Soundbites featured on The Jim Rome Show

Jim Rome has a large archive of soundbites from celebrities and regular people who said or did something embarrassing or unusual within range of a microphone, and he loves to mine this archive for on-air ridicule. A clip is usually only played when a take, either from Rome or a caller, makes reference to it.

Alvin's Mix

In July 2006, in the wake of the Manual Buzzer take ("see below"), show engineer Alvin Delloro created a called "Alvin's Mix," consisting of fragments of dozens of classic soundbites used since the show's inception. Rome has described "Alvin's Mix" as sixteen years of radio rolled into a little over five minutes. Alvin has also created double-speed, half-speed, and backwards versions of "Alvin's Mix" for Rome to play for comedic effect. Many of the regularly-played clips listed below are represented in the medley.

Alvin continues to add more soundbites to the mix, and it was last updated on August 3, 2007.

The buzzers

Since the inception of the show, calls which are run are interrupted with a loud horn-like buzzer. This buzzer was replaced in 2006 by Rome's imitation of the buzzer, dubbed "the manual buzzer." A female-voiced version, uttered during an otherwise strong call from Megan in Sacramento, has become unexpectedly popular with Rome as a "lame" manual buzzer, and the two are often interchanged with each other. Rome sometimes beats Alvin to the punch on a bad call by dropping a "live manual buzzer" before Alvin can use the recorded version. When there is a guest host while Rome is "in the basement", the original buzzer is used.


*"The Star-Spangled Banner": In 1993, Carl Lewis attempted to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" before a Nets game. Lewis sang the entire song off-key and at a range too high for his voice. After his voice broke on the word "glare," he stopped and said "Uh oh," then said "I'll make up for it now" near the end of the song. Rome often replays the latter half of the clip, complete with his own commentary throughout and the buzzer at the end. Other forgettable renditions that Rome and e-mailers reset include Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) at the 2001 Indy 500 and Roseanne Barr at a by|1990 Padres game.
*"Take Me Out to the Ballgame": For every home game, the Chicago Cubs invite a famous personality to Wrigley Field to sing this traditional seventh-inning stretch song. Unfortunately, many renditions have been less than spectacular, and some of these have gained Jungle notoriety. In by|2004, Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon were invited by the Cubs to sing the song. Ozzy can be heard slurring his speech, forgetting the words, mumbling what he thought were the lyrics, and then cheering at the end of the song. On May 24, by|2005, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon attempted to sing it. Things started off poorly when Gordon told the crowd it was great to be at "Wrigley Stadium," then started to sing - amidst a chorus of boos and jeers from the Cub faithful. Gordon also went on to forget some of the words and finish the song after the crowd had. During a February 7, 2006 telephone interview, Rome felt that Gordon redeemed himself after making light of the subject, when he warned Rome not to do the same thing himself. In yet another botched rendition, former Bears coach Mike Ditka is heard screaming the lyrics and going way to fast for the organist to keep up.
*Ashlee Simpson: Simpson, already infamous for botching a lip-synched musical appearance on "Saturday Night Live", sang her hit song "La La" badly off-key at the 2005 Orange Bowl halftime show. Rome plays the last lines - "You make me want to, ah, ah, ah, screeeeeeeeam!" - including the boos and jeers clearly audible throughout the stadium after the song was over.
*John Daly: The champion golfer recorded a country music CD, for which Rome often plays the opening lines of the track "You Don't Know Me (Like I Know Me)" as an example of why athletes should never record an album.
*Three Day Weekend: On May 6, 2005, Terrence in Sierra Madre's call during the Smack-Off featured a song called "Hey Mr. J-Stew," which he left unfinished. After the Smack-Off, Rome asked the Clones to call in and finish the song, which led to disastrous results. This continued until a Houston rock band named Three Day Weekend sent in a tape of a professionally-produced song about J-Stew. The song, entitled "Mr. Automatic," quickly became a hit among the Clones and is occasionally played as the Huge Call of the Day. Rome has called the song one of the top 10 funniest moments in the history of the show and one of the greatest songs he has ever heard.
*"Michael's Dad": In 1999, Las Vegas musician John Niems wrote a ballad in memory of Michael Jordan's deceased father (James R. Jordan, Sr.) that was featured on his release, "Twelve Tracks". The show's affiliate in Las Vegas, upon hearing the track, sent it to Rome, who began to pound on the song mercilessly. A portion of it was used on the "Welcome to The Jungle" release as part of the "Nice Radio" clip, and Iafrate's song "Whitey's Dad" was a parody of the song.


