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In the United States, an honor society is an organization of rank, the induction into which recognizes excellence among one's peers. There are numerous societies recognizing various fields and circumstances; the Order of the Arrow, for example, is the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America. Chiefly, the term refers to scholastic honor societies, those which recognize students who excel academically or as leaders among their peers, often within a specific academic discipline.

Many honor societies invite students to become members based on the grade point averages of those students, either overall, or for classes taken within the discipline for which the honor society provides recognition. In cases where academic achievement would not be an appropriate criterion for membership, other standards are usually required for membership (such as completion of a particular ceremony or training program). In some cases, membership in an honor society is considered exclusive; a member of such an organization cannot join other honor societies representing the same field.

Many Fraternities and sororities are referred to by their membership or by non-members as honor societies, and vice-versa, though this is not always the case. Honor societies exist at the high school, collegiate/university, and postgraduate levels, although university honor societies are by far the most prevalent. In America, the first academic honor society, Phi Beta Kappa, was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary.

The certifying agency in the United States for college and university honor societies is the Association of College Honor Societies, which has 61 members.

List of scholastic honor societies

Important national and international honor societies based in or at schools include the following:


*American Sign Language Honor Society, ASLHS (American Sign Language)
*California Scholarship Federation
*Cum Laude Society (general)
*Eta Sigma Gamma (health education)
*French National Honor Society ("La Société Honoraire de Français") (French)
* German National Honor Society-Delta Epsilon Phi ("Deutsche Ehrenverbindung") (German)
*International Thespian Society (theatre)
*Mu Alpha Theta, ΜΑΘ (mathematics)
*National Art Honor Society (visual arts)
*National Beta Club
*National Chinese Honor Society (Chinese)
*National Forensic League (public speaking)
*National Honor Society (high school general)
*National Honor Society for Dance Arts (dance)
*National Junior Honor Society (middle school general)
*Quill and Scroll (journalism)
*Science National Honor Society (science)
*Spanish National Honor Society ("Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica") (Spanish)
*Tri-M Music Honor Society (music)

