write. For example, a copy of the Quran was reduced on a parchment measuring four inches by half an inch. These copies were so small it was said they could be stored in a nutshell.[4]

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