*Peyton Manning: When the Colts were eliminated from the playoffs after the 2002 season, kicker Mike Vanderjagt gave an interview on Canadian television where he said that he tried to motivate a dejected Manning during the game. After hearing about Vanderjagt's interview, the normally calm and collected Manning let out a scathing rant during the live telecast of the Pro Bowl, calling Vanderjagt an "idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off." Rome often comments about Manning saying "idiot" four times during the exchange.
*Danica Patrick: During the 2005 IRL Grand Prix of Sonoma, after she was taken out of the race in an accident, she told her crew on the two-way radio (which was picked up on live TV) that Ryan Briscoe was a "stupid idiot." Rome comments on how redundant the phrase "stupid idiot" is, and enjoys playing the soundbite repeatedly ("see below").
* Jason Stewart on "Blind Date": Show contributor J-Stew's appearance produced a recurring clip for "The Jim Rome Show". At the end of the episode, the young woman (Stewart described her as a "skank" and deliberately treated her poorly) described her failed date with Stewart: "Jason is not my type; he's an idiot. I never want to see him second date."

9-1-1 & other phone calls

*Tonya Harding: Rome often plays a 9-1-1 call made on February 22, 2000 by Harding, in which the former figure skater claimed to have suffered physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Darren Silver, when in fact Harding had struck Silver on the head with a hubcap. While Harding is yelling at the operator that Silver "has thrown me to the GROUND," Silver can be heard in the background shouting, "You're a liar! You're a liar! You are a felon, and I have nothing to hide, so come on over, officers!" After playing the clip for the first time, Rome exclaimed sarcastically regarding Harding, "What a delectable flower of femininity," and has since noted that the 9-1-1 operator is curious about Harding's boyfriend's middle name.
*O.J. Simpson: Among Rome's staple "Orenthal" fodder are several interview tapes and 9-1-1 calls from the former Bills running back. One such call involves Simpson's attempts to get his then-girlfriend to go into rehab, because "she spent all last night doing drugs with Pedro Guerrero" (Simpson pronounces it "Go-Rerr-O").
*Woman with the crazy kids and the 9-1-1 operator: On April 4, 2005, a woman named Lori called the Watauga, Texas 9-1-1 dispatch explaining that her two teenage daughters were fighting and out of control, and that she needed the police to come over. Operator Mike Forbess responded "OK, do you want us to come over there and shoot her?... [silence] ...Are you there?...Uh, that was a joke..." At that point the woman became enraged at his comment and subsequent attempts at apology. Rome plays the clip to ridicule both of them, noting that while Forbess's joke was immature and unprofessional, had the woman displayed the same control and authority against her daughters that she did with Forbess, then there would have been no need to make the call in the first place. On April 24, 2006, after another Clone-prodded reset, Rome dissected the clip and gave detailed analyses of what was funny and pathetic about it, then declared it officially over (due to him being sick of it from overplay). On July 31, 2007, Rome reset the clip in reaction to Harmon Killebrew jokingly saying that he would shoot Barry Bonds, and added that Mike Forbess's lazy "What's goin' on?" to start off the 9-1-1 call was an indicator of trouble to come.
*Alec Baldwin: On April 11, 2007, celebrity Alec Baldwin left an angry voicemail message to his daughter Ireland calling her numerous demeaning names such as "rude, thoughtless, little pig!"

