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name= Canale 5
logofile=Canale 5.svg
launch= September 30, 1980
share as of= Prime time of Dec '05
share source= []
owner= Mediaset S.p.a.
country= ITA
former names= TeleMilano 58 (1978-1980)
web= []
terr serv 1=Analogue
terr chan 1=PAL, in Italy. "Normally tuned on channel 5"
terr serv 2=Digital
terr chan 2=DVB-T (on Mediaset Mux), in Italy
sat serv 1=Analogue
sat chan 1=Not available
sat serv 2=Digital
sat chan 2=DVB-S (scrambled in Mediaguard 2 during some events) on Hotbird
cable serv 1=MC Cable
cable chan 1= Channel 205
cable serv 2=Cablecom
cable chan 2= Channel 96
sat serv 3=SKY Italia
sat chan 3=Channel 105|

Canale 5 is an Italian television station of Mediaset network, the media branch of Fininvest (controlled by Silvio Berlusconi). Canale 5 was the first private television network to be founded in Italy in 1978 as TeleMilano 58 (it changed its name in 1980).

Much of its early content came from American television shows dubbed in Italian, a common trait on Italian television today. These shows often sold the idea of the American Dream, but critics have said the programming also made Italians lose their closeness to family and turn them into vapid consumers. Mike Bongiorno, the host of "Lascia o Raddoppia?", was also wooed away from RAI to host an early quiz shows on TeleMilano - an important step in building a following of Mediaset's newest channel.

Today Fininvest controls 35% of Mediaset. The logo of "Canale 5" was originally formed by the number five beside a long "biscione" (a snake, the ancient symbol of Milan). In the eighties the reptile was replaced by a bigger number leaving only a stylized head on the top, and a flower was added (see picture). In 2000 Canale 5 launched "Grande Fratello" (Big Brother), the first reality show in Italy. This was the beginning of a new era of television marked by the medium of television referring to itself both as an important part of daily life and treated itself as a member of the family or a close friend, sometimes called as "autoreferencia." In 2005, "RIS Delitti Imperfetti" was launched, an Italian fiction inspired by "". There are many Italian fictions (loved by the public) and the most famous are: "Carabinieri", "Distretto di Polizia", "RIS Delitti Imperfetti" and "Elisa di Rivombrosa".

In 2005 news editor Enrico Mentana was replaced by Carlo Rossella.


Variety Shows

*"Buona Domenica" ("Happy Sunday")
*"Striscia la notizia"
*"C'è posta per te" ("You've got mail")
*"Zelig off"
*"Il senso della vita" ("The sense of life")
*"Uomini e donne" ("Men and women")
*"Gran Premio Internazionale della TV" ("International TV Award")
*"Cultura moderna" ("Guess who?")
*"Ciao Darwin"
*"La Corrida"

Reality shows

*"Grande Fratello" (2000-...) ("Big Brother")
*"Amici di Maria de Filippi" (2002-...) "(Fame)"
*"Changing Rooms" (2004) ("Changing Rooms")
*"La Fattoria" (2005-2006) ("The Farm")
*"Volere o Volare" (2005)
*"Vero Amore" (2005) ("Temptation Island") ("True love")
*"Unan1mous" (2006)
*"Reality Circus" (2006)
*"Armi e Bagagli" (2006)
*"Uno due tre stalla" (2007)

Cancelled Reality shows

* "L'uomo dei sogni" (2003, only eight episodes) ("The Bachelor")

oap operas

*"Beautiful" ("The Bold and the Beautiful")
*"Centovetrine" ("The Mall")
*"My Life"

TV series

*"Diagnosis Murder" ("Un detective in corsia")
*"Family Law" ("In tribunale con Lynn")
*"The Guardian"
*"" ("Highlander")
*"Judging Amy" ("Giudice Amy")
*"House" ("Dr. House - Medical Division") - from season 3, episode 16 - the previous episodes aired on Italia 1.
*"The Sopranos" ("I Soprano") - seasons from 1 to 5. Season 6 aired on Italia 1.
*"" ("Agente speciale Sue Thomas")
*"The Tudors" ("I Tudors - Scandali a corte")
*"Dirty Sexy Money"
*"Angela's Eyes"

Italian fiction

*"Caro Maestro" ("Dear Teacher") - 2 seasons (1995, 1996)
*"La dottoressa Giò" ("Doctor Giò") - 2 seasons (1998, 1999)
*"Amico mio 2" ("My Friend") - 1 season(1998)
*"Ciao professore" ("Hi teacher!") - 1 season (1999)
*"Valeria medico legale" ("Medical examiner Valeria") - 2 seasons (2000, 2002)
*"Distretto di Polizia" ("Police District") - 6 seasons (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006)
*"Sei Forte Maestro" ("Teacher, you're great!") - 2 seasons (2001, 2001)
*"Il Bello delle Donne] " ("The Beauty of Women") - 3 seasons (2001, 2002, 2003)
*"Ma il portiere non c'è mai?] " ("But the caretaker is never there?")- 1 season (2002)
*"*"Carabinieri (Fiction)">Carabinieri" - 5 seasons (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)
*"Elisa di Rivombrosa] " ("Elisa of Rivombrosa") - 2 seasons (2003, 2005)
*"Le Stagioni del cuore] " ("Seasons of the Heart") - 1 season (2004)
*"Cuore contro cuore] " ("Heart against Heart") - 1 season (2005)
*"RIS Delitti Imperfetti" ("R.I.S. - Imperfect Crimes") - 4 seasons (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
*"Un ciclone in famiglia] " ("Family Storm") - 4 seasons (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
*"Caterina e le sue figlie] " ("Caterina and her daughters") - 2 season (2005, 2007)
*"Ricomincio da me] " ("I start from myself again") - 1 season (2005)
*"Questa è la mia terra] " ("This is my land") - 1 season (2006)
*"I Cesaroni] "- 2 seasons (2006, 2008)


*"1 contro 100" ("1 vs. 100")
*"Chi vuol essere milionario?" ("Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?")
*"L'imbroglione" ("Dirty Rotten Cheater")

Talk Shows

*"Tutte le mattine" ("Every morning")
*"Mai dire..." ("Never say...")
*"Maurizio Costanzo Show"


*"Terra!" ("Earth!")



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