Lastikman (TV series)

Mars Ravelo's Lastikman
Lastikman Program Title Card
Format Fantasy, Drama, Action, Comedy
Created by Mars Ravelo
Developed by ABS-CBN
Directed by Chito S. Rono
Jerome Pobocan
Tots Mariscal
Starring Vhong Navarro as Lastikman
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 90 (total)
Executive producer(s) Darnel Joy R. Villaflor
Running time 25-30 mins.
Original channel ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run September 24, 2007 – January 25, 2008
Followed by Komiks Presents: Isang Lakas
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Lastikman is an action, dramedy fantaserye based on Mars Ravelo's comic book character bearing the same name. The show initially aired on ABS-CBN on September 24, 2007. Vhong Navarro played the title role.[1] The story follows Miguel (Vhong Navarro) who transforms into a superhero who came from another planet. His love interest was named Yellena White (Iya Villania).



Lastikman is a Filipino Action/Drama/Comedy Fantaserye based on Mars Ravelo's comic book character of the same name, featured in Mango Comics. The series stars Vhong Navarro as Lastikman and Iya Villania as his love interest, Yellena. The character has also appeared in comics and a movie adaptation.

Lastikman is a superhero who possesses the ability to stretch and distort his body, and takes his alias from the word "elastic". He is a half-human/half-alien named "Eskappar" (Jarius Aquino) from an extragalactic planet, though he was named Miguel when he came to Earth. Lastikman spends much of the series fighting against monsters created by Agaddon (Ian Veneracion), a Harraian scientist, while searching for his mother, Ruth (Dawn Zulueta).

While living on Earth, Miguel lives with his foster family, Caloy, Dolores, and Madonna. He also becomes friends with Chikoy and Sandy, and falls in love with Yellena. Later on, he discovers his powers of elasticity, and becomes "Lastikman". Lastikman spends much of the series fighting against Jared Evilone's monsters, but eventually the Harraian Medallion he wears reveals that Cynthia Evilone is in fact his mother, Ruth.


Prologue: The Adventure Begins

Amon Labao, the matriarch of the planet Igbao in the galaxy Harraio, orders her subjects to conduct extensive experiments upon humans, their first being the abducted Ruth Abelgas. However, one scientist, Irroian, aids in her escape, and the pair fall in love, leading to Ruth giving birth to Eskappar.

When the Council determines that Ruth must be executed, Irroian seeks the help of his friend Agaddon in returning her to Earth, but a Council spy named Maraam learns that Ruth is with Irroian and arrests him. Meanwhile, Agaddon escapes with Ruth to Earth, and is determined by the Council to be the "actual" traitor.

Once released, Irroian continues to raise Eskappar in Harraio, but because Eskappar assumes human form, Irroian eventually attempts to escape with him to Earth for fear for his son's life. Irroian is shot by Maraam's guards during the attempt, but he manages to send Eskappar to Earth with Butao, a robot containing a recording of Irroian with instructions for Eskappar to search for Ruth.

After Eskappar lands on Earth, he sees a man, Caloy, and follows him. However, when Caloy falls into a surging river, Eskappar uses his elasticity to save Caloy's life. Caloy eventually assumes that Eskappar is a lost foreigner, and takes him home, where he names him "Miguel" and raises him. Several years later, Miguel witnesses the death of his foster father, and decides to become Lastikman.

Chapter 1: The Seductive Moth

Susan Navarro, an ex-beauty queen and interior decorator, is kidnapped by Agaddon and transformed into "Mothra," a moth-like monster that spreads respiratory illnesses and manipulates men. She later appears in a park, where she infects passersby and kills them. A photographer named Albert chances upon the scene and is left alive by Mothra to spread the story of the virus outbreak. Later that evening, Susan's mother recognizes her as Mothra from a photograph in a newspaper and wonders if this is a punishment for her relationship with Danny. At the same time, Evilone Pharmaceutical offers to find a cure for Mothra's victims.

Meanwhile, Miguel is depressed because Yellena is planning to reconcile with Ken. He avoids his friends and takes a day off to take his mind off Yellena. When his friends check on him that evening, Miguel announces that he wants to drop out of school. However, his friends dissuade him from his rash decision. The next day, Miguel returns to school and is again attracted to Yellena. Though Yellena is still intent on reconciling with Ken, he is busy practicing sports, and Miguel sees the situation as an opportunity to be close to Yellena by consoling her.

Chapter 2: The Revenge of the Lonely Lizard

Ines Samantela, a teacher at POPU college, is found by Agaddon and voluntarily transformed into "Beautiki (Byutiki)", a lizard-like creature that can use acid to melt her victims away. She uses her new-found power to destroy those who she believed had hurt her, including one of her relatives.

Chapter 3: The Malodorous Monster

A paparazzo named Albert Langitan is tasked to tail Lastikman and secretly photograph him. However, he is found by Agaddon and transformed into "Alingasaw", manipulator of insects and worms.

