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Yahoo! News is an Internet-based news aggregator provided by Yahoo!. It features Top Stories, U.S. National, World, Business, Entertainment, Science, Health, Weather, Most Popular, News Photos, Op/Ed, and Local news.

Articles in Yahoo! News come from news services, namely Associated Press (AP), Reuters, Agence France-Presse (AFP), Christian Science Monitor, NPR, USA Today,, CBC News, Seven News, BBC News, and others.

CBS O&O stations also have local news, weather, and sports reports as well. Included:

*KEYE in Austin, Texas
*WJZ in Baltimore, Maryland
*WBZ in Boston, Massachusetts
*WBBM in Chicago, Illinois
*KTVT in Dallas, Texas
*KCNC in Denver, Colorado
*WFRV in Green Bay, Wisconsin (no longer available)
*KCBS in Los Angeles, California (also has reports from KCAL)
*WFOR in Miami, Florida
*WCCO in Minneapolis, Minnesota
*WCBS in New York City
*KYW in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
*KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*KOVR in Sacramento, California (also has reports from KMAX)
*KUTV in Salt Lake City, Utah (no longer available)
*KENS in San Antonio, Texas
*KFMB in San Diego, California
*KPIX in San Francisco, California

Since early 2008, more stations were added, some not being CBS stations:

*KVUE in Austin, Texas (ABC affiliate, replaced KEYE)
*WCNC in Charlotte, North Carolina (NBC affiliate)
*WVEC in Hampton Roads, Virginia (ABC affiliate)
*KHOU in Houston, Texas (CBS affiliate)
*WHAS in Louisville, Kentucky (ABC affiliate)
*WWL in New Orleans, Louisiana (CBS affiliate)
*KTVK in Phoenix, Arizona (Independent station)
*KGW in Portland, Oregon (NBC affiliate)
*WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina (CBS affiliate)
*KING in Seattle, Washington (NBC affiliate)
*KREM in Spokane, Washington (CBS affiliate)
*KMOV in Saint Louis, Missouri (CBS affiliate)
*KMSB in Tucson, Arizona (Fox affiliate)

Yahoo! has for a long time had message boards for discussions of each news article but on December 19, 2006 closed them.

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