Gladiator (disambiguation)

Gladiators were professional fighters in ancient Rome.

Gladiator(s) or The Gladiator(s) may refer to:


*"Gladiator" (1992 film), a boxing drama film
* "Gladiator" (2000 film), directed by Ridley Scott
** "Gladiator" (soundtrack), soundtrack for the 2000 film
* "The Gladiators" (film), a 1969 film by Peter Watkins


*"Gladiators" (television franchise), with numerous incarnations:
**"American Gladiators", an American sports entertainment television show
***"American Gladiators" (2008 TV series), the 2008 revival of the original show
**"Gladiators" (UK TV series), the UK version of the series
***"Gladiators" (2008 UK TV series), the 2008 revival of the original UK show
**"Gladiators" (Australian TV series), the Australian version
***"Gladiators" (2008 Australian TV series), the 2008 revival of the original Australian show
**"MTN Gladiators", the South African version of the television series

General entertainment

*"Gladiator" (arcade game), an arcade game by Taito
*The Gladiators (band), a Jamaican reggae band
*"Gladiator" (novel), a 1930 novel by Philip Wylie
*"The Gladiator" (novel), a Harry Turtledove novel
*"The Gladiators" (novel), a 1939 novel by Arthur Koestler
*Gladiator Records, an independent American record label
*, a video game from Acclaim Entertainment
*Gladiator (Kallark), a character in the Marvel Comics universe
*Gladiator (Melvin Potter), a character in the Marvel Comics universe


*Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle, an American unmanned vehicle
*Gloster Gladiator, a British biplane
*HMS "Gladiator", the name of three British warships
*Jeep Gladiator, an American pickup truck model
*Tugboat Gladiator, a tugboat built in 1876
*USS "Gladiator", the name of three American ships

Other uses

*Pittsburgh Gladiators, or the Tampa Bay Storm, an arena football team from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*Gwinnett Gladiators, a hockey team from Duluth, Georgia
*Gladiators, or Mantophasmatodea, an order of carnivorous insects
*Mike Awesome, known as "The Gladiator" (1965 2007), a wrestler
*"The Gladiators", an award-winning 1963 Australian sporting photograph by John O'Gready

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