oundbites that get run into the ground

*Adult Alarm: After a suggestion from Rome, the "manual buzzer" was combined with the "walrus" in a lengthy loop, which Rome calls Michael Jackson's "adult alarm." The soundbite features Rome speaking in his "Jacko" voice and telling "Macaulay", among other things, to "get your Underoos on" as the adults are "inside the perimeter" while the "alarm" plays in the background. The sound effect, which resembles a klaxon, was also suggested as a possible cell phone ring tone or car alarm, and has since been made into a YTMND site. [ [,13111.0.html Wacko Jacko Adult Alarm |Stucknut Sports Forum ] ]
*Lesley Visser: During Super Bowl week in 2007, Rome interviewed Visser on Radio Row. After recalling a story John Madden had told her, Visser broke down in a raucous laugh. Rome has since replayed the laugh as a response to many bad jokes, including Tiger Woods' "Ranger Rick" quip. However, Rome has recently taken to using a number of strange or amusing laughs and comparing them to Visser's, declaring her the "champion." Visser's laugh has also been combined with "The Laugh" and laughs from Tonya Harding, Lou Piniella, and others in a montage clip.
*Nancy Kerrigan - On occasion, Rome will also reset another figure skating-related incident by playing a clip of Kerrigan screaming "Whyyyyyyyy???" and crying after she was assaulted on January 6, 1994 at the Olympics tryouts. Calling Kerrigan's screams "creepy," Rome attributes the whole incident to a bumbling crew led by her rival Tonya Harding. Rome has also noted that the screams are made even creepier with the calliope music from the skating arena audible in the background. Kerrigan's scream was revived again after Mitch Kozad of the Northern Colorado football team stabbed a teammate to get his punter job in 2006.
* Lunch with the Monkey - In August 2000, Rome received an anonymously-sent tape which mocked John in C-Town, a longtime caller notorious for bragging about "banging his monkey" and bringing a Tour Stop to Cleveland. The tape was a heavily looped and edited medley of John in C-Town calls, with John saying "monkey, monkey, monkey/lunch with the monkey/Because of me we have the mother of all Tour Stops" and other show-related phrases repeatedly. Rome has referred to this nonsensical tape as "maybe the funniest thing I have heard on this show," and the Clones latched onto it as a way to lampoon John in C-Town for weeks on end. [cite news |first=David W. |last=Martin |title="Tears of a Clone" |url= |publisher=Cleveland Scene |date=2001-04-05 |accessdate=2007-08-10 ]
* Some of the shorter soundbites are occasionally played over and over again for comedic effect. These include Danica Patrick's "stupid idiot," Mel Gibson's line "Gimme back my son!!!" from the 1996 movie "Ransom", "The Laugh" from TJ in Jacksonville, Tommy in Detroit's "walrus," Ozzie Guillén's "Psshht...please!", Mike Gundy's "Fat!", and Megan in Sacramento's "lame" manual buzzer. A recent record for most drops of a single quote was made with Mel Gibson's :Gimme back my son" which was played over 60 times with Rome suggesting a different place for Gibson to find his son. Later that day, Rome received an e-mail from a lab technician in Oklahoma who wrote in describing how every day at 12:00 he turns on The Jim Rome show and gets a glare from his female co-worker, and that this particular day she was particularly annoyed with the constant "Gimme back my sons!" being played, to which Rome replied, "What's the matter, is she fat? FAT!"