Vocational, technical and workforce education

* National Technical Honor Society


*Alpha Beta Gamma, ΑΒΓ (business at two-year colleges)
*Alpha Chi, ΑΧ (All academic fields)
*Alpha Gamma Sigma, ΑΓΣ (California community colleges)
*Alpha Delta Mu, ΑΔΜ (social work)
*Alpha Epsilon, ΑΕ (agricultural/food/biological engineering)
*Alpha Epsilon Delta, ΑΕΔ (pre-medical)
*Alpha Epsilon Lambda, AEΛ (graduate students)
*Alpha Eta Mu Beta, ΑΗΜΒ (biomedical engineering)
*Alpha Kappa Delta, ΑΚΔ (sociology)
*Alpha Kappa Mu, ΑΚΜ (all academic fields)
*Alpha Lambda Delta, ΑΛΔ (freshman scholarship)
*Alpha Mu Gamma, ΑΜΓ (foreign language)
*Alpha Nu Sigma, ΑΝΣ (nuclear engineering)
*Alpha Phi Sigma, ΑΦΣ (criminal justice)
*Alpha Pi Mu, ΑΠΜ (industrial engineering)
*Alpha Psi Omega, ΑΨΩ (theatre)
*Alpha Sigma Mu, ΑΣΜ (metallurgy/materials engineering)
*Alpha Sigma Lambda, ΑΣΛ (Non-traditional students)
*Alpha Sigma Nu, ΑΣΝ (general scholarship at Jesuit institutions of higher education)
*Alpha Upsilon Alpha, ΑΥΑ (reading and language arts)
*Arnold Air Society (United States Air Force cadets)
*Beta Alpha Psi, ΒΑΨ (accounting/finance/computer information systems)
*Beta Beta Beta, ΒΒΒ (biology)
*Beta Gamma Sigma, ΒΓΣ (business)
*Beta Kappa Chi, ΒΚΧ (natural sciences/mathematics)
*Beta Phi Mu, ΒΦΜ (library science/information science/information technology)
*Blue Key Honor Society (leadership)
*Chi Beta Phi, XBΦ (science and mathematics)
*Chi Epsilon, ΧΕ (civil engineering)
*Chi Epsilon Pi, ΧΕΠ (meteorology)
*Chi Sigma Iota, ΧΣΙ (counseling)
*Delta Alpha Pi, ΔΑΠ (students with disabilities)
*Delta Epsilon Sigma, ΔΕΣ (general scholarship at traditionally Catholic colleges and universities)
*Delta Epsilon Iota, ΔΕΙ - (academics)
*Delta Epsilon Tau, ΔΕΤ - Distance Education and Training Council
*Delta Mu Delta, ΔΜΔ (business administration)
*Delta Phi Alpha, ΔΦΑ - German
*Delta Sigma Rho - Tau Kappa Alpha, ΔΣΡ-ΤΚΑ (forensics)
*Delta Tau Alpha, ΔΤΑ (agriculture)
*Epsilon Delta Pi,ΕΔΠ (computer information systems, computer science)
*Epsilon Pi Tau, ΕΠΤ (technology)
*Epsilon Tau Pi, ΕΤΠ (Eagle Scouts)
*Eta Kappa Nu, ΗΚΝ (electrical engineering, computer engineering)
*Eta Sigma Phi, ΗΣΦ (classics)
*Gamma Beta Phi, ΓΒΦ (academics)
*Gamma Theta Upsilon, ΓΘΥ (geography)
*Gamma Sigma Delta, ΓΣΔ (agriculture)
*Golden Key International Honour Society (academics)
*Honors Society (academics)
*Kappa Delta Pi ΚΔΠ (education)
*Kappa Delta Epsilon Society ΚΔΕ (education)
*Kappa Gamma Pi ΚΓΠ (Leadership at Catholic colleges and universities)
*Kappa Kappa Psi, ΚΚΨ (band)
*Kappa Mu Epsilon, ΚΜΕ (mathematics)
*Kappa Omicron Nu, KON (human sciences)
*Kappa Tau Alpha, ΚΤΑ (journalism/mass communication)
*Kappa Theta Epsilon, ΚΘΕ (co-operative education)
*Lambda Alpha, ΛΑ (anthropology)
*Lambda Iota Tau, ΛΙΤ (literature)
*Lambda pi eta, ΛΠΗ (communication)
*Lambda Sigma, ΛΣ (student leadership, scholarship, and service)
*Mortar Board (leadership)
*Mu Alpha Theta ΜΑΘ (mathematics)
*Mu Beta Psi, ΜΒΨ (music)
*Mu Kappa Tau, ΜΚΤ (marketing)
*Mu Sigma Rho, ΜΣΡ (statistics)
*National Residence Hall Honorary, NRHH (Residence hall leadership/service)
*National Society of Collegiate Scholars, NSCS (scholarship/leadership/service)
*Omega Chi Epsilon, ΟΧΕ (chemical engineering)
*Omega Rho, ΟΡ (operations research, management science)
*Omicron Delta Epsilon, ΟΔΕ (economics)
*Omicron Delta Kappa, ΟΔΚ (juniors and seniors)
*Omicron Kappa Epsilon, ΟΚΕ (dental surgery)
*Order of Barristers (lawyers)
*Order of Omega (fraternities and sororities)
*Pershing Rifles (United States armed forces)
*Phi Alpha Epsilon, ΦΑΕ (architectural engineering)
*Phi Alpha Theta, ΦΑΘ (history)
*Phi Beta Kappa ΦΒΚ (undergraduate arts and sciences)
*Phi Beta Delta ΦΒΔ (international students)
*Phi Eta Sigma, ΦΗΣ (freshman scholarship)
* Phi Kappa Alpha, ΦΚΑ (leadership)
*Phi Kappa Phi, ΦΚΦ (all academic fields)
*Phi Lambda Upsilon, ΦΛΥ (chemistry)
*Phi Rho Pi, (Forensics at community colleges)
*Phi Sigma, ΦΣ (Biological sciences)
*Phi Sigma Iota, ΦΣΙ (foreign languages, linguistics, literatures, English language learning and teaching)
*Phi Sigma Pi, ΦΣΠ (general scholarship)
*Phi Sigma Tau, ΦΣΤ (philosophy)
*Phi Theta Kappa, ΦΘΚ (All academic fields at community and junior colleges)
*Phi Upsilon Omicron, ΦΥΟ (Family and consumer science)
*Pi Alpha Alpha, ΠΑΑ (public administration)
*Pi Alpha Xi ΠΑΞ (horticulture)
*Pi Delta Phi, ΠΔΦ (French)
*Pi Epsilon, ΠΕ (environmental sciences)
*Pi Epsilon Tau, ΠΕΤ (petroleum engineering)
*Pi Gamma Mu, ΠΓΜ (social sciences)
*Pi Kappa Delta, ΠΚΔ (forensics)
*Pi Kappa Lambda, ΠΚΛ (Music)
*Pi Lambda Theta ΠΛΘ (education)
*Pi Mu Epsilon, ΠΜΕ (mathematics)
*Pi Nu Epsilon, ΠΝΕ (music)
*Pi Omega Pi, ΠΩΠ (business education)
*Pi Sigma Alpha, ΠΣΑ (political science)
*Pi Tau Sigma, ΠΤΣ (mechanical engineering)
*Pi Theta Epsilon, ΠΘΕ (occupational therapy)
*Psi Beta, ΨΒ (psychology at two-year colleges)
*Psi Chi, ΨΧ (psychology)
*Rho Chi, ΡΧ (pharmacy)
*National Society of the Scabbard and Blade (ROTC cadets and midshipmen)
*Semper Fi Society (United States Marine Corps cadets)
*Sigma Alpha Pi, ΣΑΠ (leadership)
*Sigma Beta Delta, ΣΒΔ (management/business administration)
*Sigma Delta Pi, ΣΔΠ (Spanish)
* Sigma Gamma Epsilon,ΣΓΕ (geology/Earth sciences)
*Sigma Gamma Tau, ΣΓΤ (aerospace engineering)
*Sigma Iota Rho, ΣΙΡ (international relations)
*Sigma Kappa Delta, ΣΚΔ (English at community and junior colleges)
*Sigma Lambda Alpha, ΣΛΑ (landscape architecture)
*Sigma Lambda Chi, ΣΛΧ (construction management technology)
*Sigma Pi Kappa, ΣΠΚ (historic preservation)
*Sigma Pi Sigma, ΣΠΣ (physics)
*Sigma Tau Chi, ΣΤΧ (technical communication)
*Sigma Tau Delta, ΣΤΔ (English)
*Sigma Theta Tau, ΣΘΤ (nursing)
*Sigma Xi, ΣΞ (General science research)
*Sigma Zeta, ΣΖ (natural sciences/mathematics)
*Tau Alpha Pi, ΤΑΠ (engineering technology)
*Tau Beta Pi, ΤΒΠ (engineering)
*Tau Beta Sigma, ΤΒΣ (marching band)
*Tau Sigma, ΤΣ (transfer students)
*Tau Sigma Delta, ΤΣΔ (architecture)
*Theta Chi Beta, ΘΧΒ (religious studies)
*Theta Alpha Kappa, ΘΑΚ (religious studies/philosophy)
*Upsilon Phi Delta, YΦΔ (health administration)
*Upsilon Pi Epsilon, ΥΠΕ (computer science/computer engineering)
*Upsilon Pi Epsilon Delta, ΥΠΕΔ (computer science/computer engineering)
*Xi Sigma Pi, ΞΣΠ (forestry)