Chapter 4: The Rise of the Manipulative Morpher

Mang Ninoy, a sari-sari store owner in Bgy. Bagong Unlad, is found by Agaddon and talked into being transformed into "Morphino". He can transform to resemble others, and uses this ability to impersonate and discredit Lastikman.

Chapter 5: The Wrath of a Smoldering Flame

Ryan White, Yellena's older brother, was angry at Miguel, blaming him for her death and his mother Ayessa's stroke. Jared convinced him to turn into "Lagablab", controller of fire. Jared had also turned the rest of the Foremen into Ryan's minions to destroy Lastikman. Still, Lastikman managed to defeat the Foremen. Infuriated, Jared had other plans in mind in order to acquire his ultimate soldier.

Chapter 6: Vengeance Of A Cold-Hearted Mother

After witnessing the murder of her son Ryan in Lastikman's hands, the half-dead Ayessa White allowed herself to be under Jared's command. Jared turns her into a manipulator of ice and heals her paralysis. She calls herself "Frosta".

Chapter 7: The Master of the Elements

Because his stone, Liwata, was completed, Jared Evilone was able to use it to unlock the powers of fire, wind, earth, and water. He turns into "Elemento", master of the elements, in order to battle Lastikman for Ruth's attention and love as well as to finish his empire's completion.

He was weakened upon the removal of his completed stone, Liwata, but as he was left for dead, Toto listened to his instructions and brought about Elemento's final transformation.


The Lastikman Cast.

Main cast

From left to right, the cast as they appear in the image above.

  • James Blanco as Albert Langitan/Alingasaw
  • Saicy Aguila as Ines Samantela/Beautiki
  • Jomari Yllana as Mang Ninoy/Morphino
  • Sunshine Cruz as Susan Navarro/Mothra
  • Enchong Dee as Rafael "Raffy" Gipit
  • Jake Cuenca as Kenneth "Ken" Madrigal
  • Zsa Zsa Padilla as Cynthia "Cindy" Evilone
  • Roxanne Guinoo as Cassandra "Sandy" Evilone
  • John Estrada as Dr. Jared Evilone/Elemento
  • Empress Schuck as Madonna Puntawe
  • Carmi Martin as Dolores Puntawe
  • Vhong Navarro as Eskappar/Miguel "Migz" Asis/Lastikman
  • Jason Gainza as Carlos "Caloy" Asis
  • Cherie Gil as Ayessa White/Frosta
  • Iya Villania as Yellena White
  • Danilo Barrios as Ryan White/Lagablab
  • Archie Alemania as Chikoy Gipit
  • Ian Veneracion as Agaddon
  • Tonton Gutierrez as Irroian
  • Dawn Zulueta as Ruth Abelgas
  • Jairus Aquino as Young Eskappar/Miguel
  • Gloria Romero as Amon Labao
  • Alex Cortez as Maaram

Extended cast

  • Toni Gonzaga as Gemma Dela Rosa - TV News Reporter
  • Louissa Pressman as Young Yellena
  • Jairus Aquino as Young Miguel|Eskappar
  • Camille Prats as Teen Yellena
  • John Prats as Teen Miguel|Eskappar
  • Jacob Dionisio as Young Chikoy
  • Sophia Baars as Young Sandy
  • Andrew Muhlach as Young Ryan
  • Carlo Lacana as young Ken
  • Paulo Sadist as Reden White
  • Claire Lim as Kristia
  • CJ Jaravata as Eva
  • Peewee O'Hara as Aling Mathod
  • Gilette Sandico as Judith
  • Georgia Ortega as Choleng
  • Khaycee Aboloc
  • Quintin Alianza
  • Basty Alcanses as Cyruss
  • Eva Darren as Susan's Mother
  • Marvin Raymundo as Don
  • Jordan Castillo as Toto
  • Nonie Buencamino as Danny
  • Paolo Ramirez as Jerson
  • Niña Dolino as Jane
  • Kimberly Diaz as Susana Geronimo


Lastikman OST

The main theme song is called Lastikman. It is performed by Parokya ni Edgar and can be found on their album, Solid The love theme is called Maging Anupaman Para Sa'yo (I'll Be Anything For You) performed by Martin Nievera for Miguel & Yellena (Vhong & Iya).


A primer was made entitled, Lastikmania: The Making of Lastikman. It was aired on September 22, 2007. It was hosted by Piolo Pascual, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis, and John Lloyd Cruz. ABS-CBN also made a teaser program entitled, Lastikminutes. It showed how Lastikman was created and conceptualized. It was aired a week before the show kicked-off on Primetime Bida.


Lastikman debutied with 30.3% according to AGB Nielsen in Mega Manila. The highest ratings it garnered was 30.9%, while the lowest was the New Year's Eve episode, which only got 15.1%. The final episode garnered a 41.4% Nationwide rating.

Lastikman will be also part of Komiks Presents: Isang Lakas. Together with Mars Ravelo's different comic characters, like Kapitan Boom, Varga, Tiny Tony, Dragonna and Flash Bomba. The show will be shown in 2010.


The said TV series won Silver World Medal (Action/ Adventure category) from the prestigious 2009 New York Festivals.[2]


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