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Venture Cup Danmark is a cross-disciplinary business plan competition, which is a non-profit organisation associated with the three other Venture Cups in [ Sweden] , [ Norway] and [ Finland] . The Danish Venture Cup is as of October 2007 run by five Danish universities, Copenhagen Business School, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark and University of Aarhus.

The purpose of Venture Cup Danmark is to help universities turn research and ideas into viable high-growth businesses. Through this, the aim is to increase the number of skilled entrepreneurs and start-up companies, as well as the creation of radical innovation in Denmark. Venture Cup Danmark performs different tasks to achieve its goals.

*Main Activities
**Increase the desire to start up through cash prizes, motivational events and networking opportunities
**Expand participants' ability to start up companies with practical feedback from expert coaches and a professional jury, augmented with insightful seminars on key topics
**Create high-growth companies with individualised support in launching and establishing a successful company.
**Collaborate with the [ Entrepreneurship Column] to coordinate efforts with others along the educational ladder
**Collaborate with [ Young Enterprise Denmark] , [ IDEA] , student networks, and universities on recruiting participants and ideas
**Collaborate with [ Connect Denmark] , the Innovation Environments, and many others to create opportunities for participants beyond Venture Cup.


The concept of business plan competitions originates from the U.S. where it was developed in the early 1980's. In the 1990's competitions were organized around the world by McKinsey & Company in cooperation with local universities and business schools.


In 1998, McKinsey & Company established Venture Cup in Sweden, and in 2000 as an Øresund-based competition with Denmark and Southern Sweden. Today, Venture Cup is present in four Nordic countries, and a total of more than 1500 submitted plans each year makes it one of the most important initiatives creating high-growth start-up companies in Scandinavia.

Venture Cup Danmark

In 2003 Denmark got its first nation-wide Venture Cup, organised by McKinsey & Company, Copenhagen Business School, and the Technical University of Denmark. Today, the organising group of universities has expanded to include the University of Southern Denmark, University of Copenhagen and University of Aarhus. In 2006/07, 138 teams participated in Venture Cup across the country, and at least ten of these have already started up companies.



# [ Axon7] - won first prize for their software library, called CSP.NET, aimed at computer programmers. The library makes it easy to program networks of machines and machines with multiple processors.
# [ InMold BioSystems] - is a way to mold a specific pattern of biomolecules into a plastic surface e.g. a petridish, culture flask or microwell plate. All of them are materials to grow cells onto in the Life Science industry.
#Mooncean - is developing a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) detection device that will be accurate, real-time and inexpensive.


# [ RSP Systems] - won first prize for their unique needle-free glucose measuring method, which especially helps people with diabetes.
#Vinzyme - has developed a new method for controlling fungi and its by-products in wine production, making the taste and bouquet of red wines easily adjustable.
#Polycan - is a nanotech project which have developed a method to determine the presence of an arbitrary virus in less than 10 seconds.


# [ Flex Acoustics] - has developed an inflatable panel that alters the acoustics in a concert hall to make it more suitable for Rock and pop music.
# [ NIL Technology] - provides state of the art nanotechnology solutions for the manufacturers of integrated electronics
# [ Health Equipment Denmark] - fixes tubes and needles when patients is giving blood or is in dialysis.


#INAGEN - has created a novel method of developing new forms of therapies against viral diseases. The technology utilizes a “self targeting” capability that occurs in the natural defense mechanism of the specific disease to target and kill infected cells. The platform technology can be developed for numerous infectious diseases
# [ Sapio Systems] - revolutionary patent pending Intellego technology takes computers to a higher level by enabling them to read and understand knowledge described in text. With Intellego's comprehension of knowledge, Sapio Systems enables its customers to shorten their time to market and create new, useful products
# [ Oddlabs] - produces games for an unutilized segment of the computer games market, by using in-house developed technology.

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