*Alpha Omega Alpha ΑΩΑ (medicine)
*Order of the Coif (law)
*Phi Kappa Phi ΦΚΦ (all academic fields)
*Pi Epsilon ΠΕ (environmental science)
*Sigma Sigma Phi ΣΣΦ (osteopathic medicine)
*Upsilon Phi Delta, YΦΔ (health administration)


Some universities have their own independent, open honor societies, which are not affiliated with any national or international organization. Such organizations typically recognize students who have succeeded academically irrespective of their field of study. These include:

*Aquinas Honor Society at University of St. Thomas
*Cap and Skull at Rutgers University
*Florida Blue Key at University of Florida
*Burning Spear Society at Florida State University
*Iron Arrow Honor Society at the University of Miami
*Order of the Torch at Florida International University
*HGH Senior Honor Society at Brenau University
*Boulder Society at the University of Vermont
*Lion's Paw, Parmi Nous at the Pennsylvania State University [ [http://www.lionspaw.org/index.htm Organization website] Accessed 2008-05-19.]
*Skull and Bones (Penn State) at the Pennsylvania State University [ [http://www.skullandbones.org Organization website] Accessed 2008-05-19.]
*Matteo Ricci Society at Fordham University [ [http://www.fordham.edu/academics/colleges__graduate_s/undergraduate_colleg/fordham_college_at_l/special_programs/matteo_ricci_society_22320.asp Matteo Ricci Society] ]
*Quill and Dagger at Cornell University
*Skull and Circle at St. John's University (New York)
*Skull and Dagger at University of Southern California [ [http://www.skullanddagger.org/ Organization website] Accessed 2008-05-19.]
*Raven Society at the University of Virginia
*Caledonian Society of John Muir College at the University of California, San Diego


External links

* [http://www.achsnatl.org Association of College Honor Societies]

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