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p1 =Shuncheng District
p2 =Xinfu District
p3 =Dongzhou District
p4 =Wanghua District
p5 =Fushun County
p6 =Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County
p7 =Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County
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leader_name = Committee Secretary
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area_urban_km2 = 675
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population_total = 1300000
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website = http://www.fushun.gov.cn
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Fushun (zh-stp|s=linktext|抚|顺|t=linktext|撫|順|p=Fǔshùn) is a city in Liaoning, China, about 45 km from Shenyang, with a population about 1.3 million and an area of 10,816 km², including 675 km² of the city proper.

The world's largest artificial pit, known as the Magnificent West Pit, is located not far from the downtown.

It was formerly called "Fouchouen" in French. The film "The Lover" starring Tony Leung Ka Fai described a love story between a young French woman and a young man from Fouchouen.

General information

Fushun is a highly industrialized area. It is connected by rail with nearby Shenyang and with Dalian. Fushun's enormous open-pit coal mine, which has been in operation since about the 12th century, is now highly mechanized. Oil deposits, also mined there, are processed in the Fushun oil refineries. Fushun has a major aluminum-reduction plant and factories making automobiles, machinery, chemicals, cement, and rubber. The city was occupied by Russia until 1905 and by Japan until 1945.

Fushun is still known as "the capital of coal", located 45 km east of Shenyang. It has developed as a thriving center for fuel, power and raw materials but is also offering more and more opportunities in textiles and electronics.


3.0 million inhabitants, including 1.4 million in the urban area.

Administrative Divisions

Fushun consists of 4 districts, 1 county and 2 autonomous counties.

* Shuncheng District (zh-sp|s=linktext|顺|城|区|p=Shùnchéng Qū)
* Xinfu District (zh-sp|s=linktext|新抚区|p=Xīnfǔ Qū)
* Dongzhou District (zh-sp|s=linktext|东洲区|p=Dōngzhōu Qū)
* Wanghua District ((zh-sp|s=linktext|望花区|p=Wànghuā Qū)
* Fushun County (zh-sp|s=linktext|抚顺县|p=Fǔshùn Xiàn)
* Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County (zh-sp|s=linktext|新宾满族自治县|p=Xīnbīn Mǎnzú Zìzhìxiàn)
* Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County (zh-sp|s=linktext|清原满族自治县|p=Qīngyuán Mǎnzú Zìzhìxiàn)

Communication and transport

Fushun is only 40 km away from Shenyang Taoxian airport. Railways and highways connect the city to Shenyang and Jilin Province. The seaports of Dalian and Yingkou are also located very close, 400 and 200 km away respectively, with good highway connections.


Fushun is rich in many types of resources including wood, coal, iron, copper, magnesium, gold, marble, titanium, and marl. Hydraulic and thermal power is also an important locally available resource.

Notable figures

Lei Feng, who was a soldier enshrined in new China history after 1949, died in this city. There is a memorial park named after him in Fushun's Wanghua District.

Li Xianglan, also known as Yoshiko Otaka, was a famous China-born ethnic Japanese singer and movie star from the 1930s.

Wang Nan, famous table-tennis sportswoman, who has won many gold medals in the world.

Wang Ao, Pro Football player, who currently plays football at Notre Dame University, South Bend, In USA. Projected to be a first rounder draft choice in the future.


The highest-ranked institution of higher education is Liaoning University of Petro-Chemical Technology, ranked 123rd in China overall.

Fushun No.2 high School,one of the best high schools in Liaoning Province.

Requirements for post-secondary schools are very high. Students are expected to pass a certain grade minimum to continue pursuing individual careers.

Industrial development

Fushun has developed through the utilization of the abundant natural mineral deposits found in the area and is a nationally important heavy industrial base for petroleum, chemical, metallurgy machinery and construction material industries. New sectors also becoming prominent are electronics, light industry, weaving and spinning.


Fushun is a famous tourist centre in Northeast China. With high mountains and thick woods giving 40% forest coverage, the city has a developed strong tourist industry. Houshi National Forest Park, about 55km form Fushun city centre, is rated by the central government as an AAAA tourist attraction. Saer Hu Scenic Area covers some 268 square kilometres. Within this lies the 110 square kilometre, Dahuofang Reservoir, which is the largest man make lake in Northeast China.

There are a number of historic and cultural sites within the area. Fushun's recent success in applying for two World Heritage sites will surely attract more tourists. Within Fushun is the origin of Qing Dynasty, at a site known as Xing City was the first capital of the Late Jin dynasty dating to 1616. Beside the ancient city are the Yongling tomb containing several members of the royal household. Both of these are now UNESCO listed.

In more recent times, Fushun was the birth place of Lei Feng and a memorial musium telling his life story is a poplar attraction. It was also in Fushun that the last emperor, Puyi, was imprisoned after the end of the second world war. The prison building is now converted into a museum. Another memory of war, the Pingdingshan Tragedy Memorial Hall Ruins tells the story of a massacre of Chinese people by the Japanese in 1931.


It used to be home of the Chinese Super League (soccer) team of Liaoning FC at Leifeng Stadium, however the team could not afford rent at the Leifeng Stadium so it moved to Beijing, where it now plays out of Chaolai Soccer Base in the northeastern part of that city.

Also there is a superior table tennis sports woman, Wang Nan, who is among the top of the world.

External links

* http://www.fushun.com.cn/ (in Chinese)
* http://www.fushun.net/ (in Chinese)
* http://www.lnpu.edu.cn/english/general/index.htm (A Brief Introduction to Liaoning University of Petroleum)

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