List of tallest buildings in Portland, Oregon

List of tallest buildings in Portland, Oregon

This list of tallest buildings in Portland, Oregon ranks skyscrapers in the U.S. city of Portland, Oregon. The tallest building in Portland is currently the 41-story Wells Fargo Center, which rises 546 feet (166 m).Cite web|title=Wells Fargo Center|url=||accessdate=2007-11-03] The building has been the tallest skyscraper in the State of Oregon since its completion in 1972.Cite web|title=Wells Fargo Center|url=||accessdate=2007-11-23] The second-tallest building in Portland is the US Bancorp Tower, which rises 536 feet (163 m) and 42 floors.Cite web|title=US Bancorp Tower|url=||accessdate=2007-11-23] The building is sometimes informally referred to as "Big Pink" for its similarly colored granite exterior.Cite web|title=US Bancorp Tower|url=||accessdate=2007-11-03]

Portland's history of skyscrapers is generally thought to begin in 1907 with the completion of the Wells Fargo Building. Since then, over 100 highrise buildings have been constructed in the city, with the majority being completed between 1970 and 2000. [Cite web|title=Portland: High-rise Buildings of Portland|url=||accessdate=2007-11-03] Cite web|title=Portland: High-rise Buildings (completed) 1 - 20|url=||accessdate=2007-11-03] No Portland buildings are among the tallest in the United States, but the city is home to three buildings over 500 feet (152 m). Overall, Portland's skyline is ranked (based on existing and under construction buildings over 500 feet (152 m) tall) second in the Northwest (after Seattle), fifth in the Pacific Coast region (after Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas), and 25th in the United States.ref label|note01|A|^

The city is undergoing an era of highrise construction, especially in the South Waterfront area, where several residential towers and an office building have been built over the past few years, including the John Ross Tower.Cite web|title=Corbett/Terwilliger|url=||accessdate=2007-11-03] More residential buildings will be built close to the Willamette River as development of the South Waterfront progresses. Meanwhile, in Downtown Portland, Park Avenue West Tower, a 33-story skyscraper, is scheduled to break ground.Cite web|title=Park Avenue West Tower|url=||accessdate=2007-11-23] At 515 feet (157 m) with its spires included, Park Avenue West would be Portland's first skyscraper over 500 feet (152 m) since 1984 and become the third-tallest building in the city upon completion.Cite web|title=Park Blocks 'beacon' gets design approval|publisher=The Oregonian|first=Fred|last=Leeson|url=|date=2007-12-20|accessdate=2008-02-21]


Tallest buildings

This list ranks Portland skyscrapers that stand at least 250 feet (76 meters) tall, based on standard height measurement. This includes spires and architectural details but does not include antenna masts. Only completed structures are ranked; no future buildings or planned height increases are included in the list.

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:A. note label|note01|A|^New York has 206 existing and under construction buildings over 500 ft (152 m), Chicago has 107, Miami has 37, Houston has 30, Los Angeles has 22, Dallas has 19, Atlanta has 19, San Francisco has 18, Las Vegas has 17, Boston has 16, Seattle has 14, Philadelphia has 10, Pittsburgh has 10, Jersey City has 9, Minneapolis has 9, Denver has 8, Detroit has 7, Charlotte has 6 and Columbus has 5. Cleveland, New Orleans, and Tulsa each have 4. Source of Skyline ranking information: [ New York] , [ Chicago] , [ Miami] , [ Houston] , [ Los Angeles] , [ Dallas] , [ Atlanta] , [ San Francisco] , [ Las Vegas] , [ Boston] , [ Seattle] , [ Philadelphia] , [ Pittsburgh] , [ Jersey City] , [ Minneapolis] , [ Denver] , [ Detroit] , [ Charlotte] , [ Columbus] , [ Tulsa] , [ Cleveland] , [ New Orleans] , and [ Tampa] . [ Portland] is tied with [ Indianapolis] , [ St. Louis] , and [ Kansas City] with three buildings over 500 feet (152 m).


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