Cape Winelands District Municipality

location=Western Cape

area=22 288
neighbours=Namakwa (north-east), Central Karoo (east), Eden (south-east), Overberg (south), Cape Town (south-west), West Coast (north-west)
mayor=Clarence Johnson (ANC)
population=597 660 [ [ Municipal Profiles] ]
population density=26.815
habitations=159 708
habitation density=7.166

The Cape Winelands District Municipality, formerly the Boland District Municipality is a district municipality located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Its municipality code is DC2.


The defined boundaries of this municipality coincide roughly with the boundaries of the geographical area that has been known since the early days of the Cape Colony as "The Boland". In Afrikaans Boland means "up land" or "the higher land" or "the land above" (i.e. in contrast to the low coastal areas of the original Dutch settlement at the Cape). However, the term "Boland", as originally used, was a loose concept, with no defined borders (cf. the informal but not meaningless terms "The Sahara" or "The Rocky Mountains"). The Boland is generally mountainous, with range after range of beautiful and isolated sandstone peaks reaching towards 2000m but also has broad, fertile valleys that are home to some of the country's finest vineyards.

The region has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry and winters cool and damp, with snow on the peaks during August and September. The extent and diversity of the geographical features here are truly marvellous. There are so many peaks, ranges, escarpments, valleys, cliffs, rivers, pools, waterfalls, screes, canyons, springs, forests, caves and other natural features that no person could visit all of them in a lifetime.

Adjacent municipalities

* Namakwa District Municipality, Northern Cape (north)
* Central Karoo District Municipality (east)
* Eden District Municipality (southeast)
* Overberg District Municipality (south)
* City of Cape Town (southwest)
* West Coast District Municipality (east)

Local municipalities

The Cape Winelands DM contains the following local municipalities:
* Witzenberg Local Municipality (WC022)
* Drakenstein Local Municipality (WC023)
* Stellenbosch Local Municipality (WC024)
* Breede Valley Local Municipality (WC025)
* Breede River/Winelands Local Municipality (WC026)
* A District Management Area, which has no local municipality (WCDMA02) - see below.

District Management Area

Part of the Cape Winelands DM is a District Management Area (DMA), municipality code WCDMA02, which has no local municipality. As of 2001, the DMA has a population of 6,492.

Demographics of the DMA

As of the census of 2001, there are 6,492 people and 1,523 households residing in the District Management Area. The population density is .60/km². The density of households is .14/km². The racial makeup of the municipality is Black African 20.65%, Coloured 71.10%, and White 8.25%.

12.3% of all households are made up of individuals. The average household size is 4.26.

In the DMA the population is spread out with 28.0% under the age of 15, 18.1% from 15 to 24, 37.3% from 25 to 44, 13.6% from 45 to 64, and 3.0% who are 65 years of age or older. The median age is 27 years. For every 100 females there are 112.0 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there are 110.1 males.

In the DMA 83.5% of residents speak Afrikaans at home, 1.2% speak English, 0.0% speak Ndebele, 16.8% speak Xhosa, 0.0% speak Zulu, 0.0% speak Northern Sotho, 0.7% speak Sotho, 0.1% speak Tswana, 0.0% speak Swati, 0.0% speak Venda, and 0.0% speak Tsonga. 0.7% of the population speaks a non-official language at home.

93.3% of residents are Christian, 6.6% have no religion, 0.0% are Muslim, 0.1% are Jewish, and 0.0% are Hindu. 1.3% have other or undetermined beliefs.

18.3% of residents aged 20 and over have received no schooling, 35.5% have had some primary school, 11.6% have completed only primary school, 23.3% have had some high school education, 8.4% have finished only high school, and 2.9% have an education higher than the high school level. Overall, 11.3% of residents have completed high school.

20.9% of housing units have a telephone and/or cell-phone in the dwelling, 69.9% have access to a phone nearby, and 8.9% have access that is not nearby or no access. 67.2% of households have a flush or chemical toilet. 8.9% have refuse removed by the municipality at least once a week and 1.9% have no rubbish disposal. 55.9% have running water inside their dwelling, 90.2% have running water on their property, and 97.0% have access to running water. 49.8% of households use electricity for cooking, 28.8% for heating, and 63.6% for lighting. 71.4% of households have a radio, 41.2% have a television, 6.3% own a computer, 45.9% have a refrigerator, and 11.9% have a cell-phone.

1.2% of the population aged 15-65 is unemployed. Of the unemployed persons, 7.7% are Black African, 80.8% are Coloured, 0.0% are Indian/Asian, and 11.5% are White. 0.3% of Black Africans are unemployed, 1.4% of Coloureds, 0.0% of Indians/Asians, and 1.6% of Whites.

The median annual income of working adults aged 15-65 is R 7 368 ($1,107). Males have a median annual income of R 8 115 ($1,220) versus R 6 084 ($914) for females. The median annual income by race is R 6 797 ($1,022) for Black Africans, R 7 285 ($1,095) for Coloureds, R 0 ($0) for Indians/Asian), and R 53 013 ($7,968) for Whites. The annual income distribution in the Cape Winelands DMA is:
*No income 0.7%
*R 12 – R 4 800 ($2 - $721) 18.6%
*R 4 812 – R 9 600 ($723 - $1,443) 57.5%
*R 9 612 – R 19 200 ($1,445 – $2,886) 14.4%
*R 19 212 – R 38 400 ($2,888 - $5,772) 3.9%
*R 38 412 – R 76 800 ($5,774 - $11,543) 2.1%
*R 76 812 – R 153 600 ($11,545 - $23,087) 1.9%
*R 153 612 – R 307 200 ($23,089 - $46,174) 0.4%
*R 307 212 – R 614 400 ($46,176 - $92,348) 0.3%
*R 614 412 or more ($92,350+) 0.2%

[ Statistics South Africa Census 2001]

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* [ Cape Winelands District Municipality official website]

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