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motto =
established = 1991
type = Public
director = Lubomir Lizal
city = Prague
country = Czech Republic
students = 138 Ph.D.
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website = [http://www.cerge-ei.cz www.cerge-ei.cz]

CERGE-EI is an academic institution that provides an American-style Ph.D. program in economics and conducts research in theoretical and policy-related economics. The institution is located at the historical center of Prague, the Czech Republic. [ [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/about Read more about CERGE-EI on its official website] ] [ [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/about/history/ CERGE-EI: About ] ] [ [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/about/building_tour/ The CERGE-EI building] ]

The CERGE-EI acronym stands for Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute. CERGE-EI is institutionalized as a joint workplace of two separate entities: the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education of Charles University in Prague and the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The center was founded in 1991 by Jan Švejnar and Jozef Zieleniec with a goal to educate a new generation of economists from post-communist countries.

CERGE-EI's Academic Community

The institution’s student body of approximately 120 students is drawn from over 30 countries from all over the world, primarily from Central and Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet states. [ [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/phd/students/ Students] ] The permanent faculty of CERGE-EI is currently composed of 19 scholars from a diverse set of countries. Most faculty members have earned their Ph.D. in economics from renowned U.S. and Western European universities. New faculty members are recruited via the international market for academic economists. The working language of the institution is English. [ [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/people/faculty/ Faculty and Researchers] ] [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/news/data/Country-of-Origin_Chart_2007.pdf]

The Ph.D. Programme

The Ph.D. program consists of two years of coursework followed by two years of supervised dissertation research. The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree is awarded to students who successfully complete the two years of coursework. CERGE-EI students generally conduct part of their dissertation research at partner universities in Western Europe and North America. CERGE-EI also hosts a study abroad program for undergraduate students from the United States (UPCES). [ [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/abroad/ More on the UPCES Program] ] [ [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/abroad/faq/ FAQ for the study abroad program] ]

CERGE-EI is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and by the The Board of Regents of the Education Department of the New York State, a board granting charters to programs outside the U.S.A. The New York State Board granted CERGE-EI temporary charter to award Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in economics in 2000, and a permanent charter in 2005.

CERGE-EI graduates are usually employed by international organizations such as the IMF and the EBRD, universities, consulting firms, private financial institutions, and regional central banks and ministries.


In addition to education, CERGE-EI stimulates and supports advanced economic research. Faculty members and advanced students regularly publish papers in international peer-refereed journals. In the 1990’s, CERGE-EI has built significant reputation in research on the economics of transition. As the post-communist countries developed into market economies, the research interests of CERGE-EI faculty and students have expanded to other areas of economics, such as dynamic macroeconomic theory, experimental economics, labor and public economics, and many others.

CERGE-EI publishes an in-house working paper series, organizes regular research seminars at which academics from universities around the world present their current papers (including several Nobel laureates), hosts professional conferences, and houses the largest economics library in Central and Eastern Europe. CERGE-EI is also the Central and East European Regional Network representative for the Global Development Network (GDN).


CERGE-EI is financed by educational and research grants from the Czech government, by grants from other Czech and foreign entities, as well as private donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations. The fundraising activities are carried out by two affiliated institutions, CERGE-EI Foundation U.S.A. and Nadace CERGE-EI.


CERGE-EI is governed by an Executive and Supervisory Committee (ESC), which makes major strategic and financial decisions, supervises local management, and makes decisions on the hiring and promotion of faculty members. The ESC is composed of internationally recognized scholars in the field of economics, representatives of Charles University and the Academy of Sciences, and tenured faculty members of CERGE-EI.

Members of the ESC

*Prof. Jan Švejnar, Ph.D. (Chair), University of Michigan, and CERGE-EI
*Prof. Phillippe Aghion, Ph.D.,University College London and Department of Economics, Harvard University
*Prof. Richard Blundell, Ph.D.,Department of Economics, University College London
*Prof. Henry S. Farber, Ph.D.,Department of Economics, Princeton University
*Prof. Randall Filer, Ph.D.,Hunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York
*Prof. Roger Gordon, Ph.D.,Department of Economics, University of California, San Diego
*Prof. RNDr. Vaclav Hampl, DrSc. (represented by Prof. PhDr. Stanislav Stech, CSc.), Charles University
*Prof. RNDr. Jan Hanousek, CSc., CERGE-EI
*Byeongju Jeong, Ph. D, CERGE-EI
*Doc. Stepan Jurajda, Ph.D., CERGE-EI
*Miriam Klipper, Esq., Asst. District Attorney, New York County
*Prof. Jan Kmenta, Ph.D.,Department of Economics, University of Michigan
*Doc. Lubomir Lizal, Ph.D. (ex officio), CERGE-EI
*Doc. Andreas Ortmann, Ph.D., CERGE-EI
*Prof. RNDr. Václav Pačes, DrSc. (represented by PhDr. Petr Nejedly), Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
*Prof. Gerard Roland, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
*Prof. Avner Shaked, Ph.D., Department of Economics, University of Bonn
*Prof. Joseph Stiglitz, Ph.D.,Columbia University, New York City, Nobel Prize in Economics 2001
*Prof. Michelle White, Ph.D., Department of Economics, University of California, San Diego
*Doc. Ing. Josef Zieleniec, CSc., Member of the European Parliament
*Kresimir Zigic, Ph.D., CERGE-EI


External links

* [http://www.cerge-ei.cz CERGE-EI's official website]
* [http://www.cuni.cz/UKENG-1.html Charles University's official website (in English)]
* [http://www.cas.cz/en/ Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic official website (in English)]
* [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/foundation/CERGE-EI_US/ CERGE-EI Foundation USA]
* [http://www.cerge-ei.cz/foundation/CERGE-EI_CZ/ Foundation Nadace CERGE-EI]
* [http://www.wdi.umich.edu/ The William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan]

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