*Mike Tyson: A few vicious remarks by the boxer immortalized in sound clips include "I want to eat his children" (speaking of Lennox Lewis, who had no children), "You're a scared coward," and "Look at you scared now...Scared of the real man." Prior to his 1997 fight with Francois Botha, Tyson had a vulgarity-laced interview with Russ Salzberg of New York's WWOR-TV where, in response to Salzberg's complaint about his use of profanities, he told the reporter to "turn off your station." Tyson is also ridiculed for a statement he made saying that he could sell out Madison Square Garden just to have people see him masturbate.
*Randy Johnson: When Johnson was traded to the New York Yankees before the 2005 season, he was he required to take a physical to ensure his health. On his way to the physical a cameraman began taking close up pictures of Johnson which he took exception to. Johnson then stated "Don't get in my face, and don't talk back to me," to which the cameraman responded "Welcome to New York." Rome occasionally just plays and attempts to duplicate in his own voice the beginning, where Johnson says to the reporter "Hey," in a similar fashion to Ozzie Guillén's "Psssst. Please."
*Joe Namath: During a 2003 NFL game between the Jets and Patriots, Namath conducted a live interview with ESPN's sideline reporter Suzy Kolber, in which he was noticeably drunk. Asked by Kolber about the team's struggles, Namath leaned towards her and said, in a slurred speech, "I want to kiss you." Then struggled to say word struggling, pronounced as "stru-ga-ling."
*Mark Madsen: During a rally celebrating the Lakers 2000 NBA Championship, Madsen took to the microphone, and yelled to the crowd, "Thank you to the greatest fans in the world! Yeah! Who let the dogs out?! And to those who speak Spanish, "les agradecemos, y les decimos que el año que viene, lo haremos otra vez"!" (translation: "We thank you, and we'll do it again next year!") By the end of his speech, he was yelling so loudly, his words were barely intelligible. Madsen learned Spanish on a Mormon mission to Spain, and consequently pronounces his words like a Spaniard.
*Mike Piazza: On May 21, 2002, after a "New York Post" gossip columnist claimed the Mets player was a homosexual, Piazza held a news conference with the sole purpose of debunking the rumor. He began his comments with "First off, I'm not gay, I'm heterosexual." This has led Rome to ponder what he planned to say 'second off.' Rome often imitates Piazza saying that the pitcher was trying to get him out by throwing cutters. Piazza said this after participating in the All-Star home run derby.
*NASCAR: Rome has had engineer Alvin Delloro put together many of his positive comments about NASCAR drivers into one soundbite, which he uses as his definitive opinion about the franchise, especially after interviewing drivers. Some time after the soundbite's debut, it was edited to add "He's not Tony Stewart" at the end as a not-so-subtle jab. ("see NASCAR entry under Takes above")
*J-Stew: Stewart participated in the 1995 Smack-Off, when he was known as Jason in Fullerton. His call is occasionally ridiculed by Rome and the Clones, mainly for repeatedly calling other Clones "weaklings," stating the points of his call with "First off," "Second off," etc., and for the statement "I know this is probably walking the thin line of blasphemy in the Jungle..."
*Michael Vick: In the wake of his dog fighting scandal, the quarterback supposedly released the following statement, read publicly by his attorney Billy Martin: "I also want to apologize to my Falcon teammates for not being with them at the beginning of spring training." Rome and the Clones ridiculed Vick and his lawyer for apparently being unaware that NFL teams participate in training camp (held during the summer), and not "spring training" (a Major League Baseball term).
*Bill Parcells: The former Cowboys coach made a regrettable comment to members of the media during a mini-camp press conference on June 7, 2004. Speaking of "Jap plays" (i.e. sneak attacks, a crude comparison to Pearl Harbor) Parcells said "Mike wants the defense to do well, and Sean, he's going to have a disrespect for the Orientals, but what we call Jap plays. O.K. Surprise things. No disrespect to anyone." Rome will often mention that whenever you hear the phrase 'no disrespect to...,' someone is about to get disrespected.
*Reggie White: Until the Packers defensive lineman died in 2004, Rome had a clip from White's 1998 speech to the Wisconsin State Legislature, in which he uttered some racially insensitive statements, including, "The Asian is very gifted in creation, creativity and inventions. If you go to Japan or any Asian country, they can turn a television into a watch."
*Tiger Woods: Woods is the subject of three clips. In 2004, Rome debuted a clip dubbed "Robot Woods," in which Woods utters the phrase: "The golf course looks good, my golf swing feels good, I like my chances." In reality, the "quotation" was spliced together from various interviews. Rome uses it to demonstrate Woods' aloofness to the media, suggesting he uses this bland "response" for all questions asked of him. Rome also plays a Fuzzy Zoeller clip in which the veteran golfer, when asked about Woods' first Masters victory, responded "The little boy's driving well, he's putting well, he's... uh, he's doing whatever it takes to win. So you know what you do when he gets here, you pat him on the back, say congratulations and tell him not to serve fried chicken, next year. Got it? Or collard greens or whatever the hell he serves." [ [ CNN - Golfer says comments about Woods 'misconstrued' - April 21, 1997 ] ] In 2005, a new Woods clip came into circulation, when he made an unfunny quip about being a "Ranger Rick on the golf course," [] which Rome punctuates with a sting.
*Caitlin Upton: During the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant, Upton (Miss Teen South Carolina) was asked what she thought about some Americans' inability to locate the United States on a map. In a dumb blonde moment, she famously replied, "I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don’t have maps and that I believe our education, such as in South Africa and the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., or should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future." Rome plays this clip in response to nonsense quotes in the world of sports, and many Clones have adopted "U.S. American" as a Jungle email postscript.


