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Serangoon Gardens Estate is a residential estate in Singapore. The estate is well known for its food centres and the food and beverage outlets.


Serangoon Gardens is one of the oldest estates in the island, and was built in the 1950s. The estate was originally built to house the British soldiers based in Singapore. The roads in the area are named after British road names. In the 1970s, when the British military left Singapore in 1971, Serangoon Gardens was known as an estate for the middle class.

The estate was upgraded in 2001 as part of the Singapore Government's plan to spruce up the older private housing estates in Singapore. Open roadside drains were covered up and the central area was spruced up. It has new streetlights and road signs, and the estate's parks were also upgraded.

Serangoon Garden Circus was used as one of the locations for the country-wide millennium celebrations.

Electoral Boundaries

Until 1988, Serangoon Gardens was a single seat constituency. When the Group Representative Constituency was introduced, Serangoon Gardens became part of the GRC. Since then, it is part of the Marine Parade GRC. In the 2006 Electoral Boundaries, is transferred to Aljunied GRC. This was purportedly done to split up the famously Opposition-voting estate.


The estate's central area is where the food and beverage outlets are located. At the centre of the estate is a circus known as Serangoon Garden Circus. In the vicinity, there are cafés, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, a market, two hawker centres, a post office, a police post and some shops. All the roads radiate around the circus, and the houses are located within walking distance. The estate has a tennis and squash centre at Burghley Drive. At Kensington Park Road, there is a country club known as Serangoon Gardens Country Club which has the very popular Jumbo seafood restaurant.

Food and Beverage

There are two hawker centres and a wet market. One which is, Serangoon Gardens Market and Food Centre and another which is Chomp Chomp Food Centre. The Serangoon Gardens food centre sells food like nasi lemak, Nonya kueh, Char Kway Teow, noodles and also houses a number of stores from the now defunct Taman Serasi food centre. Another food centre, which is known as "Chomp Chomp" is 200 m from the former. Chomp Chomp was simply known as Serangoon Gardens food centre when it opened in 1972. The hawkers nicknamed the place "Chomp Chomp", and since then it is known as Chomp Chomp Food Centre. The food centre is well known for its carrot cake (chai tow kuay), hokkien mee, ice kachang, satay, seafood and satay beehoon.

Since the 1990s, restaurants and cafés serve food such as Japanese food, desserts, Russian cuisine and Western cuisine have opened. Ice-cream parlours has opened and cafes such as The Coffee Bean have opened in the estate.

Some other notable eateries are Pow Sing Hainanese Chicken Rice and Nonya Food Restaurant, Cafe Cartel, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Country Manna Restaurant and Bosch Steakhouse.


The rows of shophouses along Kensington Park Road ,Serangoon Garden Way and Maju Avenue hosts a variety of corner coffeeshops, a McDonalds, convenience stores, bank branches, pet shops, hair saloons, clinics, karaoke lounges, cafes and bars to name a few. There is even a Chinese medical hall specialising in traditional Chinese medicine. Situated behind Maju Avenue is Paramount Building which was developed as Serangoon Garden Village in 2001. It hosts a supermarket on the ground floor and a tuition centre on the second floor. In Nov 2007, Cold Storage also opened a Specialty store in the area, catering to the increasing number of expatriates now living in the area.


The estate is served by public bus services. In addition, on weekday mornings from 7.30am to 9am, licensed private bus operators operate an express service plying between Serangoon Gardens and the city centre. The nearest MRT station is Serangoon MRT Station on the North East Line at Upper Serangoon Road.

There is only 1 main road leading into the estate. Several upgrades to the road planning have been made to ensure smooth traffic flow in and out of the area. For example, the market carpark only goes 1-way instead of both ways previously (Drivers exit the carpark at the back). The popularity of the food in Serangoon Gardens has drawn both large lunch and dinner crowds. This makes parking space very difficult to find during lunch and dinner times as well as makes the road congested. It is said that the residents are so used to the crowds that only non-residents would honk their car horns in frustration of the slow traffic.


The area's popularity has also made it a popular location for counter-terrorism activities, with regular armed patrols by the Singapore Police Force's Police Tactical Unit. On 15 January 2006, a public emergency drill, the Serangoon Emergency and Preparedness Day 2006, was conducted in the estate near the Chomp Chomp Food Centre. The exercise involved a simulated vehicular explosion and casualties, the closure of roads and diversion of traffic, and casualty treatment and evacuation. [cite news | url = | title = Emergency exercises held at Serangoon Garden, Bedok North | author = Wong Siew Ying | date = 15 January 2006 | publisher = Channel NewsAsia]


Bus Routes

Service 317 plies the Serangoon Garden Estate internally.The rest ply Serangoon Garden Circus

{| style="text-align:centre; font-size:95%; border:1px solid black"! Service !! From !!To !! Notes
-! colspan="4" style="background-color:purple;color:white; height:35px" | SBS Transit Trunk Services
style="background-color:purple;color:white;text-align:center;font-weight:bold" | 73 || Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange || Toa Payoh Bus Interchange
style="background-color:purple;color:white;text-align:center;font-weight:bold" | 136 || Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange || Punggol Bus Interchange
-! colspan="4" style="background-color:purple;color:white; height:35px" | SBS Transit Feeder Services
style="background-color:purple;color:white;text-align:center;font-weight:bold" | 315 || Serangoon Bus Interchange||Serangoon North Avenue 4 (loop)
style="background-color:purple;color:white;text-align:center;font-weight:bold" | 317 ||Serangoon Bus Interchange ||Berwick Drive (loop)

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