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This is a list of characters from the Japanese visual novel, and manga series "Little Busters!". The main protagonist is Riki Naoe, a young man in high school who is a member of a tight-knit group of five friends known as the Little Busters. The leader of the Little Busters is Kyousuke Natsume, and he is one year older than the other four members; he often comes up with absurd ideas, but almost always follows up with a reasonable explanation along with it. The third member of the group is Masato Inohara, Riki's roommate, who loves to work out and improve his muscle mass. The next member is Kengo Miyazawa, who is skilled in the art of kendo and seemingly has a cynical personality, but his passion for the Little Busters is unmatched by anyone. The final member of the Little Busters is the only female, and Kyousuke's younger sister, Rin Natsume. Rin, who is also the main heroine in the story, does not communicate well and is seen as inarticulate; due to this, she is anti-social, and is usually seen alone.

There are five other heroines in "Little Busters!", starting with Komari Kamikita, a very childish girl who takes great interest in fairy-tales, picture books, candy, and clothing with many layers of frills. She is very clumsy, and will often not think before she acts. Next is Haruka Saigusa, a schoolmate of Riki's from a different class, but despite this, always seems to find time to hang around in Riki's classroom. She is a problem child and will start an uproar for her own personal enjoyment. Another heroine is Kudryavka Noumi, is a girl who is a quarter Japanese, and three-quarters Russian. Her grandfather was Japanese, and per his influence on her, she came to know much about the Japanese culture, including the language. Following her is Yuiko Kurugaya, who is seen as an older sister to everyone despite being the same age of almost the entire cast. She is fond of things or people she considers to be cute, such as several of the female cast of characters. The final heroine is Mio Nishizono, a calm girl who is very diligent. Due to having weak health, she is always seen with a parasol when outside.

There are two additional characters which were originally supporting characters to further the overall story and influence scenarios, but were promoted to heroine status in "Little Busters! Ecstasy". One of these characters is Kanata Futaki, a girl at Riki's school and the public morals chairman, which means when Haruka causes trouble, Kanata must run after her; Kanata is Haruka's twin sister. Sasami Sasasegawa is another, who is Rin's rival; due to this, she will often get in a fight with Rin. Other characters play more minor roles, such as Miyuki Koshiki, a girl in the archery club who lost her right eye due to an archery accident; Midori, who is Mio's forgotten imaginary sister; and Kojirō Kamikita, Komari's grandfather who lives in a nursing home Komari and Riki volunteer at. A new heroine named Saya Tokido makes her appearance in "Ecstasy". She is popular at school, but most do not know is that she also comes to school at night to fight and protect a "treasure".

Little Busters members

Original members

; which would often be shortened to :Kanata is a girl at Riki's school and is the public morals chairman, which means when Haruka causes trouble, Kanata must run after her. To help Kanata, Kudryavka offered up her two dogs Strelka and Belka to patrol the school grounds and help in hunting down Haruka when she causes trouble. Kanata is Haruka's twin sister, though this is only revealed later. She acts extremely cold to Haruka, although it is later revealed she is forced to treat Haruka coldly by her father. Kanata is annoyed at Riki's close approach to her sister and often tells Riki to stay away from Haruka, wondering why someone normal like Riki would want to approach her twin. Since the only real difference between Haruka and Kanata is their eye color, Kanata uses this to her advantage when she impersonates her sister with colored contacts. Kanata cooks well, while Haruka does not, and this is one of the only ways to identify her when she is impersonating Haruka.

;Nihongo|Sasami Sasasegawa|笹瀬川 佐々美|Sasasegawa Sasami:anime voices|Tomoe Tamiyasu:Sasami is a girl at Riki's school and is Rin's rival; surprisingly, while Rin loves cats, Sasami is a devoted dog lover. Due to this, she will often get in a fight with Rin, though since she is the captain of the girl's softball team, she will send in three new team members first before she goes in herself; the three girls' names are: Nihongo|Yukari Nakamura|中村 由香里|Nakamura Yukari, Nihongo|Rei Kawagoe|川越 令|Kawagoe Rei, and Nihongo|Sakiko Watanabe|渡辺 咲子|Watanabe Sakiko. [citeweb|url=|title="Little Busters!" Development Diary|publisher=Key| date=March 14 2008|accessdate=2008-03-14|language=Japanese] Her name is thought to be a tongue twister, which even she manages to mix up. She has a romantic interest in Kengo Miyazawa, but Kengo has no interest in returning her favor. If the player goes for a second play through after the baseball match, the player can see the event when Sasami helps take a group photo for the Little Busters, a photo which helps Rin in regaining her memories in her final dream; this event only happens once.