*Ron Jeremy: Rome will occasionally play an audio clip where Jeremy can be heard saying "Hi, this is Ron Jeremy, coach of the Miami Heat, and you're watching "Jim Rome Is Burning"." This is a reference to the strong resemblance Jeremy poses to former Heat coach Stan Van Gundy. Rome has enjoyed this promo so much that he has exempted Jeremy from his usual porn insults.
*Torii Hunter: In an August 2007 interview, Rome repeatedly asked the Minnesota Twins outfielder about his choice not to wear a cup. He responded, "Oh hell no...I can't wear no cup, you know, there's too much down there, man."
*Boo Weekley On April 17, 2007, following his win at the Verizon Heritage golf tournament, the PGA golfer was interviewed by Rome. He explained how the cold the high winds felt on the course, and said "those last few holes will make your butt hole pucker-up." The word "butt hole" was singled out by Clones, as it was also uttered in an interview by Steve Smith. During an interview on Radio Row, he blasted a Sporting News reporter, calling him a "butt hole" for publishing an unfavorable column about him.


*Rafael Palmeiro: On March 17, by|2005, Palmeiro testified before a Congressional hearing regarding steroid use among MLB players. Palmeiro emphatically denied "juicing," saying: "I have never used steroids. Period. I don't know how to say it any more clearly than that. Never. The reference to me in is absolutely false." However, on August 1, by|2005, he received a ten-day suspension after testing positive for steroids. [ [ Steroid shocker: Palmeiro suspended - Steroid crisis - ] ] Rome enjoys replaying and dissecting Palmeiro's testimony, playing the above quote including "The reference to me in Mr. Canseco's book is absolutely..." then interrupting it with "TRUE!" Rome and the Clones often refer to Palmeiro as "Ratfael Palmeiroid," not only for getting caught "juicing" but for (apparently) perjuring himself before Congress and for later trying to lay blame for his positive test on teammate Miguel Tejada.
*The Old Guy from "The Roger Penske Organization": In the mid-1990s, when Rome was still critical of NASCAR, an angry elderly NASCAR fan once made a disorganized call to Rome's voicemail, claiming to be a representative for the "Roger Penske Organization" (instead of its real name, Penske Racing). The man threatened to lead a boycott against the show, claiming he was collecting "thousands of signatures" from angry fans because of Rome's "lying and talking about NASCAR, and calling the NASCAR drivers different names that are...uhh...not the names of the drivers." At the end of the call, the man threatened to take the fight "all the way," a vague statement which Rome never understood. The man left no contact information and was never heard from again. His plan, however, backfired as Rome played the message on the air and subjected him to ridicule. Despite this soundbite's age, a portion of it is included in Alvin's Mix.


