Battle of Jeddah (1925)

Battle of Jeddah (1925)

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of Jeddah
partof=Unifcation of Saudi Arabia

caption=A Map shows the fortifications of Jeddah during the battle.
date=10 February 1925
result=Sultanate of Nejd Victory
combatant2= Kingdom of Hejaz
commander1= Sultan bin Bijad
commander2= King Ali bin Hussien
Nawras Pasha
strength1=5,000 men
strength2=500 men
8 Aircraft [Al-Rehani: Nejd and it's followers.]
40 artilliry
30 Machine gun
a few number of armors [From Bullard to Mr ChamberLain. Jeddah , 1925 Feb. (No.# secrets) - Archieved Post]
casualties2=Unknown number of deaths
5 Armors
1 Aircraft
The Battle of Jeddah took place within today's Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and was mainly a siege of Jeddah, that ended on the 17th of December 1925 (1343 A.H.). Following the fall of Mecca, in December 1924, to King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. King Ali bin Hussien moved back to Jeddah trying to defend it against the Nejdi Army. Ali's remaining Army started to build fortifications around the city and place mines. Ali requested help and supply from his brothers states, Transjordon and Iraq, King Fisal and King Abdullah. They both supplied Ali with arms and men. Also, Ali's two old planes were not enough for the incoming battle. He bought five aircraft from Italy and several tanks from Germany.

But Ali could not stand for long. The nearby clans were Ibn Saud's Allies. The supplies from Aqaba traveled slowly to Jeddah, besides he had only two pilots. One of them died during the battle.

The chiefs of Jeddah decided to surrender the city to Ibn Saud, while King Ali escape to Baghdad over the Red Sea. Consequently, Ibn Saud was declared the new King of Hejaz. The following year, Ibn Saud merged the Hejaz with the Nejd as one state.

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Notes & References

*Al-Harbi, Dalal: King Abdulaziz and his Strategies to deal with events : Events of Jeddah. 2003 , King Abdulaziz national library. ISBN 9-960624-88-9 .

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