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(design phase).

Almere is one of the youngest cities in the Netherlands: the first house was finished in 1976, and Almere became a municipality in 1984. It is the largest municipality in Flevoland with 184 405 citizens (7 July 2008) [nl icon [,13,46,71,93,115,245&D3=a&HDR=T&STB=G1,G2&G2=13&VW=T CBS Statline] . Retrieved on 2008-06-09.] , and the 8th largest in the Netherlands [nl icon [ CBS Statline - Bevolking; ontwikkeling in gemeenten met 100 000 of meer inwoners] . Retrieved on 2008-06-09.] . In October 2007, the city council of Almere made agreements with the government to expand the city to 350,000 inhabitants by 2030 [nl icon [ Schaalsprong Almere 2030, PDF] . Retrieved on 2008-06-09.] .


The original plans for the IJsselmeerpolders saw the land being used for agriculture. After World War II however ideas about housing for the rapidly growing population of Amsterdam were launched. Two towns in the polders Oostelijk Flevoland and Zuidelijk Flevoland were therefore designed. The town in Oostelijk Flevoland became Lelystad, the town in Zuidelijk Flevoland was still called "Zuidweststad" on the first sketches, but in the 1970s it became called "Almere", named after the early medieval name of the Zuiderzee. The first house in Almere was finished in 1976. The town was thenstill controlled by the "Openbaar Lichaam Zuidelijke IJsselmeerpolders" (Z.IJ.P.), with a Landdrost. In 1984 Almere became an official municipality. Originally, Almere was envisioned as a town with more centres. This idea was later abandoned in favor of allowing neighbourhoods like Tussen de Vaarten to be built. There is also a difference between the way houses are built in the oldest and the newest parts of the city. The housing plan in Almere in the 1970s was basic functionality and a levelling of social status. However in the 1990s it became the trend to build more exclusive homes with striking designs (e.g. in the "Regenboogbuurt").


Local executive

Former minister Annemarie Jorritsma-Lebbink (VVD) has been themayor since 16 August 2003. On 7 April 2006 the new council wasinaugurated.
* Adri Duivesteijn (PvdA)
* Johanna Haanstra (PvdA)
* Henk Smeeman (VVD)
* Martine Visser (CDA/ CU)

A list of mayors:
* 1984 - 1986 Han Lammers (PvdA)
* 1986 - 1993 Cees de Cloe (PvdA)
* 1993 - 1994 Cees Roozemond (PvdA, supervisor)
* 1994 - 1998 Ralph Pans (PvdA)
* 1998 - 2003 Hans Ouwerkerk (PvdA)
* 2003 - 2003 Jaap van der Doef (PvdA, supervisor)
* 2003 - present Annemarie Jorritsma-Lebbink (VVD)

City council

The inauguration of the first local council took place on 2 January1984 in the presence of the then minister of the Interior KoosRietkerk. The elections took place on 21 September 1983. Before 1984Almere had an "Adviesraad", which was chosen every 2 years(1978-1980, 1980-1982, 1982-1984). This "Adviesraad" was made up ofdifferent political parties similar to a local council. On 11 March1977 there was the first election for a governor; the "adviescommisie", consisting of 5 people that were chosen on personal title.The council of Almere has consisted of 39 seats since 1998.


The traffic infrastructure in Almere is recognisable because of itsseparate infrastructure for cycles (which have separate cycle paths), carsand buses (In Almere the buses drive on a separate bus lane).Almere is connected to the motorways the A6 and the


In 1987 Almere was connected to the national railway (see
NS) in 1988 with the fully completed
Flevolijn which connected Weesp to Lelystad Centrum. Almere currently has five railway stations:
*Almere Muziekwijk (opend in 1987)
*Almere Centrum (opened in 1987)
*Almere Parkwijk (opened in 1996)
*Almere Buiten (opened in 1987)
*Almere Oostvaarders (opened in 2004). A sixth station for Almere Poort will probably open in December 2008.

Public buses

In Almere there are 11 bus lines:
* 1 Almere Stripheldenbuurt-Almere Haven Centrum
* 2 CS Almere-Gooisekant
* 3 CS Almere-Almere Haven Centrun
* 4 CS Almere-Gooisekant
* 5 Almere Oostvaarders-Almere Muziekwijk(-Almere 't Oor)
* 6 CS Almere-Parkwijk
* 7 CS Almere-Sallandsekant
* 8 CS Almere-Kemphaan
* 9 Almere Buiten-de Vaart
* 10 Gooisekant-Almere 't oor- Almere buiten
* 14 Gooisekant-Almere Poort

Most buses run about every 7 minutes.The bus company that runs the buses is called Connexxion and thename of the local bus system is called Maxx Almere owned by
Connexxion. In the buses you can use the national OV bus tickets orsubscription or you can use the bus tickets of Maxx Almere.


External links

*nl icon [ Gemeente Almere] (official website)
* [ Gemeente Almere] (English language section of the official website)
*nl icon [ Geheugen van Almere] (people's stories about Almere)

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