List of Iberian Jews

Jews had lived in the Iberian peninsula since the Dark Ages, experiencing a Golden Age under Muslim rule. Following the Reconquista and increasing persecution, they were expelled from Spain in 1492 and Portugal in 1497. Their descendants, known as the Sephardim, settled mainly in North Africa, South-East Europe, the Netherlands, England, and America. Jews were only formally readmitted to the peninsula in the late 19th century. The modern Jewish Iberian population is based on post-war immigration and numbers around 14,000. The following is a list of prominent Iberian Jews arranged by country of origin:



* Isaac Abravanel, statesman and philosopher
* Jonah Abravanel, poet
* Judah Leon Abravanel, physician, poet, and philosopher
* Joseph Abravanel, physician and scholar
* Isaac Abravanel II, scholar
* Samuel Abravanel, scholar and financier
* Joshua Benoliel, photographer
* Yosef ben Ephraim Caro, rabbi
* Antonio Fernandez Carvajal, merchant
* Isaac da Costa, poet
* Uriel da Costa, philosopher
* Jacob Mendes Da Costa, American surgeon
* Emanuel Mendez da Costa, naturalist
* Menasseh Ben Israel, Jewish leader
* Yosef Karo, rabbi, halakhist
* Amato Lusitano, doctor
* Rodrigo Lopez, physician [Concise Dictionary of National Biography: "Jewish physician"]
* Sabato Morais, American rabbi
* Pedro Nunes, mathematician
* Garcia de Orta, doctor
* Don Pacifico, businessman
* Emile Péreire and Isaac Péreire, the Péreire brothers, French bankers
* Jacob Rodrigues Pereira, deaf-mute language innovator
* David Cohen Nassy, explorer
* Gracia Mendes Nasi, millionaire and benefactor
* Silvio Santos, Brazilian television network owner
* António José da Silva, writer
* Baruch de Spinoza, philosopher
* Abraham Usque, publisher and scholar



* Ezmel de Ablitas, banker and government official
* Abraham Abulafia, founder of "kabbalah"
* Isaac ben Reuben Albargeloni, Talmudist, poet
* Joseph Albo, rabbi
* Petrus Alphonsi, physician [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography]
* Shem Tob of Carión, rabbi, poet
* Abraham Cresques, cartographer
* Hasdai Crescas, philosopher, halakhist
* Abraham ibn Daud, philosopher, scholar
* Abraham ibn Ezra, grammarian, scholar
* Solomon ibn Gabirol, philosopher, poet
* Jacob Gaón, tax collector
* Levi ben Gershom, "Jacob's staff" quadrant navigation
* Yehuda Halevi, philosopher, poet
* Abraham bar Hiyya Ha-Nasi, mathematician and astronomer
* Samuel ben Isaac Ha-Sardi
* Hillel of Verona, rabbi, physician
* Asher ben Jehiel, rabbi, Talmudist
* Yosef Karo, rabbi, halakhist
* David Kimhi, linguist
* Dunash ben Labrat, poet, grammarian
* Moses de Leon, composer of the Zohar
* Joseph ben Makhir, developed a new model, quadrant judaicus
* Maimónides, philosopher
* Nahmanides, scholar, rabbi
* Bahya ibn Paquda, rabbi
* Hasdai ibn Shaprut, physician, diplomat
* Luis de Torres, settler
* Benjamin of Tudela, explorer
* Mecia de Vildestes, cartographer
* Abraham Zacuto, astronomer, inventor of early navigation instrument


* Isaac & Nahman Andic founders of Mango, a Spanish clothing line
* Esther Bendahan, writer
* Isaac & Daniel Carasso, founders of Danone [ [] ]
* José Carlos Cataño, poet
* Lluís Bassat Coen, advertising businessman.
* Abraham Hassan, architect
* Enrique Múgica Herzog, Spanish ombudsman
* Jon Juaristi, writer (converted to Judaism)
* Victoria Kamhi, Turkish-born pianist; married to non-Jew Joaquín Rodrigo
* Alicia Koplowitz and Esther Koplowitz, businesswomen (Jewish father)
* Charles Lafitte, banker
* Diego Lainez, Jesuit leader (father of 'Jewish descent')
* Juan Álvarez Mendizábal, politician.
* Juan March Ordinas, businessman and politician.
* Saul Panbello, author, journalist
* Cecilia Rodrigo, academic, professor in music history (Jewish mother)
* Gabriel Abraham Rojas, athlete
* Fernando de Rojas, writer (converso)
* Joseph Penso de la Vega (16501692), businessman, wrote "Confusion de Confusiones" (1688), first book on stock markets
* Jorge Wagensberg, professor of phyiscs, writer
* Milton Wolff, head of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade


* Joshua Hassan, Chief Minister of Gibraltar

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