Internet modeling

Internet modeling

The Internet has changed the face of the modeling industry significantly by increasing accessibility. Aspiring models are drawn to online modeling sites, where they have an opportunity to post biographies and photos in hopes of being discovered by a top modeling agency, as well as increase their recognition as artists.

By definition modeling is a profession that is based on intermediates to connect the actual talents with the relative job projects. Although the fact that an actual face-to-face evaluation is needed to determine if the candidates are right for the job, it was soon realized that Internet could help in minimizing part of the costs incurred during the castings. Most of today’s modeling agencies use their own website to demonstrate their models to their clients, this has led to even larger third party modeling websites that have accumulated large database of talent profiles.

Internet modeling sites boast benefits like the ability to be “discovered” through self-marketing, without actually visiting the agencies or going to conventions.

Drawbacks of these sites are the possibility of scams and exploitation. Also, most major modeling agencies say they do not search online for talent since they have hundreds of people knocking on their door every day. Fact|date=April 2008

However, there are social networking sites dedicated to fashion models and actors. These sites act as a way for people in the industry to share advice and network with others in the industry as well as showcase their photos. and sites that operate like MySpace, but they are dedicated to the modeling and/or acting industries; photographers and talent scouts as well as models and actors are able to create profiles.

An important distinction among Modeling networking sites is whether they allow adult or sex content provider companies to become members. In most cases modeling sites that allow members from the adult industry, have a slightly differentiated member base that makes them less interesting for credible agencies, and fashion companies. host portfolios at no cost for models and at a nominal fee for photographers. offers members the opportunity to make money by offering those with paid memberships a referral payment for each person they encourage to purchase a membership.

Internet Modeling websites exist in most countries, each focusing on their local fashion and modeling market. An example is that offers services that are free for artists in Greece.

There are countless sites on the Web that cater to this industry. Most of them cost money and claim to “submit your photos for review by top talent scouts.” In many cases, a model must pay out-of-pocket for travel to conventions, hotel stays and on-site photo shoots, in which no further contracts or profits are guaranteed.

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