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Zinga Gosty (Zinga Group) is the first known pop music group of Bangladesh. It was formed in 1963 by a group of young college students of Chittagong College. Led by Late Shafaat Ali - the group's erstwhile leader, Zinga soon became very popular with its modern style tunes that revolutionized the Bangla POP/Band industry. Najma Zaman, later famous as a pop singer, joined Zinga Goshty. Najma entered the Bangla music industry with the hit song "Tomari Jibone". EMI Pakistan record label brought out the first smash hit album with "Tomari Jibone" in 1966. Zinga was the first band to perform in the first Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) TV pop music Show ever broadcast. Zinga also initiated the careers of noted singers like Kaderi Kibria and Linu Billah. In the late 70's, Zinga had already become the common name in Bangladeshi pop music scene. During this era Zinga gave inspiration to other noted pop singers of Bangladesh namely Azam Khan, Ferdous Wahid, late Firoz Shai.

By Late 70s and early 80s Zinga completely turned into a family based musical band and was often compared to the famous bands in the west like BeeGees, Beatles, Abba & Boney M.Zinga in late 80 & early 90s participated in several POP Video music competition in the Netherlands, Australia, UK , and won several awards for Bangladesh.

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