Mount Eerie Dances with Wolves

Mount Eerie Dances with Wolves
EP by Mount Eerie
Released 2004
Genre Indie rock
Length 21:01
Label P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.
Producer Phil Elverum
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Mount Eerie chronology
Seven New Songs of "Mount Eerie"
Mount Eerie Dances with Wolves

Mount Eerie Dances with Wolves, also known as Two New Songs of Mount Eerie is an EP by Mount Eerie. It was first released in Australia as Two New Songs in 2004, and released in the United States as Dances with Wolves in 2005.

The two songs were recorded live to acetate at Melbourne's Corduroy Records, a former pressing plant in suburban Melbourne. Elverum was joined by members of Architecture In Helsinki, Midnight Juggernauts, Ground Components and Eddy Current Suppression Ring in two largely improvised performances. 200 12" records were pressed in time for sale at the Melbourne show a week later. The record was initially released by three labels - Art School Drop Out, Bee Vamp and Elverum's own P.W Elverum & Sun album. Each of the initial records came with an individually hand painted cover by Elverum himself.

Track listing

All songs by Phil Elverum. The same songs were released with different names.

Australian version

  1. "Get Out of the World / In the World / Fuck the World" – 11:48
  2. "Do Not Be Afraid / Get out of 'The World'" – 9:14

North American version

  1. "Mount Eerie Dances with Wolves" – 11:48
  2. "Wolf Mountain Howls: 'In the World'" – 9:14

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