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FOK! is a Dutch website and virtual community, containing active content like news, reviews, columns and polls. It was founded by Danny Roodbol, and is one of the largest internet communities of the Netherlands. Originally aimed at young people, today the website is popular with older users as well. FOK! officially opened its doors in October 1999, but its forum has been active since July of that year.

Much of the success of its forum, the most popular feature of the site, is due to Big Brother. FOK! offered lots of scoops about the television program and soon visitors of the official Big Brother site were sent to FOK!forum to discuss the show.


The news that is posted on the frontpage of the site is managed and written by volunteers. Not only does the news consist of important events, it also has room for some lighter and funnier news. Lots of other sources, like radio stations, seem to use FOK! as a source to find content for their shows.

Apart from the general news, FOK! has special sections for news and reviews about videogames and sports.


Even though the FOK! forum had grown a lot during the first Dutch Big Brother show, the forum did not stop growing afterwards. Today it has over 40 subforums, and over 200,000 accounts. But not every account is unique, there are many users with multiple accounts. For example, user Barry van Dam created 284 accounts.


"Fok" is one of the most commonly used swearing words in Afrikaans.


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