135th Airlift Group

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= 135th Airlift Group

caption= 135th Airlift Group emblem
dates= 1955-1958, 1962-1996, 1999-Present
country= United States
branch= United States Air Force/Air National Guard
role= Tactical Airlift
garrison= Warfield Air National Guard Base, Maryland

The United States Air Force's 135th Airlift Group is an airlift unit located at Warfield Air National Guard Base on the south side of the Martin State Airport in Middle River, Maryland.


Maintains combat-ready aircrew and aircraft to mobilize, deploy and provide intratheater airlift in support of U.S. interests worldwide. Supports theater commanders' requirements for combat delivery capability through tactical airland/airdrop operations and humanitarian aeromedical evacuations.

HistoryThe Maryland Air National Guard: A Commemorative History. Charlotte, NC: Fine Books Publishing Co. 2000.

The 135th Airlift Group was organized as the 135th Air Resupply Group on Sept. 10, 1955, making it the oldest group-level headquarters in the Maryland Air National Guard. When it was organized, it was one of a handful of Air National Guard units nationwide tasked with what was at the time called the air commando mission, which included covert infiltration, resupply and exfiltration of special operations troops. It remained a special operations-type unit until 1971, when it was reorganized as a tactical air support unit. In this role, it was tasked with providing Forward Air Controllers to direct air strikes in support of troops on the ground. In 1977 it was again reorganized, this time as a tactical airlift unit. The 135th Airlift Group was inactivated for two brief periods: 1958-1962 and 1996-1999, although its subordinate units continued to function as independent squadrons.

It was originally stationed at Harbor Field in Baltimore, where it flew C-54 and SA-16 aircraft. In 1960, it relocated to the south side of the Martin Company Airport (now the Martin State Airport) in Middle River Maryland. In 1981, it moved across the field to join other Maryland Air National Guard units based on the north side of the field. The military facilities are named Warfield Air National Guard Base.


Symbolism: Ultramarine blue and golden yellow are the Air Force colors and symbolize that the unit is a part of the Air Force. The galloping steed, which symbolizes the ancient warrior's noble companion and represents the unit's mobility and swiftness in response to duty, is white for purity of purpose with wings to free its rider from the bonds of Earth. Above the charger, the abstract symbol for flight is a reminder of the unit's modern flight capability. The two blues behind the steed represent the duality of the unit's mission with the resolve to be ready in times of State disaster and National emergency and are bound together by a single red stripe symbolizing the lifeblood and willingness to sacrifice for both State and Country. The gold bolder around the shield speaks of value, integrity, and honor.

Background: Designed by Lt Wes Derr and approved by the Air Force for the 135th Tactical Airlift Group in 1979. Redesignated for the 135th Airlift Group in 1992. Design and description revised in 1999.


Major Command

*Air National Guard/Air Mobility Command (1999-present)
*Air National Guard/Air Combat Command (1993-1996)
*Air National Guard/Air Mobility Command (1992-1993)
*Air National Guard/Military Airlift Command (1977-1992)
*Air National Guard/Tactical Air Command (1955-1977)

Previous designationsThe Maryland Air National Guard: A Commemorative History. Charlotte, NC: Fine Books Publishing Co. 2000.

* 135th Airlift Group (1992-Present)
* 135th Tactical Airlift Group (1977-1992)
* 135th Tactical Air Support Group (1971-1977)
* 135th Special Operations Group (1968-1971)
* 135th Air Commando Group (1963-1968)
* 135th Troop Carrier Group (1962-1963)
* 135th Air Resupply Group (1955-1958)

ubordinate Units

* 135th Airlift Squadron (1955-Present)
* 135th Maintenance Squadron
* 135th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
* 135th Operations Support Flight
* 135th Maintenance Operations Flight

Bases stationed

* Warfield Air National Guard Base/Martin State Airport, Maryland (1960-present)
* Harbor Field, Maryland (1955-1960)

Aircraft OperatedThe Maryland Air National Guard: A Commemorative History. Charlotte, NC: Fine Books Publishing Co. 2000.

* C-46D Commando (1955-1958)
* HU-16A Albatross (1956-1962) (Previous designation: SA-16A)
* HU-16B Albatross (1957-1971) (Previous designation: SA-16B)
* U-10B Super Courier (1963-1965)
* U-10D Super Courier (1967-1972)
* U-6A Beaver (1965-1967)
* O-2A Super Skymaster (1971-1977)
* C-7A Caribou (1977-1980)
* C-130B Hercules (1980-1989)
* C-130E Hercules (1989-1999)
* C-130J Hercules (1999-present)


* [http://wwa.afpc.randolph.af.mil/AwardsNet/SearchUnitAwards.aspx?Mode=Graphics Air Force Personnel Center Awards Search (Post-1991)]


External links

* [https://www.md.ngb.army.mil/ Maryland National Guard]
* [http://www.175wg.ang.af.mil 175th Wing]
* [http://www.marylandmilitaryhistory.org/ Maryland Military Historical Society]

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