*John Feinstein - During a telephone interview with Rome, Feinstein's toddler-age daughter Bridget began playing with her brother's toy drums. After Rome mentioned the racket, Feinstein excused himself and stepped away from the phone, but could be heard yelling "Bridget! Bridget!" in an attempt to stop the noise. Feinstein returned and attempted to continue his train of thought, but is still frequently teased for that incident.
*Howard Dean and John L. Smith: Rome often replayed and mocked Dean's infamous January 19, 2004 rally speech following the 2004 Iowa Democratic caucuses, in which an emotional Dean screamed "and then we're going to Washington, D.C. to take back the White House! YEEEAAAAGH!!!" On October 15, 2005, Michigan State head football coach John L. Smith had an angry rant at halftime after his coaching staff botched a field goal attempt, which led to an Ohio State touchdown. In the clip, Smith screams to the reporter, "We should have been in the ball game, we're down a field goal! We sent him in...We shouldn't have sent him in. That was a damn coaching mistake. The players are playing their tails off, and the coaches are screwin' it up!" Rome found that it sounded eerily similar to the aforementioned Dean soundbite, and got Alvin Delloro to edit them together. The two soundbites are now always played back as one.
*Allen Iverson: In an interview after the 76ers were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round in the 2001-02 season, it was revealed that Iverson was known to miss mandatory training sessions. He responded with one of the most infamous examples of the disconnect between athletes and reality: "I mean listen, we talkin' 'bout practice. Not a game, not a game, not a game. We talkin' 'bout practice. Not a game, not a, not a, not the game that I go out there and die for, and play every game like it's my last. Not the game. We talkin' 'bout practice, man. I mean how silly is that? We talkin' bout practice. I know I'm supposed to be there, I know I'm supposed to lead by example. I know that, and I'm not shovin' it aside, you know, like it don't mean anything. I know it's important, I do. I honestly do. But we talkin' 'bout practice, man. What are we talkin' 'bout? Practice?" Rome has called this "the best soundbite ever."
* Allen Iverson's mother: In 2002, Rome played a soundbite from an interview with Iverson's mother in which she loudly defends her son from his critics. Her quotes included "Did Lawanda tell you that?" and "You wanna keep it real, you keep it real with me." Rome also noted that she referred to her son as "A.I." Two other women can be heard behind her, repeating everything she says just as loudly. In the segment after the soundbite (which happened to be the final segment of the show that day), Rome, Travis Rodgers, and Jason Stewart did their own version of it, revolving around plugging the show, an upcoming Tour Stop, and the show's sponsors. Rome has said that his favorite quote from this bit is J-Stew saying "Chew it!" in response to Rome talking about Extra chewing gum. Stewart also said in an exaggerated ebonic tone: "Don' fo'get "Mahk Moda"," referring to Mark Mulder's scheduled appearance on the show the next day; this has become an oft-reset soundbite on its own. The segment as a whole is the origin of the XR4ti Crew.
*Pete Gillen: The former Virginia men's basketball coach, when asked about the Duke basketball team, responded, "Certainly, Duke is Duke, they're on TV more than "Leave It to Beaver" reruns." Rome likes to imitate Gillen's heavy Brooklyn accent and cadence, repeating the quote as "Leahve It To Beavuh... reruhns!"
*Ryan Leaf: In 1998, the highly-drafted rookie quarterback for the Chargers refused to talk with the media after some rough outings early on. After one miserable performance in which he had been benched, Leaf screamed at "San Diego Union Tribune" reporter Jay Posner: "Don't talk to me, all right? Knock it off!" which was captured on video and shown countless times on TV.
*Jim Mora: On November 25, 2001, after a devastating loss to the 49ers, the head coach of the Colts engaged in a long rant berating his team for its poor performance. The clip includes such quotes as: "That was a disgraceful performance. We threw that game. We gave them the friggin' game. In my opinion, that sucked. It was pitiful, absolutely pitiful." and "Ah-- Playoffs?! Don't talk about... playoffs?! You kidding me? Playoffs? I'm just hoping we can win a game, another game."
*Larry Robinson: While coaching the Los Angeles Kings, Robinson spoke out on the increasing incidence of NHL players taking soccer-like dives on minor contact with the intention of drawing penalties. "I don't know what to expect anymore...I'm going to instruct my guys to do exactly this, 'If somebody puts a stick on you, just fall,’ because that's what it has really turned into. All because a bunch of the prima donnas in this freakin' league don't want to get touched. They're whining [because] they can't get their 60 goals..." 'I can't get my 60 goals...I can't get my 60 goals.' " We have a few ffff...whining little babies in this league who don't want to get touched. That's why they have to resort to this. I'm all in agreement that hooking and holding shouldn't be there, but not to the point that you can't touch anyone any more."
