Grammar framework

In theoretical linguistics, the following fundamental approaches towards constructing grammar frameworks for natural languages are distinguished:

*Generative grammar: algorithmic (phrase structure grammars)
**Transformational grammar (1960s)
**Generalised phrase structure grammar (late 1970s)
***Head-driven phrase structure grammar (1985)
***Principles and parameters (1980s)
**Lexical functional grammar
**Categorial grammar (lambda calculus)
***Montague grammar
*Dependency grammar (Lucien Tesnière 1959)
**Link grammar
*Cognitive grammar / Cognitive linguistics
**Construction grammar
***Fluid Construction Grammar
**Word grammar
*Stochastic grammar: probabilistic
**Operator Grammar
*Functional grammar: usage-oriented (behaviorist)
**Danish Functionalism
**Systemic functional grammar
**Role and reference grammar

;notation schemes
*Constraint Grammar
*Tree-adjoining grammar
*Affix grammar over a finite lattice
*Lambda calculus
*X-bar theory
*Backus–Naur form

ee also

*Formal grammar
*Linguistics Wars

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