Price Pritchett

Price Pritchett is a business advisor, speaker, and author specializing in mergers, culture, and organizational change.


Born December 14, 1941, near Glenwood, Arkansas.

In 1974, he founded the Dallas based Pritchett & Associates (now PRITCHETT, LP), the first firm in the U.S. to specialize in merger integration strategy. Pritchett’s work in mergers and change management spawned a popular series of small, tightly written handbooks covering an array of topics including mergers, large scale change, leadership, culture, plus personal and organizational performance.


Mergers & Acquisitions
*"After the Merger: The Authoritative Guide for Integration Success"
*"Making Mergers Work: A Guide to Managing Mergers and Acquisitions"
*"The Employee Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions"
*"Smart Moves: A Crash Course on Merger Integration Management"
*"Mergers: Growth in the Fast Lane"

Change Management
*"Deep Strengths: Getting to the Heart of High Performance" (Release Date: October, 2007)
*"Business As UnUsual: The Handbook for Managing and Supervising Organizational Change"
*"The Employee Handbook for Organizational Change"
*"Firing Up Commitment During Organizational Change"
*"Resistance: Moving Beyond the Barriers to Change"
*"A Survival Guide to the Stress of Organizational Change"
*"Team ReConstruction: Building a High Performance Work Group During Change"
*"Teamwork: The Team Member Handbook"
*"MindShift: The Employee Handbook for Understanding the Changing World of Work"
*"Outsourced: 12 New Rules for Running Your Career in an Interconnected World"
*"The Unfolding: A Handbook for Living Strong, Being Effective, and Knowing Happiness During Uncertain Times"
*"The Employee Handbook of New Work Habits for a Radically Changing World"
*"The Employee Handbook of New Work Habits for the Next Millennium"

*"High-Velocity Culture Change: A Handbook for Managers"
*"The Employee Handbook for Shaping Corporate Culture: The Mission Critical Approach to Culture Integration and Culture Change"
*"Culture Shift: The Employee Handbook for Changing Corporate Culture" Individual Performance
*"Fast Growth: A Career Acceleration Strategy
*"The Ethics of Excellence"
*"Hard Optimism: How to Succeed in a World Where Positive Wins"
*"The Mars Pathfinder Approach to “Faster-Better-Cheaper”: An Employee Handbook on Innovation"
*"You: A High-Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps"
*"The Quantum Leap Strategy"
*"Service Excellence!" Leadership
*"Carpe Mañana: 10 Critical Leadership Practices for Managing Toward the Future"
*"Managing Sideways: Using the Rummler-Brache Process Improvement Approach to Achieve Performance Breakthroughs"

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