Sawt (music)

Sawt (music)

"Sawt" (ArB|صوت; literally "voice"; also spelled "sout" or "sowt") is a kind of popular music found in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, especially in Kuwait and Bahrain. "Sawt" is a complex form of urban music, originally performed by 'ud (plucked lute) and mirwas (a drum), with a violin later supplementing the arrangement.

Two men perform the dance, which is called “Zaffan”. "Al-Sout" is performed only at night gatherings of men. It is called “Samra” (nightly chat).

Further reading

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ee also

* Ardha
* Fijiri
* Yowla
* M'alayah
* Liwa (music)
* Culture of the Arab Gulf states

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* [ Video of Bahraini sawt performance]
* [ Audio samples from]

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