:Sasami is the only secondary character in the original "Little Busters!" game, other than the softball girls, that is given her own statistics. During the first and second play through, her statistics are too high for Rin to effectively compete with her. Rin stands a much better chance against Sasami at around the player's third play through, and when she wins against Sasami, she can obtain an item for Riki to use, which can be a godsend for him during a battle ranking game, especially if he receives an accessory that increases his agility or reflexes. The maximum number of times she can be fought is six, but only if the player decides to go through Rin's path while she is still unsociable. Otherwise, the player would face Sasami five times, but this can be minimized to three if Rin is on the mission to fight a mysterious creature.

;Nihongo|Saya Tokido|朱鷺戸 沙耶|Tokido Saya:anime voices|Kazane :Saya is a new heroine who only appears in "Little Busters! Ecstasy". In the daytime, she is a popular girl in her class at Riki's school due to her attractive face and figure, though is known to be a natural . However, at night, she can be found at the school wandering around in order to protect a "treasure" from those she calls the Nihongo|"darkness executives"|闇の執行部|yami no shikkōbu, and even has to fight them for it.

:Saya's true identity is Aya, a normal girl with a father as a doctor who volunteered in various countries that are not well-off. Since they had to move frequently, she did not have enough time for any deep relationships with others or school. During her childhood, she briefly befriended Riki during her brief stay in Japan, playing soccer with each other. One day, when Saya and her father were about to return to Japan and end their traveling, Aya became involved in an accident due to a flood. She was on the verge of death when she, by chance, noticed the artificial world Kyousuke has created and decided to enter it. Inside, she materialized as Saya Tokido, a character from Kyousuke's favorite manga, which incidentally happened to be her favorite as well, given to her from a Japanese tourist. Due to this, Kyousuke originally thought she was created due to his hidden desire, and intended to leave her alone, but after seeing her interacting with Riki, he realizes that she is actually an "interloper" to his world and tries to make her leave, since her existence causes Riki to stray away from the others because he had been threatened by the "darkness executives" with Rin's life. This is implied during the "replay" portion of her route where all the traps that used to be merely a prank in the labyrinth and shooting mini-game actually turn lethal, and significant changes to the maze are made to hinder Saya. Also, the head of the "darkness executives" (who is actually Kyousuke) tells Saya at the beginning (and each subsequent replay) that she will be better off if she shot herself in the head.

:Saya's route can confuse many players due to two reasons. During the "replay" portion, which is in Saya's perspective, it is nearly impossible to avoid death. The player is actually required to die several times, then choose "replay" in the game over screen in order to progress with her route. Also, at the end of the maze, the game abruptly sends the player back to the title screen, which can also cause confusion. To proceed with her route, the player must actually go through Saya's route once again, and the first choice the player makes during May 17 will determine if the player will receive a bad ending or a good one. After her true ending, her route will no longer be playable until the player completes up to the Refrain route. In this case, when the player starts a new game, the game will ask if the player wants to make Saya's route playable again. :Saya is only involved in two mini-games, shooting and baseball practice. Despite this, she has no direct involvement except for the shooting mini-game, which players will be able to play through Saya's perspective during the "replay" portion of her route. During baseball practice, if the player is playing through Saya's route, she will be seen in the field hiding behind a wooden drum. If the player hits the ball to her, she will either snipe and destroy the ball, or shoot the ball back to the player, allowing for more combos. During Saya's route, players will not be able to participate in the battle ranking game midway through, but early on, she sometimes appears to assist Riki during battle. Also, players cannot play the baseball match during Saya's route, so it is largely useless to raise anyone's statistics.

econdary characters

;Nihongo|Miyuki Koshiki|古式 みゆき|Koshiki Miyuki:anime voices|Yū Kamonomiya:Miyuki is a girl in the archery club who lost her right eye due to an archery accident. Her family is known for being skilled in archery. Due to being in a similar situation of Kengo, she worries about him. She committed suicide in the real world, unlike the artificial world where Kengo saves her from this act. Kyousuke creates an illusion of her to distract Kengo during a baseball game set by Kengo to thwart Kyousuke's plan, as it is too harsh for Riki and Rin. This angers Kengo to the point where he charges and attacks Kyousuke.

;Nihongo|Midori|美鳥:"Voiced by:" Yumi Arai:Midori is Mio's forgotten imaginary sister who comes to life in the artificial world and takes Mio's place. Her personality is the direct opposite of Mio. She materializes due to taking Mio's shadow, so she herself has no shadow, but she does not hide it, unlike Mio.

;Nihongo|Kojirō Kamikita|神北 小次郎|Kamikita Kojirō:anime voices|Roaki Moriko:Kojirō is an old man in a nursing home Komari and Riki volunteer at. He has trouble keeping his room clean. He is Komari's grandfather, although this is revealed later as he refused to tell Riki about his relationship with Komari. He is actually escaping from Komari, after she becomes insane for the first time and treats him like her dead brother.


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