Green Flag Award

The Green Flag Award is the benchmark national standard for parks and green spaces in England and Wales. The scheme was set up by Mark Davis in 1996 to recognise and reward green spaces that met the laid down high standards. It is seen as a way of encouraging others to aim for and achieve the same high environmental standards.

The award is not yet available in Northern Ireland. A pilot scheme was started in 2007 in Scotland and three parks were given awards. [cite web | url = | title = Green Flag award scheme | accessdate = 2007-10-12]

Sites for a Green Flag Award are judged against eight key criteria:
*A welcoming place
*Healthy, safe and secure
*Clean and well maintained
*Conservation and heritage
*Community involvement

Green Pennant Award

The Green Flag Award itself is for public-run open spaces, but the same scheme runs an award for community/charity-run public spaces, such as Millennium Greens and Doorstep Greens called the Green Pennant Award. This scheme, started in 2002, has adapted the criteria for voluntary organisations. The scheme is run by the Civic Trust.

Sites for a Green Pennant Award are judged against eight key criteria:

*A welcoming place
*Healthy, safe and secure
*Well maintained and clean
*Environmental sustainability
*Biodiversity and heritage
*Community involvement


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