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"The Wish List" is a fantasy novel by Eoin Colfer. It chronicles the adventures of Meg Finn, a spirit who has struck a perfect balance between good and evil and, as such, is barred from entering either heaven or hell. In order to redeem herself, she travels back to Earth in order to help an old man she had nearly robbed before she died, complete the items on his wish list, and thus gain entrance to heaven before she runs out of time.

Plot introduction

Meg Finn is a teenager whose life is in a complete mess. Her mother is dead and her only family is an abusive stepfather who does nothing but watch TV all day. She has no friends and is forced to do a job with a dim-witted criminal, Belch Brennan, because he gave her a video camera. When the two are caught robbing an old man, Lowrie McCall, Belch's dog, Raptor, severely injures McCall. Struck by remorse, Meg goes out for help. She is then chased by Belch and Raptor, but makes a wrong turn. Belch threatens to shoot Meg, but instead, shoots a gas tank, killing them and sending them off to the "tunnel" that splits in two at the end. One end goes up (to heaven) and the other goes down (to hell). Belch, genetically merged with his dog, Raptor, a pit bull, goes straight to hell. Because Meg performed one good deed right before she died - trying to help Lowrie McCall - her good and bad deeds were perfectly balanced. With both Heaven and Hell fighting over her soul, she is sent back to atone to tip the balance in favor of either heaven or hell (she hopes heaven) by helping the old man she was robbing before her death. But with four seemingly impossible wishes to fulfill, a time limit, and Belch doing everything he can to ensure Meg's soul ends up in hell, can Meg make it to heaven in time?

Plot summary

In order to gain entrance into heaven, Meg must help old Lowrie McCall. Neither of the dysfunctional pair are overly pleased about this, but they grudgingly accept that they are paired with each other to complete the list of wishes that Lowrie has made and eventually begin to bond.

Down below, Belch is turned into a soul-catching machine. Satan wants Meg's soul so tells his chief servant Beelzebub to find her soul. Beelzebub rings St Peter, and upon finding that Meg's soul has not appeared in Heaven yet, sends Belch to recapture Meg and "make her bad" (keep her from doing any good deeds that would get her back into heaven). Although St Peter and Beelzebub are at opposite ends of the spiritual spectrum, they have developed a kind of rapport to while away eternity (in doing this they have stopped several presidential assassinations and a world war). Beelzebub says he won't intervene and asks if St Peter will. Although St Peter refuses and terminates the call, he is suspicious that this is not the end of it. He's right.

The Wish List:

1) Kissy Sissy - kiss Cicely Ward, aka Sissy, a popular talk-show aunt and one-date girlfriend of Lowrie.

2) Kick a football over the bar in Croke Park.

3) Burst Ball - punch a man who wronged Lowrie When he went to university

4) Spit over the Cliffs of Moher.

As Belch's stalking comes to a head in a confrontation on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, Belch (who has taken over the body of Meg's abusive stepfather) is destroyed, and Meg's final act of holiness, giving her stepfather a new life, gains her entry to Heaven.

Characters in "The Wish List"

Major characters

*Meg Finn - The main heroine who is halfway between good and bad.
*Lowrie McCall - The old man who needs to complete his wish list
*Belch Brennan - The evil half-boy, half-dog who has been sent to make Meg bad.
*Beelzebub - Satan's right hand demon who has been assigned with the return of Meg to Hell.
*Elph - The computer hologram designed by Myishi to help Belch stop Meg.

Minor characters
*Franco - Megs uncaring stepfather who adores the T.V.
*Flit - A tunnel mite who has a grammar problem and gives Meg the backup stones.
*Raptor - Belch's dog, who he later merges with.
*Cicely Ward - A famous old friend of Lowrie Macalls who he wishes to kiss.
*Luigi Fabrizzi
*St. Peter - The saint who chooses whether or not people are allowed into heaven.
*Satan - The ruler of Hell.
*Myishi - A computer geek who lives in hell and made Elph.
*Brendan Ball - A bully who annoyed Lowrie but in his adult years was very kind and caring.

Portrayal of Relationship Between Heaven and Hell

Unlike many novels about the relationship of Heaven to Hell, Hell is not portrayed as a completely evil place. For instance, Satan does not always take pleasure in killing or torturing others. Beelzebub is also tasked with all of Satan's inane duties, including handling the capture of Meg Finn himself. Likewise, Heaven is not completely pure, as Saint Peter seems to take pleasure in sending souls to limbo instead of through the Pearly Gates.

Connections to other works

Myishi is a company in The Supernaturalist, another children's book written by Eoin Colfer. Colfer said at the EIBF 2008 that this was also purposeful, as he wants his books to be set in the same universe, and then compared his universe to Marvel's.

Meg Finn shares her surname with Conor Finn, the alter ego of Conor Broekhart, the protagonist of Eoin Colfer's latest work, Airman. At the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2008, Eoin Colfer said that this was not a coincidence, as he likes to link his works together. [Edinburgh Book Festival 2008]

In "The Artemis Fowl Files" the book dedication reads 'To Finn, Artemis's best friend'. This could be a possible connection to Meg Finn, who was sometimes referred to as Finn by Belch Brennan in The Wish List (however, it could be Eoin's son)—

ee also

*Artemis Fowl
*The Supernaturalist
*Airman (novel)
*Eoin Colfer

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