Songjeong-ri Station

Songjeong-ri Station

Infobox SMS station

caption=KTX train at Songjeong-ri Station
rr=Songjeong-ri yeok
mr=Songjŏng-li yŏk
otherlines=Honam Line
Honam Line (KTX)
Gyeongjeon Line
opened=October 1, 1913
address=1003-1 Songjeong 2 Dong, Gwangsan Gu, Gwangju

Songjeong-ri Station is a station in Gwangju, South Korea. It is on the national high-speed KTX railway network, 341km south of Yongsan Station.


The station opened on November 1, 1914 and the building was moved to its current location on September 18, 1988. KTX trains on the Honam Line began services on April 1, 2004.


Songjeong-ri Station serves KTX trains on the Honam Line. It also has express services and local services on the normal speed Honam Line and on the Gyeongjeon Line. The station is not currently on Gwangju's subway network, but there are plans to extend Line 1 here in the future, thus integrating the subway with the national railway network.

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