No Hope for the Kids

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Name = No Hope for the Kids

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Origin = Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Genre = Hardcore punk, Scandinavian hardcore
Years_active = 2003-2007
Label = Kick'n'Punch, Feral Ward, Hjernespind
Associated_acts =
Current_members = Ronni Dybdahl (vocal & guitar)
Kasper Maarbjerg (guitar & vocal)
Jens Johansen (bass)
Peter Bonneman (drums)
Past_members =

No Hope for the Kids is a Danish punk band that originated from the punkculture evolving around the Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. Kasper Maarbjerg had earlier played in the punkbands "Hul" and "Asbest", while the drummer Peter Bonneman is a former member of Amdi Petersens Armé.

No Hope for the Kids plays a type of punk that is influenced by early English punk pre-hardcore, also incorporating heavy rock elements. The lyrics of the songs, sung in both English and Danish, evolves around war, death and depression.

The group achieved some popularity in the hardcore punk scene, both in Denmark and abroad, mostly by word of mouth when it released its first single, especially in the United States. [ [ Lowcut magazine #15, june 2004] ] [ [ Description of the band on the homepage of the sponsors of their American tour] ] . The band, in addition to other bands like Gorilla Angreb and Amdi Petersens Armé, was part of a wave of interest abroad for Danish punk. This led to tours both in Europe and the USA [A selection of venues from the Pointless Fest 06 tour ( [ r5 productions] , [ decoymusic] , [ Line up description of the Pointless Fest 06 tour] ).] .

Ronni Dybdahl and Kasper Maarbjerg also plays in the spoof band "The Natzees".

It is at the moment uncertain whether No Hope for the Kids is still playing together.


The single "Das Reich/Secret Police" from 2003, with a first pressing of 300, was quickly sold out and are now a collector's item sold for exorbitant prices at auction sites like eBay. But there is a 2nd pressing on white vinyl, too, but those are even rarer. [Favorable review on the American internet fanzine [ Deep Fried Bonanza] , favorable review on American internet fanzine [ Terminal Boredom] ]

No Hope for the Kids' debut album was released on vinyl in 2003 by the now defunct Danish label Kick'n'Punch. Titled "No Hope for the Kids", it is sometimes wrongly labelled as "Storkøbenhavn" because the bandmembers on the coverphoto is placed next to the citylimits sign with Storkøbenhavn written on it. The album was released on CD in 2004 by the American label Feral Ward.

2006 saw the release of the single "Angels of Destruction/Cold Touch" on the label Backwards Masking. The song "Angels of Destruction" had previously been released in 2003 on the Danish compilation "København i Ruiner" on the Kick'n'Punch label.

In 2006 the song "Treblinka" appeared on the punk-compilation "Public Safety" released by American punkrock magazine Maximumrocknroll. The self-titled album has now been reissued a third time by Danish label Hjernespind (since the demise of Kick'n'Punch] .

In January 2008 Hjernespind released an EP which is a reissue of the songs from the bands two singles.

There are rumours that Hejernespind will put out a second full album by the band in 2008, which contains mostly unreleased live material.



* "Das Reich/Secret Police" 7", Backwards Masking, 2003.
* "Angels of Destruction/Cold Touch" 7", Backwards masking, 2006.
* "Das Reich/Secret Police b/w Angels of Destruction/Cold Touch of Death", reiusse of the two 7" singles, Hjernespind, 2008 (300 on white vinyl + loads on black vinyl).


* "No Hope for the Kids", LP, KicknPunch, 2003 (reissued first time on KicknPunch 2005, reiussed 2nd time on Hjernespind Records 2006).
* "No Hope for the Kids", CD, Feral Ward, 2004.


* "København i Ruiner" compilation 2x7", KicknPunch, 2003. (The song "Angels of Destruction").
* "Public Safety", LP & CD, Maximumrocknroll, 2006. (The song "Treblinka").


* "Discography", bootleg cassette tape from the Polish label Trująca Fala, 2006. (featuring the songs from the two singles and the album).
* "Live at KBOO Portland", live radio appearance from 2006, bootleg.
* "Live at the Blitz", live recording from Norway 2006, bootleg.


External links

* [ Bandpage on the Kick'n'Punch label]
* [ Hjernespind homepage]
* [ Livefootage from the American tour. Pointless fest 2006]

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