List of airports in Clark County, Nevada

Clark County, Nevada operates several airports:

Other airports

Past airports

  • Anderson Field - the first airport to serve Las Vegas


  • Boulder City-Eldorado Substation Heliport - (FAA LID: NV37)
  • Henderson-Car Country Heliport - (FAA LID: NV10)
  • Henderson-Lake Las Vegas Heliport - (FAA LID: 1NV2)
  • Henderson-St Rose Dominican Hospital Heliport - (FAA LID: NV25)
  • Las Vegas-City Hall Complex Heliport - (FAA LID: NV52)
  • Las Vegas-Claude I Howard Heliport - (FAA LID: NV63)
  • Las Vegas-Circus Circus Heliport - (FAA LID: NV48)
  • Las Vegas-Excalibur Hotel Casino Heliport - (FAA LID: NV29)
  • Las Vegas-Gilbert Development Corp Heliport - (FAA LID: NV61)
  • Las Vegas-Hacienda Hotel Heliport - (FAA LID: NV49)
  • Las Vegas-KLAS Channel 8 Heliport - (FAA LID: NV38)
  • Las Vegas-Las Vegas Helicopters Heliport - (FAA LID: NV03)
  • Las Vegas-Maverick Heliport - (FAA LID: NV99)
  • Las Vegas-Nevada Fish Game Reg III Headquarters Heliport - (FAA LID: NV32)
  • Las Vegas-Summerlin Medical Center Heliport - (FAA LID: 0NV1)
  • Las Vegas-University Medical Center Southern Nevada Heliport - (FAA LID: NV34)
  • Las Vegas-Valley Hospital Medical Center Heliport - (FAA LID: NV53)
  • Laughlin-Sce Mohave Generating Station Heliport - (FAA LID: NV75)
  • Mesquite-Vista Del Monte Lot 55 Heliport - (ICAO: 2NV3)
  • Sandy Valley-Sky Ranch Heliport - (FAA LID: NV21)

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