List of sovereign states in 1776

List of sovereign states in 1776

overeign States


*noflag|Andorra – Principality of Andorra
*flagicon image|Flag_of_Ashanti.svg‎ Ashanti – Asante Union


*noflag|Bamana – Bamana Empire
*flagicon image|Flag of the Benin Empire.svg Benin – Benin Empire
*noflag|Bhutan – Kingdom of Bhutan
*noflag|Bukhara – Khanate of Bukhara
*noflag|Burma – Kingdom of Burma


*noflag|Cayor – Kingdom of Cayor
*noflag|China – Great Qing Empire
*flagicon image|Flag of Cospaia.svg Cospaia – Republic of Cospaia
*flagicon image|Gerae-tamga.png‎ Crimea – Crimean Khanate


*noflag|Dendi – Dendi Kingdom
*flagicon|Denmark Denmark–Norway – United Kingdoms of Denmark and Norway
*flagicon image|Flag of the Emirate of Herat.svg Durrani – Durrani Empire
*flagicon image|Prinsenvlag.svg‎ Dutch Republic – Republic of the Seven United Netherlands


*flagicon|France|royal France – Kingdom of France


*noflag|Garo – Kingdom of Garo
*flagicon image|Flag of Genoa.svg‎ Genoa – Republic of Genoa
*flagicon|United Kingdom|1606 Great Britain – Kingdom of Great Britain


*flag|Holy Roman Empire – Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
*flagicon image|Coat of arms of Hungary.png Hungary – Kingdom of Hungary


*noflag|Ijebu – Kingdom of Ijebu
*flagicon image|St Patrick's saltire3.svg Ireland – Kingdom of Ireland


*noflag|Janjero – Kingdom of Janjero
*flagicon image|Mitsubaaoi2.svg Japan – Tokugawa shogunate
*noflag|Johor – Johor Sultanate
*noflag|Jolof – Jolof Empire
*flagicon image|Korea-arms2.gif Joseon – Kingdom of Joseon


*noflag|Kaffa – Kingdom of Kaffa
*flagicon image|Erekle II of Georgia coat of arms.jpg Kartli-Kakheti – Kingdom of Kartli–Kakheti
*flagicon image|Kazakh Khanate.gif‎ Kazakh – Kazakh Khanate
*flagicon image|Bandera de Khiva abans 1917.svg‎ Khiva – Khanate of Khiva
*noflag|Kokand – Khanate of Kokand
*flagicon image|Flag of the Kingdom of Kongo.svg Kongo – Kingdom of Kongo
*noflag|Koya – Kingdom of Koya
*noflag|Kuba – Kuba Kingdom


*flagicon image|Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha – Maratha Empire
*noflag|Modena – Duchies of Modena and Reggio
*flagicon|Moldavia Moldavia – Principality of Moldavia
*noflag|Monaco – Principality of Monaco
*noflag|Morocco – Kingdom of Morocco


*noflag|Nepal – Gorkha Kingdom of Nepal
*noflag|Ngoyo – Kingdom of Ngoyo


*flag|Ottoman Empire|1453 – Sublime Ottoman State


*flagicon image|Flag of the Papal States (pre 1808).svg‎|border Papal States – States of the Church
*flagicon image|Zand Dynasty Flag.png Persia – Persian Empire
*flagicon image|Flaga Rzeczpospolitej Obojga Narodow.svg Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth – Commonwealth of the Crown of the Polish Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania
*flagicon|Portugal|1707 Portugal – Kingdom of Portugal
*flagicon|Prussia|1750 Prussia – Kingdom of Prussia


*flagicon image|Flag of the Republic of Dubrovnik.gif Ragusa – Republic of Ragusa
*flag|Russian Empire|name=Russia – Russian Empire
*flagicon image|Ryukyu Islands flag until 1875.svg Ryūkyū – Kingdom of Ryūkyū

*flagicon image|Old Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino – Most Serene Republic of San Marino
*flagicon|Sardinia Sardinia – Kingdom of Sardinia
*noflag|Sennar – Funj sultanate of Sinnar
*flagicon image|Flag of Thailand (Ayutthaya period).svg Siam – Kingdom of Siam
*noflag|Sikh – Sikh Confederacy
*flagicon image|18th Century Flag of Sulu.svg Sulu – Sulu Sultanate
*flag|Sweden|1562 – Kingdom of Sweden
*noflag|Switzerland – Swiss Confederation


*flagicon image|coat of arms of Transylvania.svg Transylvania – Principality of Transylvania
*noflag|Tuscany – Grand Duchy of Tuscany


*flagicon|Venice Venice – Most Serene Republic of Venice

*flagicon|Wallachia Wallachia – Principality of Wallachia

tates Claiming Sovereignty

*flagicon image|Sultanate of Aceh Flag.png Aceh – Sultanate of Aceh
*noflag|Goust| – Republic of Goust
*flag|United States|1776 – United States of America (They declared their independence July 4) Were a group of 13 Sovereign Nation/States united under international treaty known as The Articles of Confederation.

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