Representative direct democracy

Representative direct democracy is a combination of direct democracy and representative democracy. In representative direct democracy there are representatives that vote on behalf of the citizen, as long as they do not choose to vote themselves. In other words, it works just the same as a representative democracy, as long as citizens do not explicitly override their politicians.

Representative direct democracy requires more sophisticated voting procedures than those employed in a purely representative democracy. In practice it would likely require some form of electronic voting system that would automatically administer the votes of politicians, and the overriding votes of citizen. Similarly, the total number of votes in such a system would have to be determined on the basis of the entire population, rather than just the number of representatives, i.e., representatives would hold a number of votes that exactly corresponds to the size of their constituency.

A number of organizations for direct democracy have adopted this idea, and employ it in their own voting systems.

The overriding intent of representative direct democracy is to avoid some of the criticisms levelled against pure direct democracy, particularly, that citizens lack the time required to participate in a pure direct democracy. In a representative direct democracy, citizens are granted the opportunity to directly participate in public decision-making, while maintaining the benefit of elected representatives that ensure sufficient amounts of indirect participation.

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