*Dennis Green: On October 16, 2006, Green's Arizona Cardinals held a 20-0 halftime lead over the heavily-favored Chicago Bears on "Monday Night Football", but collapsed in the second half, eventually losing 24-23. During the post-game press conference, Green was asked what he thought about the Bears' comeback. He exploded, "The Bears are who we thought they were. That’s why we took the damn field. Now ["slams the podium"] if you want to crown 'em, then crown their ass! They're who we thought they were...and we let 'em off the hook!" then stormed out of the room. The following day, Rome proclaimed the soundbite as the rant of the season, and has since claimed that Green's striking the podium is actually him giving himself a tongue (referring to Rome putting tongue stickers on his microphone when he has an exceptional segment on the show), per a caller's suggestion.
*Mike Gundy: In September 2007, the Oklahoma State football team coach, following a victory against Texas Tech, refused to answer questions about the game, and instead focused solely on blasting a local newspaper article about the team's demoted starting quarterback, screaming that that the article was mostly lies, the writer could only write such an article if they had no children and personally slamming the editor of the newspaper for allowing the article to print. Rome's playing of this call had little to do with the substance of the call, but rather with Gundy's frantic and angry delivery, particularly the staccato delivery of the lines "Come after me! I'm a man! I'm 40!" and "...because he dropped a pass in a pickup game, or says he’s fat, and he comes home crying to his mom!" Rome feels that college coaches frequently appear to believe that the media exists to promote their programs, then get unjustifiably upset when the media reports what they think are "damaging" stories, apparently not realizing this is what the public wants to read. Rome likes to use Gundy's distinct pronunciation of "fat" from this clip as a humorous drop whenever the word "fat" is said on the program.
*Donald Trump: In late 2006, comedian Rosie O'Donnell insulted the real estate mogul, calling him a "snake oil salesman" and saying that he was bankrupt. Trump responded with an extensive tirade in which he insulted nearly every aspect of O'Donnell's life and career. Both Rome and the Clones expressed praise for the quality of Trump's smack, with many callers and e-mailers saying that Trump had already won the 2007 Smack-Off. Rome was also delighted by O'Donnell's weak responses.
* Dan Hawkins: In February, 2007, the Colorado Buffaloes football coach was answering questions in an offseason press conference. After he mentioned an anonymous letter from a player's parent apparently complaining about not enough time off before summer conditioning, he unexpectedly screamed: "It's Division One football! It's the Big Twelve! It ain't intramurals! You got two weeks after finals, you got a week at July 4th, and you got a week before camp starts, that's a month! That's probably more vacation than you guys get! And we're a little bummed out that we don't get 3 weeks!? [lowers voice] Go play intramurals, brother! Go play intramurals!" When playing the clip, Rome notes Hawkins' concluding nod to Hulk Hogan, and wonders why coaches still don't realize that rants like this are never forgotten, but hang around to be replayed forever. He also likes to interrupt the clip by mock-shouting questions that Hawkins duly answers: "What division?", "What conference?", "Is it intramurals?"
* Kevin Borseth: On February 28, 2008, Michigan women's basketball coach Kevin Borseth had a meltdown of epic proportions after the Wolverines blew an 18-point lead Thursday night and lost to Wisconsin, 69-67. The only notable part of the tirde, which is only played, is when Borseth started by slamming his fist on the podium & then yelled "That's how I feel!" Rome occasionally plays the soundbyte whenever anyone references on "how they feel" in a losing situation.
*Brett Myers: After blowing a save, Philadelphia Phillies closer Brett Myers had an altercation with a Sam Carchidi of the "Inquirer" during a post-game interview. Myers called Carchidi a retard and uttered the now infamous phrase, "Boom, outta here." The soundbyte has since become a staple of the show, featured prominently in e-mails and texts.

oundbyte combinations

In early May 2008, Rome was challenging Alvin to keep up with his fast ranting of using the word "fat" which Alvin kept playing to keep up with Rome. Right after, Rome then started challenging Alvin to quickly mix combined soundbytes of Gundy, Mel Gibson, & a "Ryan" soundbyte. The mix resulted as "Gimme back my, fat, son, Ryan." Soon after, Clones who email, text &/or call the show, insert their own requested combination of soundbytes which now includes Alec Baldwin, Danica Patrick, Joe Namath, Donald Trump, various callers, etc.

Example: "My, fat!, son Mahk Moda, is the, struggling, kook in the Jungle, with a boner in sweatpants.


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