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SPH MediaWorks' Channel U ( zh-sp |s=优频道 |p=yōu píndào) was a Chinese-language television channel in Singapore which began broadcasts in 6 May2001. As a result of the media merger with MediaCorp, the channel is now run by MediaCorp from 1 January 2005 under the same name.

Although initially having to rely largely on imported content, the channel was quick to introduce innovative and well-received programmes despite the limited size of its talent base compared to the larger MediaCorp. The channel was so successful, that it has managed to receive ratings as high as, or exceeding that of MediaCorp TV Channel 8 before transferring to MediaCorp.


Since it launch not up to 4 year, Channel U had some awards nominated from PROMAX & BDA Asia Awards and Asia Television Awards because of the creative and the standard of the programming maintain. Example like the logo design and the TV advertising. In December 2002, Channel U won the "Channel of the Year Award" in Asia Television Awards.



*Lin Wanfei 林琬绯
*Wang Yanqing 王嬿青
*Zhang Haijie 张海洁 - to Mediacorp News 8@10 Mon-Fri
*Zhou Hui Min 周慧敏


*Ben Yeo (杨志龙) - to MediaCorp TV
*Bryan Wong Lok Kiang (王禄江) - to MediaCorp TV
*Celest Chong (张玉华) - to MediaCorp TV
*Evelyn Tan (陈毓芸) - retrenched
*Guo Liang (郭亮) - to MediaCorp TV
*Ann Kok (郭淑娴) - to MediaCorp TV
*Kym Ng (鐘琴) - to MediaCorp TV
*Darren Lim (林明伦) - to MediaCorp TV
*Michelle Chia (谢韵仪) - to MediaCorp TV
*Quan Yifeng (权怡风) - to MediaCorp TV
*Ix Shen (沈倾掞) - to MediaCorp TV
*Adrian Pang (彭耀顺)- to Mediacorp


Current Affairs

*Inside Out 非常透视眼
*Legally Yours 知法不犯法
*Go East 把把脉抓抓药 (4 seasons)
*Sense of Being 冷暖人间事 (6 seasons)


*Money No Problem 恭喜发财 (50 episodes)
*OK, No Problem Ok,没问题 (also comprised a talkshow segment) (60 episodes)
*2001: Making Headlines独家头条 (13 episodes)
*2001: Apple Pie 苹果派 (13 episodes)
*2001: Ad War 完美把戏 (20 episodes)
*2003: The Frontline 家在前线 (13 July) (6 episodes)
*2003: Together Whenever 天伦 (42 episodes)
*2004: Perfect Women 完美女人 (50 episodes)
*2004: Be Somebody 海军 (25 May) (6 episodes)
*2004: Zero 零楼 (20 episodes)
*Project J 水母计划 (6 episodes)
*Happy Family 原氏一家人 (26 episodes)
*Cash Is King 胜券在握 (40 episodes)
*Touched 情色男女 (13 episodes)
*She Drives Me Crazy 爱上女车长 (4 episodes)
*Back To Basics (5 episodes)
*Seventh Month 奇症能医 (7 episodes)
*Heal And Be Healed (20 episodes)
*Tonight I Will Tell 人生导火线 (2 seasons of 13 episodes each)
*Crunch Time 转捩点 (2 seasons of 13 episodes each)


*2001: Big Challenge 骨牌真情录

*Celebrity Travellers换栖俱乐部
*Snap (3 seasons) 全星总动员
*Yummy King (3 Seasons) 优选美食王
*Variety Unlimited 综艺无界限
*Ready Steady Go! (2 Seasons)
*Food Train (2 Seasons)
*Route to Glamour 新卧虎藏龙
*Happy Rules 开心就好
*Ooooh 元气大搜查
*What Say You 人人爱理 (2 seasons)


*2003: Ren Ci Charity Show 2003 仁心慈爱照万千2003
*2004: Ren Ci Charity Show 2004 仁心慈爱照万千2004

*Add Your Service 服务加加加
*Banzai My Kids 亲子关系
*The Westside Story西街少年
*Top 10

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