List of sovereign states in 1892

List of sovereign states in 1892

overeign States


*flag|Andorra – Principality of Andorra
*flagicon image|Flag_of_Ankole.svg Ankole – Kingdom of Ankole
*flag|Argentina – Argentine Republic
*flagicon image|Omu Aro flag.jpg Aro – Aro Confederacy
*flagicon image|Flag of Ashanti.svg Ashanti – Asante Union
*flag|Austria-Hungary – Austro-Hungarian Empire


*noflag|Baguirmi – Kingdom of Baguirmi
*flag|Belgium|state – Kingdom of Belgium
*flagicon image|Flag of the Benin Empire.svg Benin – Benin Empire
*flag|Bolivia – Republic of Bolivia
*noflag|Bornu – Bornu Empire
*flag|Brazil|1889 – Republic of the United States of Brazil
*flagicon|Bulgaria|1878 Bulgaria – Principality of Bulgaria


*flag|Canada|1868 – Dominion of Canada
*flag|Chile – Republic of Chile
*flag|Qing Dynasty|name=China – Great Qing Empire
*flag|Colombia – Republic of Colombia
*flag|Congo Free State|name=Congo – Congo Free State
*flagicon image|Costa Rica 1848-1906.png Costa Rica – Republic of Costa Rica


*flagicon image|Sin_bandera.svg Dahomey – Kingdom of Dahomey
*flag|Denmark – Kingdom of Denmark
*flag|Dominican Republic – Dominican Republic


*flagicon image|Flag_of_Ecuador_%28civil%29.svg Ecuador – Republic of Ecuador
*flag|El Salvador|1869 – El Salvador
*flagicon|Ethiopia|1975 Ethiopia – Empire of Ethiopia


*noflag|Fouta Djallon – Kingdom of Fouta Djallon
*flagicon|France France – French Republic


*flag|German Empire|name=Germany – German Empire
*flagicon|Greece|royal Greece – Kingdom of Greece
*flag|Guatemala – Republic of Guatemala


*flagicon image|Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il.svg Ha'il – Emirate of Ha'il
*flag|Haiti|civil – Republic of Haiti
*flagicon|Hawaii Hawaii – Kingdom of Hawaii
*flag|Honduras – Republic of Honduras


*flagicon|Italy|1861 Italy – Kingdom of Italy


*noflag|Janjero – Kingdom of Janjero
*flag|Empire of Japan|name=Japan – Empire of Japan
*flagicon|Korean Empire Joseon – Kingdom of Joseon


*noflag|Kaffa – Kingdom of Kaffa
*noflag|Kénédougou – Kénédougou Kingdom
*noflag|Kong – Kong Empire
*flagicon image|Flag of the Kingdom of Kongo.svg Kongo – Kingdom of Kongo
*noflag|Koya Temne – Kingdom of Koya


*flag|Liberia – Republic of Liberia
*flagicon image|Flag of Liechtenstein (1852-1921).svg Liechtenstein – Principality of Liechtenstein
*flag|Luxembourg – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


*flag|Mexico|1881 – United Mexican States
*flag|Monaco – Principality of Monaco
*flagicon|Montenegro|1876 Montenegro – Principality of Montenegro
*flagicon image|Red_flag.svg Morocco – Kingdom of Morocco


*flag|Netherlands – Kingdom of The Netherlands
*flagicon image|Nicaragua_1889-1893.svg Nicaragua – Republic of Nicaragua


*flag|Orange Free State – Republic of Orange Free State
*flag|Ottoman Empire – Sublime Ottoman State
*noflag|Ouaddai – Ouaddai Empire


*flagicon image|Flag of Paraguay 1842.png Paraguay – Republic of Paraguay
*flagicon image|Amir Kabir Flag.svg Persia – Persian Empire
*flag|Peru|1825 – Peruvian Republic
*flagicon|Portugal|1830 Portugal – Kingdom of Portugal


*flagicon|Romania Romania – Kingdom of Romania
*flag|Russian Empire|name=Russia – Russian Empire

*Samoa - Kingdom of Samoa
*flag|San Marino – Most Serene Republic of San Marino
*flag|Kingdom of Serbia|name=Serbia – Kingdom of Serbia
*flag|Thailand|1855|name=Siam – Kingdom of Siam
*flagicon image|Flag of the Sokoto Caliphate.svg Sokoto – Sokoto Caliphate
*flag|Transvaal|name=South Africa – South African Republic
*flagicon|Spain|1785 Spain – Kingdom of Spain
*flagicon image|Late 19th Century Flag of Sulu.svg Sulu – Sultanate of Sulu
*flagicon image|Unionsgjøs.png Sweden-Norway – United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway
*flag|Switzerland – Swiss Confederation


*flag|Tonga – Kingdom of Tonga
*flagicon image|Sin_bandera.svg Toro – Toro Kingdom


*flagicon|United Kingdom United Kingdom – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
*flag|United States|1891 – United States of America
*flag|Uruguay – Eastern Republic of Uruguay


*flagicon image|Flag_of_Venezuela_%281863-1905%29.svg Venezuela – United States of Venezuela


*noflag|Wassoulou – Wassoulou Empire
*noflag|Welayta – Kingdom of Welayta

tates Claiming Sovereignty

*flagicon image|Sultanate of Aceh Flag.png Aceh – Sultanate of Aceh
*noflag|Goust – Republic of Goust
*flagicon image|Flag of Lado.svg Lado – Lado District
*flagicon image|Flag of Tavolaran Republic.gif Tavolara – Republic of Tavolara

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