Justice? was part of a direct action campaign, based in Brighton, England, arguing against a Bill (piece of draft legislation) in the British Parliament which was to become the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

The Justice? organisation provided a means for discussion through a number of meetings and debates in their squatted headquarters building (a former courthouse) and proved to be a seedbed for new ideas, political actions, and groupings of like-minded peopleFact|date=February 2007. Justice? was a deliberately loosely co-ordinated organisation formed around a community of people with differing and sometimes substantially conflicting political positions. Some of its more overt political actions were authored by the groups' collective persona "Jo Makepeace".

Justice? received mainstream attention during the 1990s — including coverage on the BBC Newsnight programme — when they launched their "Squatters' Estate Agents" in squatted retail premises.

Its slogan was "Deeds not words".

SchNEWS, the newsletter of the organisation, has outgrown it in fame, and continues today.

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* [http://www.schnews.org.uk/justice Justice]
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