Yurok language

Yurok language

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region=Northwestern California, U.S.
speakers=279 (2000), 12 (2002)

Yurok (also Weitspekan) is a moribund Algic language. It is the traditional language of the Yurok tribe of Humboldt County on the far North Coast of California, U.S., most of whom now speak English. As of 2000 among the speakers of the language were 75 individuals between the ages of 5 and 17, including 10 with limited English proficiency.

The standard reference on the Yurok language is the grammar by Robins (1958).


Concerning etymology of Yurok (a.k.a. "Weitspekan"), this below is from Campbell (1997):




The glottalized approximants IPA|/ʼl ʼɻ ʼj ʼɰ ʼw/ may be realized as creaky voice on the preceding vowel, a preceding glottal stop, or both. They are often devoiced when they occur at the end of a word.


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* [http://www.linguistics.berkeley.edu/~yurok/ Yurok Language Project] at University of California, Berkeley

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