Philippines at the 1972 Summer Olympics

Philippines at the 1972 Summer Olympics

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The Philippines competed at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany.

Results by event


In the first modern archery competition at the Olympics, the Philippines entered three men. Their highest placing competitor was Francisco Naranjilla, at 37th place.

Men's Individual Competition:
* Francisco Naranjilla — 2288 points (→ 37th place)
* Carlos Santos, Jr. — 2183 points (→ 50th place)
* Ramon Aldea — 2102 points (→ 54th place)


Men's 100 metres
*Tukal Mokalam:* First Heat — 11.02s (→ did not advance)


Men's Team Competition

*Pool Play (Group B):* Lost to Soviet Union (80-111):* Lost to Italy (81-101):* Lost to Yugoslavia (76-117) :* Lost to Puerto Rico (72-92):* Lost to West Germany (74-93):* Lost to Poland (75-90):* Defeated Senegal (68-72)
*Semifinal Round:* Defeated Egypt (2-0, forfeit) [The Egyptian team forfeited as their entire team left the Games following the Munich Massacre.]
*Final Round:* Defeated Japan (80-73) → did not advance, 13th place
*Team Roster
**William "Bogs" Adornado
**Narciso Bernardo
**Ricardo "Joy" Cleofas
**Danny Florencio
**Jaime "Jimmy" Mariano
**Rosalio "Yoyong" Martirez
**Rogelio "Tembong" Melencio
**Edgardo "Ed" Ocampo
**Manny Paner
**Adriano Papa, Jr.
**Marte Samson
**Freddie Webb
**Head Coach: Ignacio "Ming" Ramos


Men's Light Flyweight (– 48kg)
*Vicente Arsenal :* First Round — Lost to James Odwori (UGA), TKO-2

Men's Flyweight (– 51 kg)
* Reynaldo Fortaleza:* First Round — Lost to Fujio Nagai (JPN), 1:4

Men's Light Middleweight (– 71 kg)
*Nicolas Aquilino:* First Round — Bye :* Second Round — Lost to Evengelos Oikonomakos (GRE), 0:5


Men's Individual Road Race
* Maximo Junta — did not finish (→ no ranking)


Men's 100m Freestyle
*Luis Ayesa:* Heat — DNS (→ did not advance)

Men's 200m Freestyle
*Luis Ayesa:* Heat — 2:05.97 (→ did not advance)

Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay
*Luis Ayesa, Dae Imlani, Carlos Singson Brosas and Jairulla Jaitulla :* Heat — 3:47.39 (→ did not advance)

Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay
*Dae Imlani, Edwin Borja, Carlos Brosas, and Jairulla Jaitulla:* Heat — 8:44.01 (→ did not advance)


* [ Official Olympic Reports]

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